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  1. Where were you going?
  2. Stop making sense bro....LOL
  3. Thats unfortunate... It would help out immensely if you got some guys organized on the other side until the Italians came in to the game.
  4. I think i may have the answer....How about playing for the side with less players and perhaps organize that side? Maybe it would help the game become stronger and more populated with a strong presence on the lowpop side...
  5. check your PMs
  6. Sounds like you were hit a bunch of times also...
  7. gters, hit me up with a support ticket. Send me some names of old squaddies you want to contact and i'll work something out for you
  8. pkenn put in a ticket with your info and i can help you out... support@playnet.com
  9. Never a waste of time bud...
  10. It's in the works....I can pretty much guarantee, nothing posted in the forums goes unnoticed. I sent this up the line if you're volunteering...Good stuff!!!!
  11. Yes, i agree....Town supply can't come fast enough
  12. I'm locking this thread......
  13. Not a bad idea....