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  1. If there were 10 HC on every minute, at all times we probably wouldnt be having this argument/discussion
  2. Yes....Thats why its so hard to swallow
  3. And Capco i'd also like to say i don't have anything personal against you...I'm just very adamant about getting rid of TOE's. My apologies if it seems i'm attacking you
  4. Unfortunately they made the announcement of removing/ or shifting away from TOE's over a year ago..Nothing has been changed since that announcement so why should we expect any subtle changes that prolong crappy gameplay which is reliant on a non existent HC structure?
  5. What a crock of [censored]e....I pray that CRS doesnt change it's mind on removing TOE's, by listening to players like you that refuse or can't let go of the past.
  6. So TOES should stay because the Allies had a hard time in the beginning because of organized Axis mega squads? TOEs are like cancer to this game and need to be cut out. CRS needs to start fresh and not listen to the people that want to over complicate the game with all their fn rules. Capco, please log in and show us how great of a map mover you are. SYSTEM has just made a few moves
  7. If they were soooo easy then why werent they done? You don't even log in to play at a time when you are needed and could actually be used. Instead your in the forums telling everyone how mega squads hurt you. You sound like Kilemall
  8. Cant believe we're still waiting for this. Put every available resource on this Xoom and stop fooling around. Some of us are running out of patience.
  9. And just like all the other posts on this.....Adding more lipstick to the pig.
  10. I follow very closely and i understand why CRS has said they can't right now. This should be the number one priority before anything...I wonder how many potential players have been turned away during the last few months of experimentation? Not to mention the vets that are unsubbing or just not playing with this massive rolls.
  11. That is too funny.... On the other hand i really want to cry..I cant believe what is happening with this game the last few months.
  12. Im not a fan of TOEs, but a big shout out to Dfadd yesterday for keeping the allied players motivated and informed....
  13. Unless they are releasing a patch or something else, i don't get it...