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  1. Capping a defended depot/cp is very difficult unless you have numbers and coordination. Im not saying i agree with this but this is the way it is. Capping could be made a bit easier but then you have that TZ3 effect
  2. If Tier 0 is opened up to free players then whats the incentive for STEAM users to purchase DLC's?
  3. I dont understand..You have am ethernet cable plugged into the 5G antennae/equipment? If so wireless always has some type of latency, even the 'new 5G' claims. Unless your on a small cell type millimeter wave within a few hundred feet from you, expect latency..
  4. all set bud
  5. When you unsub from a premium account it automatically makes free2play inactive. Put in a ticket
  6. http://www.campaigncharts.com/
  7. CRS is always looking for volunteers to speed up the process. If you know of anyone let them know...
  8. I dont have access to change forum profiles. PM @HEAVY265
  9. Glad you got it figured out Thanks for the update!!!
  10. I'd delete anything related to Playnet then reinstall
  11. Dusty, i started with 26PZD with Haul and Manfrd and Blitzer and Fatjoint and Jeep and Potent and Trubble and Dwalin etc.....
  12. Theres a thread here starting on page 15 talking about grenades.
  13. Did you try a fresh download and full install?
  14. Thats old information. PM me your 2nd account info