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  1. That is when dealing with garrison's . Brigades are the same as they used to be and you can resupply them any way from other brigades .
  2. Yoav, please put in a support ticket if you haven't already and it will get sorted out.. Thanks
  3. There are 2 ways to play , one is through Steam that you pay for via Steam while the other is through this website. Steam account will not let you play through what we call the Live server . You need an account on one or the other and Play through that access . If you have paid for a premium account , you need to run the game from your computer , if you have paid through Steam , you need to play through the Steam application . The training server sees you the same way .
  4. I just tested the Training server and all unit are available . With infantry there are a few that are red and unavailable as they are for Steam players . Nothing different just a quantity of units reserved for them .
  5. Snow shoes could be added as a loadout ;-)
  6. It is Rmack1 . I have told CRS and it is getting looked into .We have had issues with the new billing system and it has been done manually. Sorry for any delay in the process .
  7. I remember it being mentioned a while ago that artillery is basically a non starter as players don't want to keep dying from unseen shells sent from miles away . (basically what Jwilly said) I know DD's do it but that is limited in place and you usually know what is firing. I could be wrong though
  8. Was it a report or Support ticket ?. Support will get back to you quickly, as accounts are important .
  9. As long as you have sent a ticket , it will get looked after as soon as Support can get to it.
  10. We actually had the ability to lean left and right but was discontiued for some reason . We can climb on whatever we would be able to jump onto .
  11. It is part of the system that isn't quite connected yet . it's coming "soon"
  12. You have the patience of a saint Pittpete .. thanks for all your help!!
  13. Couild it not be dependant on whether the AO is up or the town has changed hands ? something like an FB .Could even be locked to an FB .
  14. Precursor to pontoon bridges?
  15. As far as I know , Rebel357 is pretty much the only one that takes them down on a regular basis . Think this is pretty weak compaint . Need more for the Air guys to do not less . And air can and does take down the fb veh spawns .
  16. here it is Base21 I just tried it and this part seems to be up
  17. If you give f2p players everything , they have no need to subscribe. I agree with 2 tier . It also reduces Trolls for the sake of trolling . F2p don't need to be turned off by some of the posts before they get a chance to actually play and form their own oppinions. Just my 2c .
  18. Potthead , do you have anything like "privacy badger " on your browser ? that will stop buttons like that .
  19. That Pixel of death at Dusseldorf is now ticketed as I was able to verify and the floating trees are no longer floating .(fixed a while ago) and it is south of any section with active towns. The invisible fms happens every once in a while and we have not been able to reproduce and not sure about the Efmb not receiving hits.
  20. It's possible you might have changed a key mapping and is now conflicting with windows ..
  21. The more tools that players have , the more they will get used even by finding a use for them . Better too many tools than not enough.
  22. I am not a programmer but have a little understanding on what happens in game. I was actually a network manager at a university so have some understanding about networks , servers etc. This is just a little info for people who would like to understand a bit more about what happens when you shout someone technically. When you see an enemy and fire a shot at him , your client sends a message to that client , through the server and then receives a message back , through the server telling your client whether you did anything . It is not your client that decides if he dies but his . You might have hit a not fatal part , or missed completely . If he dies he tells you . (obviously though the client to server to client path) This normally works great if the timeing is perfect . If there is any form of delay between the clients then you will a lag and possibly no hit registering. You shoot , he waits a while as the communications move around the system and then he dies .(or not) These numbers are just vague guesses as everone has different ping times. Now if you add up the travel time , and your ping is say 50 one way while so is his , you get them added . 50ms + whatever time the server takes , lets say 10ms , then time to the other client of 50 + another 10 -15 for processing then 50 back to server , + 10 processing and then 50 back to you . Only 1/2 that time is important as you now know you are dead and would indicate by falling down twitching .But it still takes aprox 120ms for that to happen . Now if the other client was lagging or generally not communicating in the time period where it is getting told it is shot , it doesn't know , therefore no dropping dead or even getting wounded . If the shooter gets this sort of thing happeing constantly , he is most likely the issue (connections , memory , software etc ) or if is occasional then it is most likely the one getting shot. The other thing that effects what happens is "predictor code" where the server predicts where you should be if you followed the path you are on. With the time delay between information getting passed around , you just might not be seeing the exact location of the enemy depending on both your timing. ms=millisecond=1/1000 of a second Hope that helps Tr6al
  23. The QA team has players on 2 continents and 3 countries while we are testing ( as an FYI ). Problem is mainly that we don't have enough testers on at the same time to test anything under population load except on live server .
  24. My only ping issues are just when I spawn in for the first time , might go to 3k and then back down but normally around 80
  25. What oldzeke means by "being able to replicate " is that we need to be able to follow the steps that we are told and end up with the desired results . (whatever you are having issues with .) If we can't do that , it makes it extremely hard if not impossible to track down the issue you are having and then passing that on to a programmer with the logical steps to reproduce that issue. If we can log in , do a few things and repeat it to get same results , we can then get it sorted . That would then have a ticket created with the steps to reproduce the problem , and it would go into the list of hundreds of other tickets and would get prioritized according to ease of repair and importance .