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  1. While i agree, only active HC should receive perks. If CRS offered HC perks can you imagine how many players would sign up for HC knowing they can get a discounted sub? The problem then becomes how do you insure that HC members actually log in and contribute? Someone or some program will have to monitor their in game activity. More work for a mostly volunteer team.
  2. Thats why some squad mergers need to happen.
  3. If you're looking for a level headed group of players that work together, then this may be the squad for you. There is always something 7thAST is doing and there's rarely a dull moment. You can always find a member setting up an FMS, blowing an FB, towing a gun(s), hot dropping on a depot or coordinating an AO with HC. They ask only a few things from each member. -When a call goes out for help, be where the squad is. -Play with the squad and contribute to the Allied cause. -This is an Allied only squad so if you want to switch squads then this might not be the squad for you. -Please be on Discord Comms. I recently joined the 7thAST because it was becoming a chore to log in and play the game i always loved. Switching sides and lone wolfing didn't cut it any longer, so i joined up and gave it a few weeks. I've become so impressed that i chose to start this recruitment thread with hopes of recruiting players that were feeling like i was. Get in game, get on Discord and check out the 7thAST. 7thAST Website and Forums
  4. @B2K Russian support?
  5. The friend of the guy standing at the FB with his map open.....
  6. There will always be a campaign after this one.
  7. yup
  8. Recap contested depots
  9. Can you put in a support ticket?
  10. EWS on FBs?
  11. Welcome back
  12. Like it
  13. Is the build time the same as the FMS? If not perhaps infantry only MS could be halved and tahts not a bad idea Stank.