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  1. https://crs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  2. I fixed him up this morning
  3. There already is a volunteer program--->> https://www.wwiionline.com/about-the-game-team#volunteer Thing is, most volunteers see how much work is involved and then stop contributing
  4. All set Norcal
  5. All set now bud
  6. Helpdesk is offline ATM Hopefully its up soon For the time being post username here and the problem you're having I can check
  7. devs are looking into this
  8. all fixed up
  9. You have a premium sub I answered your support ticket
  10. All set
  11. Uhtred is already in use
  12. Billing has been down all day---nothing can be done until its up
  13. | "Yield not to misfortunes, but go ever more boldly against them!" | WEBSITE | http://3PzG.com TEAMSPEAK3 SERVER | IP, & PORT: ts24.gameservers.com:9142 - - PASSWORD: panzer The 3rd Panzergruppe A.K.A- "The Breakfast Club" is one of WWII Online's largest and most popular Axis squads. We are well organized, have 10+ OKW High Command Officers, use Teamspeak and have a very active squad forum. In Campaign 20 alone our squad was responsible for over 55,000 Allied deaths and had 180 members log into game. We are the squad the allies fear most. Our squad has active members covering all timezones, so you'll almost always find someone on. So if you are tired of logging in and fighting alone, join us ingame 2.Panzer Division KG1 If you dont feel like joining a squad, no problem. Just make sure to log into our Brigade channel and join the fun. Commanding Officer: Vozz Executive Officer: Kingjo Deputy Executive Officer(s): Tyranthr, Dinker, and Peepers Recruiter(s): Company0, Drill, Mcdeath, Alexlo, and oo6oo7
  14. I just looked at your account Put in a support ticket and i will tell you whats going on https://playnet.zendesk.com/
  15. IMO get rid of AO's EWS = go check the CPs Takes about 8 min for a solo cap If you cant kill a lone EI while spawning 10 feet from the CP, you might have more problems than playing a game...LOL
  16. You cant change account names You can change gamenames, is that what you meant?
  17. Heres your support ticket
  18. Well, most except you and Gophur
  19. Imagine you had to answer 30 tickets per day? We will get this fixed so please bear with us ENTER A TICKET
  20. We are still experiencing some problems with the new billing system If you have a problem, please submit a ticket We've been working overtime to correct any issues that continue to pop up and i assure you you're billing issue will be taken care as soon as possible We are also aware of the issue with some forum users unable to login at this time Sorry for the inconvenience ENTER A TICKET
  21. The old crew all jumped ship and Xoom stepped up to save the game If he didnt we'd all be bunnyhopping in COD
  22. What browser are you using, i see no problems using Chrome and plenty of tickets have been coming in
  23. Dwalin go check now please I ask that EVERYONE please put in a support ticket so i can check and resolve
  24. No ones to blame for this but what can we do?