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  1. Where do we go to join this event? Training server makes me do training, not the mission.
  2. Put me down for a stuka plz. Thanks.
  3. yep did that. Still there. Is there anything else I can do except "BUY MORE RAM"?
  4. Stutters still present somewhat but definetely better! It still stutters sometimes uncontrollably when loading new and sometimes old areas though. Any other ideas I could try? Thanks a bunch.
  5. Already had soundcard selected and 32 sounds maximum. My Water reflections were not enabled. Just reinstalled chipset INFs and will report back after sortie. Thanks for all the help guys.
  6. Thanks but I already did that a while ago Anything else?
  7. I am experiencing stutters in game usually when stuff is loading. Besides the fact that I get about 1-2 min spawn lag the first time I spawn somewhere, when I am flying and fly over a new area I tend to get a great deal of stutters. Although this is a big problem, I would say the biggest problem when I fly would be when I fire my guns and my cannon shells make contact, the resulting explosion gives me a 0.5-1 second stutter which obviously is not good for the aiming process. Again, I think this is a loading issue because it only happens the first time I give a burst on a fighter not on subsequent tries. I have posted a dxdiag and seem to have the latest NVIDIA and motherboard drivers. (Although I am currently in the process of rolling back those drivers as I heard a previous version works better). I do not know with which version this started as I just got back to the game after a yearlong absence although I seem to remember a similar problem happening before. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Edit: Also I play on 1024x768x32 (which is the same resolution as my desktop) with most options turned off and visual limit set to minimum.
  8. Those are the ones I use, they helped me moderately. P4 2.66 NVIDIA 5900XT 512MB RDRAM