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  1. Bombers Total tons/kg/etc. dropped on enemy factories. Bombers Total tons/kg/etc. that hit and damage factories. Some efficiency number determined by bombs dropped on factory and bombs dropped that actually cause damage. Please don't forget resupply numbers of some kind to entice playerbase to do manual resupply. Escort Mission, Total bombers successfully escorted to and from factory with successful RTB of bombers and self. Escort Mission, Total EA shot down during Escort Missions to and from factory.
  2. In the industry we call that magic, "FM". I've seen the rats perform FM over and over again. I have confidence in them. Good work and thanks for keeping the game alive.
  3. Agree with this. Sounds like a fair balance.
  4. Maybe CRS can give us the address of a machine we can ping on the game network or the url for the game server, if they allow ping (UCMP) responses. Then you could check, when you have problems, not at all times.
  5. Then add a place to post the names of pilots that drop more than XXX tons of bombs while performing Factory Bombing Runs.
  6. It is as much, if not more, the people in the community that I play the game with, than it is the game itself.......which is out of sight...........phenomenal.
  7. Looks like a pretty tight group of gamers. Will be a pleasure to fight with. Good to see new people trying the game.
  8. Isn't there still a 4.99 a month account that has some equipment etc not found in a free to play account?
  9. Just meant for the list to be exactly that, a summary of the couple of posts. What I mean is, the factories in real life could be attacked successfully without taking down the AAA guns, but aircraft were destroyed by AAA. In game, I haven't seen anyone get knocked out of the sky at 6k meters and it should at least damage aircraft and or take some out.
  10. Seriously in the post about the beer and brats, a great deal of the larger cities have little factories in them. Something that I am sure probably happened in real life. Make these little factories active in game as far as producing limited amounts of some kind of localized supply. Not sure precisely how it would work but it would certainly add a lot more targets in game for bombers, or special forces. The AAA I mentioned in a previous post should not be so accurate that no one can reach target, that just simply didn't happen. However, they should be accurate enough to put the fear of god in the pilot and bombardier as it actually was in real life. There should be no need to actually have to take these resources out before bombing, but also in doing so, would certainly increase the survivability of the bombers. I like the idea of having slow moving, probably single engine aircraft, that can be used for seeking intel behind enemy lines. Any inteligence would be multi tiered in it's acquisition. The aircraft may see or get information that XXXXX type of construction or or production is suspected in the area. It would then require human intel to fully attain the information. Once the information is obtained, then the individual with the intel should have to RTB in order to pass the intel along. Maybe add the ability, once within radio range, to transmit the data, or at least part of the data. If the soldier obtaining the intel does not make a successful RTB, the information cannot be acted upon. The game mechanics should then change/move the function somewhere else and new intel must be obtained to use it on function gained by the intel. - Slaved bombers, at least 3. - Slaved guns on the bombers. - Increase accuracy of AAA at factories. - Activate choke points so that if the supply lines are cut, ie choke point destroyed, then it should effect the supply downline toward the front line. Again, adding a chit load of targets for others to act on. - Destroy all attaching CPs in a factory town, and the connecting CP in the adjacent town, and hit the factories while this state exists, would double the rebuild time of the factories in that town.
  11. Paint making union is on strike until 1.36
  12. Buy two SSD's and stripe them, Not Mirror, and you will see some smoking access to data. Almost doubles the read write speed of a single SSD. I used two OCZ 256 SSD's to give me 512 GB. Be sure you do an image backup. If you loose one SSD later on your loose your RAID, unlike mirroring. Mirroring on the other hand, slows your access speeds but ensures data redundancy. For the game, STRIPE your drives. (RAID Zero)
  13. Ding ding ding.........we have a winner!!!
  14. I believe this is a very good idea. If they get a taste of the real weapons in game, I believe we may see more actually pay for an account. The Free to Play is causing some of those who use it to demand more equipment and in fact say that other games like this offer more. There is no other game like this. Free to play has plenty of equipment to play with. If you don't want to use free to play with the equipment you have, guess you may have go play one of those games like this that offer a lot more free stuff. This game is NOT free to play.
  15. I agree with the bomb damage assessment. Bombs are not near powerful enough. Adjusting this will help a great deal. As far as pilots doing A or B that intentionally causes the aircraft to crash, this is griefing plain and simple. No politically correct answer here. It is griefing and it is against the rules of this game. I know several players who have been suspended or banned because of griefing. The punishment for what these guys are doing has been established and we can not simply allow these people to continue to intentionally cause the loss of an aircraft that otherwise could have been RTB'd. If you drop your bombs and then bail out, that is griefing. If you dive in on a tank and intentionally "kamikaze" an aircraft, this is griefing. All you have to do is to look through the forums and reread the AAR's where people brag about the kamikaze they did and got a kill. That is what caused the increase of the griefing we see now, as others read these clowns who brag about griefing and get away with it. Apply the rules of the game and end the griefing. This will stop the practice of bailout because the flight is too long, kamikaze, etc.
  16. It should take some type of intel to determine what each factory is making. New stuff for long range special forces to determine what the factories are making. I totally like this idea and support it. It should effect the numbers of some equipment types if you destroy the rubber factories, or Factories making ammunition, etc. Not to get too far out of line here but I also believe that the anti aircraft guns at the factories should be increased. I have not been shot down since way too many years ago by triple A. It should be increased to make it more realistic. When we had to bomb from 6000 Feet years ago, it was nerve wracking over the factories. The plane bounced and bucked as AAA went off around you. There were also times when BAM!!! Solid hit on your aircraft and you exploded into pieces. Find me the ball bearing factories and I'll win the war for you
  17. Does anyone know if there are points awarded to resupply missions now? If so, this is a great way to gain rank and at the same time help your team out. 40 Points for damaging a bridge and only 10 points if your fly an RDP Mission against your enemy. Any wonder why the bomber pilots are slim in numbers?
  18. This is a great idea and has been placed in a thread with the RATS in the Builders Forum. Clone Bombers would do wonders to the air war in this game. We know how to fight up high, just need the reason.
  19. Good idea. Just make the second account a normal account without any restrictions.
  20. 660 will probably run the game OK. I just gave up my 590 dual GPU for a 690 Dual GPU. The 590 ran the game good unless you were in a heavily contested area like a town battle. If you look at the link below and review the Relative GPU Performance chart at the bottom of the page, you can see the relative performance of the entire range of Nvidia cards in the Geforce processor line.
  21. Give me your budget for a card and the type case you want to use.
  22. If you jetison you sometimes will not see your bombs hit. If you jetison, someone else will not see your bombs hit, ie trailing pilot.
  23. The game use to be hard flying just like you are talking about. We used a lot of LAT/LON coordination when we were forming up when airborn not over an airfield. No autopilot, no gps, and we had plenty of people who flew and did so successfully. Did it make it harder to learn, it sure did. However, once you mastered the process, it was great. Had to learn how to successfully trim your aircraft so you could fly straight and level when bombing from altitude. No autopilot to use. Again, it was fun for those of us who flew back then. Had people that complained about not having easy mode in game, so CRS coded easy mode for those who refused to put the time in to learn how to fly by the seat of your pants.
  24. As stated earlier, EWS for ships use to be 10K. I think we need to go closer to that, lets say 8K, and increase or decrease from that number in small segments until it works properly. As a statement, I was a supporter of the 10K for ships in the past. It worked well. Not every navy boat that hit the water was instantly destroyed. Seeing 10k on a clear day is realistic which is why I supported the 10k distance in the past.l I understand the issue with multi crewing. We miss that in the bombers. Thats how we use to rank up new players and ride second seat in the lead aircraft so he can just fly. If they could easily sync the AA weapons on the DD, I have no issue on that until the multi crew bug is fixed. As you have seen in earlier posts, I am pro Navy. In fact as BEF CinC, I specifically let my Naval CO lead the discussion on our opening battle plan for campaign start so we could provide the Navy some fun. More of this should take place. Was it hard, you're damned right it was; but man was it fun. Keeps from having the same old boring battle plan. Give the Navy something to do. Its only fair. I worked with aomercy and company as well as my squad and we loved attacking the Zee's. Again, as far as equipment goes, new vehicles, I believe firmly that the Navy should be the first to have any really new pieces of equipment. Ships and bombers should be the first vehicles to see STO bombs and shells if they ever make it into game.
  25. Depending on population at the time the individual logs in determines the side they play. Will give the F2P an opportunity to play both sides during the campaign. This will not side lock someone on one side only........most all of the time. I cant imagine a campaign where Allied forces are underpop every tz 24/7.