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  1. Today was the first for me. Got so bad every sortie then i cant get past mission screen.
  2. Have got so bad i cant play. Internet?
  3. *points to thread above* dam sry m8 not sure what to say. Load Win 7 the game and cfml files and off to the races.
  4. Just actually loaded up Win 7 yesterday for the first time. Dam sweet.
  5. Ended up being a corrupt XP hot fix file. Found the fix.
  6. History: Bombs where noT rendering so I re-installed the game plus all drivers. This worked yesterday and made a successful run on Essen with 30 points scored. Today: Booted up computer and on-board sound device is not recognized. Redid all drivers again with no success. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Any reports back on this worked?
  8. Well your from Alberta what did you expect! PC was a full remake since yesterday. ITS CALL BETA FOR A REASON!
  9. Post you problems here.
  10. Completely off topic here but is that not Mrs Sharples?
  11. Always the unsub button m8.