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  1. From what I have heard , the video card GPU won't really start getting used until 64bit and it gets written into the WWIIONLINE code . The CPU is handling most if not all video processing .
  2. Bomb-able airfields are a nice idea but they would most likely show damage by using something similar to ppo's in the shape of rubble as the ground isn't something that can be manipulated .( from what I understand ) The rubble blocking the path of ac trying to land or take off. the "rubble " could get repaired (removed) I would imagine by an engineer type of player. Just speculating .
  3. would be nice to be able to repair fb's that have been damaged by bombs and satchels too . On a similar scale to bomb/satchel,
  4. I like this idea too . make it so the bombs don't do a lot of damage but enough to make it look as if enemy engies are taking the fb down . Would give a distraction and not have it " ei at fb !! taking it down" Also would be assistance when an fb is almost down and needs a little bit more .. Tr6al
  5. Having night time so you can't see is really not game worthy . Nice idea but not really practical . We don't have flashlights or headlights or fires that radiate light . People will just log as they used to do when night was dark .
  6. Where do you stop the clipping then .. Bunkers clipping fms's , barbed wire clipping inside buildings or fms's stopping spawning in or getting tangled with atgs ,etc ,etc, etc. as they try to spawn . Needs to be done with care and caution or it will make a big mess even if the programming would allow it.(colliders etc)
  7. I would think it should also be limitedto lower tier AC , that will work better with short take off and landings , as well as paras of course.
  8. Not sure if this has been mentioned but why not have radar stations that have ai , barbed wire etc and can be blown up and rebuilt . Good diversion . reduces or eliminates one sides radar capability in an area . Can have it captured and reverse sides . Would be able to bomb it or send in paras etc to destroy it . Tr6al
  9. I like it ... think its a good move .
  10. I think this is good idea but it would have to be redesigned as it is too open inside and it would turn into a killing zone .
  11. I agree with it and the only issue I would anticipate is a player with second account using info to grief (spy) on other sides fms's . All it takes is one . Something is needed to show tanks and inf locations where they can despawn , and resupply without having to despawn.
  12. I propose that we use some of the locations around some towns as a focal point for an intense fight . Use something like the hill south of Haybes that has the memorial on top and use it as a strategic location that has to be owned by one side or the other . If the attackers want to take the town they need to own that location , but if the defenders can keep it it stops the attackers from being able to cap . If the defenders retake the site , the already capped cps stay in attackers hands but the cant take anymore until they regain possession of the hill. It would not be a spawnable site , just a cappable one . Would create a reason to defend that location and create some very intense fights . Other towns with similar locations could also use the same strategy , even if it's outbuildings or a small bunker. Tr6al
  13. As long as it doesn't drown out incoming footsteps
  14. Might not need to modify them but have something like a ppo added around them , as in a terrain object . Obviously only some cp's would use them as in ones without building close to them. Possibly broken walls or rubble
  15. Mainly 32 bit OS support is getting dropped so the game has to go that way soon. Secondly 64bit allows the natural progression of multi processors as well as more usable memory . Game will speed up ,as dedicated processor gets used for game and OS will have it's own. Any new software used for upgrades etc will need to be 64bit so more availability for modernizing the terrain and overall game mechanics etc It's a win/win .