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  1. Shorter trip for me and stugatz, dont know if this is the right time of year for it tho... or is it? WWIIOL Secret Santa mabe?
  2. Ok i fell asleep during upload but heres the link to all the pictures i have, for some reason they uploaded in backwards order.
  3. Heres some more, im in the process of uploading them to a hostingsite its taking foreva!
  4. Yeah i just got home too, we took cosian to the airport this morning so we got up at around 3:30am after we had our 3hr nap lol. im gonna crash for a few and i think ill upload all the pictures i have to an album on the hosting site and post a link. Theres just too many good ones to pick and choose.
  5. I came strait from the liquer store and forgot to bring my cammera. Wolfie, Motormouth, and burnvictim have all the party pics, including the wolfie/motor shot! Guess that one will never see the light of day.
  6. Heres some pics ill upload more later...
  7. lol we almost stoped there for lunch, but decided on Sonic, im thinking were gonna go get some beer and head down to the pool
  8. WE'RE HERE! and i forgot how awsome sonic was we dont heve them up north.
  9. How much are smokes down there? should i buy em before my flight?
  10. Stugatz and i are getting there thursday at like 11am or so if your going to be looking for somthing to do.