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  1. Come run with us on TS if you want to test drive. We utilize TS3 server and stress coordination with HC, other Allied squads, and strong comms within the squad branches. Like Vozz said, just look at our channel on TS3, down at the bottom of the server list. Rarely have I seen more Allies together on TS and working towards a single goal. Some things to consider... - We follow HC strategy, the AEF is at the disposal of the MOIC. - We use TS for comms - mandatory to at least listen in if possible. - We stay on target together - mandatory. No lonewolfs period. - We often use branches to better coordinate - Air, Inf, Armor. - We have some of the most experienced players active in the game. While this squad may not be everyone's cup of tea, we welcome active players who are Allied players for the entire campaign. If you like to try us out, please get with us on TS or find an AEF tag in game and ask. S! Nobi
  2. Squad channel is default tuned for F4 I believe. So far it seems like it can be helpful, the recruits who are really interested in the game, or if they have any experience in PvP type gaming will generally seek out ways to communicate, and get right onto chat and voice comms. This is good because it gets the motivated players right into a squad that can help them learn and understand coordination. I think a lot of the general free-trial players just want to run and gun and see if they like it before even trying to make contact with anyone in game. It's sad, because running and gunning is not wwiiol's strong point in my opinion. If they got into a squad and communicated, they might see more of the strong points such as combined arms, coordination, and scope of the campaign...
  3. Burp... I meant Bump...
  4. tbIEwIwYz-c Well that certainly isn't very intimidating...
  5. Currently recruiting active axis players. Training is offered for newer players or even returning vets! S!
  6. But to be honest, we are very proud of our achievements, in game as well as in this event. The 91st faces exactly the same difficulties as anyone in preparing for these events, and have worked damn hard to achieve victory. That said, we have much respect for the squads we fought in the event, and hope to see another squad field a full order of battle against us in SC IV. The hardships of getting a group of 25+ squaddies together off the server and coordinated for an event, and training for the event, is hard to overcome. Good luck!
  7. NwNuQulK6N0
  8. Thanks a lot for the info! And I'm not being cocky, just trying to drum up some competition! I mean if nobody is fired up we won't have anyone to beat! And if the weasels could field a team to oust the 91st I'd be impressed! S!
  9. Everybody else is skeered Messtin. We win by default...
  10. Get one of these!
  11. Try the best for a change!
  12. Well if you are looking for a hardcore group then apply to the 91st. We have all personas covered (air, tanks, inf) and are US/EU tz centric. Axis only squad, lots of vets and winners of all 3 Squad Challenge events. When I say hardcore, I mean we are not a casual do what you want kind of squad. We have structure and a chain of command, and players are expected to join the squad doing what the leadership is committed to doing. We aren't totally strict, like you MUST spawn a rifleman, we just all prefer to stick together on the same attack/defense and support each other, the way you choose to support is up to you. And voice comms are mandatory. We use TS3 provided by CRS at the moment, the coordination between us and HC is important. We have squad nights but usually have players online every night. And if you have read this far, to be honest the rank and structure stuff is just to keep everyone together and having fun, the group is really just a bunch of fun people that like to play together. S!
  13. Yup everyone feels this when starting, and it is the same in every player vs player game there is... Our big difference is that a day one rifleman has the exact same 'hit points' and 'armor' as a rifleman that has been playing for 10 years... The way to get better is ask in game and join a helpful squad. Most squads are not looking for veterans, they are looking for active players that will be logging into the game often! Good luck