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  1. One of the things we have issues with in game (on voice chat ( discord)) is the way people say town names . Most are not correct but then again , what is correct . We had a chat yesterday ( myself,Oldzeke, Scking and Mwhitman) about the way names are pronounced in game. It would be really nice if we could click on a town and the correct ( or near enough) vocalization of the town name would be heard. Could use a hot key or spare function key to do this in some way. This would only be if the user wanted it vocalized and would not be forced on everyone. Not all towns would need it but it could be an ongoing slow project with a few towns at a time , mainly the awkward ones (Eghezee, Wavre ,Soignies,etc) It would be educational and add to the authenticity of the game as well as clearing up confusion over towns . Tr6al
  2. Thanks You BLKHWK8 and other rats ..
  3. I just remembered this forum . Too bad it isn't used by Squad members.
  4. 1: spawning in at an fb as inf and top half is sticking out of tent and have to struggle to get out of it . 2: when inf is prone , sometimes you cant get up , need to deploy weapon or reload to be able to stand up 3: Fire bug
  5. we have race cars already developed , just add an MG and ability to carry passengers ;-)
  6. I just noticed this forum here today ,, Dohh
  7. I think bombers should be able to knock down some of the fb's points with bombs . Not take them down but do some damage up to say 30% - 50% . Would make for better fights there.
  8. fms camping I bet helped that . Bet they jumped after mobile spawns appeared . Mind you we used to be able to kill enemy from inside their spawns.
  9. in real life as in a war , there where very restricted avenues for vehicles to move , ditches , walls , buildings , rocks , small abutments , ponds etc . We don't have near enough to make this at least a bit more realistic. Trucks should not be able to drive in a straight line to wherever they want . Obstacles should be in game and more prevalent . yes it will restrict movement and so it should .
  10. I like this idea but have an issue with this sort of thing being very unrealistically behind enemy lines . I think it should only be able to be set near a friendly town so it has a link of some form as well as infantry / armour support. Tr6al
  11. That's where my Spawn in priority comes in , FMS or origin ..
  12. Not necessarily a disable , just a default spawn in location priority to direct all players to the most action . I have spawning in too many times to see streams of inf heading back into town from FMS when the town is where players are really needed , yet a defensive fms is very useful to the players that want to use it . The spawning into camped ones is also a real pain when there is no choice for "priority " location spawning. In the heat of battle and I get killed , spawning back in quickly to find i'm somewhere out in the boonies , then have to despawn and respawn . Tr6al
  13. I think it would help missions and the leaders of them if they could at any time just shift the default spawn in from origin to fms , or back again . There are many types of missions that really need only experienced players , such as fb bust or at times even defence where an fms would be ideal out a distance from town . New players tend to cause a major disruption at these , what with smoke and just shooting rifles . Also if an fms is camped the ml can shift the spawn default so as to not have to check the check mark every time you Spawn. I know I have died many times by spawning in to camped fms while in a hurry to defend town ..etc Tr6al
  14. No .. audio would also be an issue when trying to figure out where the enemy is .. allied 109's or axis Spits?
  15. It's not so much the DD hunting efms's , but they are placed on the shore where DD's can't kill them . It would just make that aspect a little more realistic. Tr6al