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  1. I am totally interested.
  2. 5 on the first wave and 4 on the second... we lost 1 on the first wave.
  3. Jammy was that my Torp?
  4. I had one Torpedo Impact on a ship on the south line but got shot down before it hit so no credit.
  5. Awsome Event! Any way to get more people to sign up would be my only suggestion. I think there should be a Doolittle Raid to follow this event. Bombers trying to destroy Factories while Bofors defend the route.
  6. Torp Bomber!
  7. Im in!
  8. Join HC today and all this can be Yours
  9. Joint Allied Axis Para Operation is brought to a grinding halt by the lack of "J" key.
  10. Axis Forces Have Begun Camping of the Pool and Mini-Bar!!!
  11. 2011... what month in 2011... I get new Vacation Days in 2011 and I havent been to Europe yet.
  12. What Hotel are people getting rooms at? Me and Delta68 have not booked any rooms yet... figured we would try and stick with as many others as we could. maybe Axis Vs Allies luggage cart races down the halls at 2am?
  13. Hmm this looks like fun...
  14. That was a Fun event. Malize... you messed up my props man... aparently Rock beats Paper and Beddy beats JU52.
  15. Spawn in JUs are waiting