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  1. $5 a month gets you a starter sub which is great value
  2. People would complain SMG's were all the same
  3. @pulfer https://www.wwiionline.com/subscriptions#sub-comparison
  4. How to Change File Permissions on Windows 7
  5. ***THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL STANCE FROM CRS or SUPPORT*** I was able to follow the MANUAL instructions in this thread>> http://ubeogesh-things.blogspot.com/2012/08/resolve-it-finally-game-explorer-aka.html I don't recommend downloading the BAT file, but by following the MANUAL renaming instructions i was able to start the game on first launch
  6. I forgot to add this Was just joking bud
  7. Once again, its not about speed or ping. Packet loss is the enemy. I wouldnt play any online game, console or PC over wifi and not expect issues from time to time.
  8. Its not about speed
  9. So far it impacts WIN 7 users Can't start WW2exe online or offline If you relaunch WW2exe online or offline, the game will start but you will have two instances running The second attempt increases rundll32.exe CPU usage If you reboot your PC and try again the same thing will happen Reinstall, deleting registry keys, turning off anti virus doesnt eliminate it
  10. No wonder why you're so laggy Mata. never play on wifi Never ever....
  11. This has happened to me as well...Yesterday and today. Lets use this thread as the main communication on this situation since i have more than a few support tickets ongoing Thanks
  12. Can you try offline and report back please? Thanks
  13. How do you force people to log in when their side is losing???
  14. Is everyone current with Windows updates?