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  1. So it is planned to overwhelm with mattys with the only offset to that a sapper? The panzer at most stages do not match and the 88 is of little to no use in the game currently. Seems like a strange balance strategy.
  2. Well I can see the population in game getting more scarce than it already was with this now. I doubt trying to force these players into subbing will work. Too bad but we shall continue on with a huge map and a few players. Perhaps these fixes were not the best business decision for all sides after all.
  3. Generally I always try to avoid commenting in the forums in my 15 years playing but this change is odd. Changing the LMG which I know it was stated goes after all is really only after the Axis version. This is from a large complaint department from the Allied section. If hurting the Axis LMG would increase player numbers helping CRS stay in business then I’m all for it but this will not and will only make one side not complain for a short while. This is a knee jerk reaction like days of old depending on what squad complained the loudest. We really shouldn’t go back to the ways of old since they were not all grand.
  4. Why in the bloody hell do I have to complete this damn training? I've already been playing forever and this stupidity is just annoying which is saying a lot for this game.
  5. Since new patch everytime I try to fly my entire machine reboots. This has never happened in 6 years of playing so any thoughts would be great.