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  1. Transparency is horrible isn't it?
  2. Something must be drawing people because you keep coming back to post....
  3. I've seen a bunch of old players return to check things out as of late. Hopefully they stay because squad cohesion and numbers really make this game one of a kind...
  4. Moz is back....woooot!!!!!!
  5. I didnt know f2p could spawn camo tanks?
  6. @pwnography if you have any concerns please email a GM at agm@playnet.com Thanks
  7. Perfectly said....We are trying That is your perception but without data it's just your opinion. This is not just a fix but a step to more realistic conditions. We are working towards all types of bug fixes, and we evaluate those fixes and adjust as necessary. I find it almost comical that people were compalining even before the patch went live. We collect data and make decisions based on that. There is relearning that has to be done not just for bombers, but all types of equipment. Good post BLK....I wouldnt even respond after that. Well said
  8. good stuff glad its working.. I always do a full download
  9. So what would be a price point you would feel comfortable paying monthly for premium access? Curious minds want to know
  10. How so? Don't you still have to guard the FB from capture? EWS at FB's?
  11. 1. Everyone pays to play 2. Everyone pays to play 3. Everyone pays to play
  12. Good stuff..If theres an blatant abnormality, lets get it taken care of immediately.....
  13. Im not looking to open up a can of worms here, just make sure neither side is feeling slighted when it comes to human errors made at campaign start.