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  1. Glad i could help Deadman09 ..
  2. Excellent !
  3. The primary settings for the blen brakes are empty while the secondary are z and x. Did you try the different Blens and are both the same? I just tried it and they do work .
  4. When the game starts installing it asks if the folder it shows is the correct one . Check that path out or change it to a diffefrent one . In the search function you can choose the "more " button at top right and then select "folder" for a more refined search.
  5. In windows 10 you can search for files . That being said , It is placed in folder "c:\Program Files (x86)\CRS\WWiionline It was in "Battleground Europe" but it has been changed . To run game you can also go to "start" button and then in the program list "cornered Rat Software" and run game from there . To start game from inside that folder , just run "playgate.exe " or create a desktop icon running that file. The installer should have created all that for you unless the installation was interupted somehow. If you get prompted to use old files , delete or rename the folder "documents\Battleground Europe" as it is no longer used ,but the game will reference that folder for old cfml files as if you just updated from the pre 1.36 version. I hope that was not too complicated .
  6. Integrated voice comms won't be "soon", so best to point them to Discord .
  7. is it possible you have changed "in keymapper " for the Blen only , those keys to something else? If they work for other planes , that would be the only reason i can see .
  8. x and z are brakes for on the ground . Press p while in plane and it will give you the keymappings and you can see what each key does .
  9. Right now the pay system changover is Xoom's main priority and they will get it sorted out as soon as possible . Any glitch is not intensional and will get fixed as soon as they can . Hang in there Playtime .
  10. Update your sound drivers , then let us know if that fixes the issue.
  11. Kacman , is your sound driver/card "realtek high definition" ?
  12. Make sure spatial is set to off on sound settings .
  13. windows 10 has done a couple of major patches lately . Mine happened after one , as well as me playing with my settings .
  14. I had same issue and it cleared up after I set audio settings to "primary sound driver"
  15. I agree with dre21 , trucks should be the fms , not a magic box .