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  1. in real life as in a war , there where very restricted avenues for vehicles to move , ditches , walls , buildings , rocks , small abutments , ponds etc . We don't have near enough to make this at least a bit more realistic. Trucks should not be able to drive in a straight line to wherever they want . Obstacles should be in game and more prevalent . yes it will restrict movement and so it should .
  2. I like this idea but have an issue with this sort of thing being very unrealistically behind enemy lines . I think it should only be able to be set near a friendly town so it has a link of some form as well as infantry / armour support. Tr6al
  3. That's where my Spawn in priority comes in , FMS or origin ..
  4. Not necessarily a disable , just a default spawn in location priority to direct all players to the most action . I have spawning in too many times to see streams of inf heading back into town from FMS when the town is where players are really needed , yet a defensive fms is very useful to the players that want to use it . The spawning into camped ones is also a real pain when there is no choice for "priority " location spawning. In the heat of battle and I get killed , spawning back in quickly to find i'm somewhere out in the boonies , then have to despawn and respawn . Tr6al
  5. I think it would help missions and the leaders of them if they could at any time just shift the default spawn in from origin to fms , or back again . There are many types of missions that really need only experienced players , such as fb bust or at times even defence where an fms would be ideal out a distance from town . New players tend to cause a major disruption at these , what with smoke and just shooting rifles . Also if an fms is camped the ml can shift the spawn default so as to not have to check the check mark every time you Spawn. I know I have died many times by spawning in to camped fms while in a hurry to defend town ..etc Tr6al
  6. No .. audio would also be an issue when trying to figure out where the enemy is .. allied 109's or axis Spits?
  7. It's not so much the DD hunting efms's , but they are placed on the shore where DD's can't kill them . It would just make that aspect a little more realistic. Tr6al
  8. Another option would be to colour the FMS button green for go , yellow for on the way or wait a bit , and red for do not spawn or there is no Fms. Also Allow the Mission leader to change the status of the FMs . Tr6al
  9. It is reasonable that DD's main batteries should have an effect on Efms's . Can we get the HE from them to have an effect as at the moment Efms's are built in site of the shore and we can't do anything except ignore them , or camp them .. Tr6al
  10. I also just got the same
  11. Happens to me quite often , but I usually get on the second time. I also lose the reserve if it is only 1 , and it is usually LMG. I just got used to it .
  12. Costs nothing to download . It is a full version, and the trial is on the main server with everyone else. It is just time limited. (14 days)
  13. Also check out 4wing , we fly every night and are more than willing to fly with you . Get on Allied TS , channel 60 and introduce yourself ... Tr6al
  14. I find I have to check direction of he audio each time I start the game. One time it starts correctly, the next timie it "might" be reversed , left is right , front is back ... I have a Sound Blaster PCI 128 card . Is this normal ? This doesn't happen (that I have noticed) on my onboard card or the Live 24 external I had. Thanks TR6al
  15. Ratszo is 100% correct ... if you want to spawn in and get 30-40 kills a mission first day, wrong game for you !! I have been playing for over 3 years and still suck at flying well as other things. You need to give it time and LEARN to use the equipment and THINK about what you need to do to stay alive. Then you can think about getting kills . This game has a very steep learning curve and you need to learn how to play it . Once you get over the fact that you aren't a natural killer or a RAMBO , you will start getting kills. Ask for help , you will most likley get it and the game starts to become fun.