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  1. So almost 20 days into a campaign to get to some of the new toys CRS advertises? Can't say this historical strategy has been a game-changer yet. The only way I see a win is more players signing up but this so far has not happened based on my observations of the population in game.
  2. Did the ability to double click a squad member name and join his mission get deleted? .Join still is a thing but I can't seem to double-click any longer.
  3. Generally I always try to avoid commenting in the forums in my 15 years playing but this change is odd. Changing the LMG which I know it was stated goes after all is really only after the Axis version. This is from a large complaint department from the Allied section. If hurting the Axis LMG would increase player numbers helping CRS stay in business then I’m all for it but this will not and will only make one side not complain for a short while. This is a knee jerk reaction like days of old depending on what squad complained the loudest. We really shouldn’t go back to the ways of old since they were not all grand.
  4. Played last night after new patch no issues. Today constant Error 10057. Tried deleting and reinstalling with full downloads twice now with same results. Thoughts?
  5. Did all the work arounds and still just stuck at executing patch.........
  6. Windows 7 64 bit integrated sound card. Odd thing is it works great when I am in the beta but not on the server. Any thoughts?
  7. My WW2 overall sound has suddenly dropped to really low levels. Even with everything turned all the way up it is barely audible. This started out of the blue, TS3 and everything else has normal sound but just WW2 is affected. I adjusted the settings in WW2 and updated drivers but still really low low sounds. Any suggestions out there? Thanks,
  8. 5 CTDs since patch, why does CRS cause harm with patches versus leaving things be. I will wait for the quick patch to fix the fix versus doing a complete reload. Seems like after this many years I would be use to the stupidity.
  9. Any solutions been found yet? I am getting CTDs now while in a game for a bit ever since patch then on re-log in its the CTHL screen and reload again. Getting rather annoying and I tried the sound device trick with no luck.
  10. It is happening to a lot of folks now. And no one really has any solutions yet. This BobDole character seems to enjoy lurking on every issue page to keep repeating that other people have already been noted with this problem. So I guess no BTZ fighting tonight fellas!
  11. Hi Splatter, I got bumped off and subscription locked as well. Seems to be new common issue with lots of folks so we shall see what CRS does to fix it.
  12. anyone found out what is happening with the lock out issue?
  13. Same thing just happened to me right after a relog from the Mission Results pending hang up. I am locked out even though my account is fine and says so on the main site. Also says I am on a hourly account which is funny after 8 years of having a monthly account. Anyone have any ideas?
  14. Anyone else having rebooting issues with new patch? I updated by video drivers already and the game completely shuts down my computer and causes a system reboot. Thanks!
  15. Installed 1.30 no real issues, played ground no real issues, started up in air and both times my entire machine shuts down and reboots. This is a first for this computer and only happens in the air flying after 1.30 install, any ideas?