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  1. yeah, i already did the full install.. didn't do the cfml file thing though.. i just figured i'd pass it along in case the rats wanted to fix it
  2. haven't played in a while and went through the 50 updates it needs.. when i got to the september update, it installs, but then the next update goes back to the august update. It then goes back to sept and back and forth. Just an FYI for those that can fix this update mess. And how come we still have this old update method anyway? Seems like after all these years, there would be a better way of updating, especially since it's always seemed to have some issues. Anyway, i'll download the full install and go that route, but as they say on football pregame shows... C'MON MAN!!
  3. Thanks guys! According to squad tools, the change hasn't been made yet.. so, not sure if anything else needs to happen or if you didn't have time to get to it. Also, sent Xoom a message about trying to get a memorial or something for Sevenedg.. he mentioned he might be able to do something, but wasn't sure. I know it's difficult to take the time and effort these days, but if there's a number ($) that you have in mind, I think some of the squad would be willing to pony up some funds to support it. Anyway, thanks again guys..
  4. so our CO passed away back in February (RIP Sevenedg) and we tried to do the in-game voteco in the squad, but it never worked. Can i get someone to assist with promoting Moscone to CO for the 333rd? Thanks! Armyao
  5. all i know is that despite how few players might be on these days, i still get killed pretty often
  6. you *might* be able to run it in a VM.. i'm pretty sure you'd still have to do the alt-tab thing, but you could probably run a 2nd account like a towing account with less graphics enabled. i think you can get a free version of vmware, but you might have to get another copy of windows for the vm.. i can't recall what the licensing for windows desktops is these days, but sometimes OS licenses include a copy for physical as well as virtual.
  7. the (_!_) is a 333rd squad salute.. when we login or logout, we'll usually post that.. basically, it's a squad equivalent to "S!" also, on behalf of the 333rd British Knights, thank you all for your condolences. He was a helluva guy and loved this game. I live only a couple hours away and never met him face to face, though i always intended to. He had just posted a reply on a pic on my facebook page the day before he passed.. here one second, gone the next. He has a couple of sons that he loved dearly as well. Anyway, before i get all sappy, thanks again. It means a lot that so many people we know only virtually can be so connected. Long live the memories and long live this wonderful community of WW2onlline. and (_!_)
  8. It's with great sadness to inform everyone that a long time player and CO of the 333rd British Knights has recently passed away. He was a huge supporter of the game and of helping the players whenever possible. He recruited and trained (myself included) many players to the squad and to the game in general. We might not have been playing much lately, but we still kept in touch through our squad's facebook group and directly with each other from time to time. He will be missed. and (_!_)
  9. i don't think so.. i even bought a new PSU because i thought the same thing... i don't care if i have to underclock it a little if it means it works now
  10. i tried all these things and then some.. nothing worked.. i haven't played in a year or more because of it. i finally figured it out.. I had to underclock my video card... i know, i should've done that as soon as i got my new video card right?? LOL anyway, i'm back.... and have a lot of making up to do.
  11. i am having similar problems on XP.. i ran that utility that checks firewall connectivity and they all said ok so that's not the problem. I click OK on playgate, and it flashes the screen like it's changing resolution or trying to start the game and then it just goes back to my desktop.
  12. can you put a link up for that hotfix?
  13. what's the purpose of the truck? resupply?
  14. i'd say most squads would be interested in something like this. I've done this back in the day with some 4th brigade squads and it was a blast.