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  1. Sorry. but that is absolutely not true arado I answer EVERY single support ticket personnally I also manage all disputes that come in through the new billing sytem we were forced to move to with minimal notice. I understand everyone's frustration but not telling the truth is counterproductive to the overall suceess of the games future You know what happens if all the volunteers just get frustrated and leave? No more game
  2. DWalin do you have a solution? We'd love to know
  3. active in billing no gaurantee you can login though--can you check please ian thanks
  4. Yup, ready to tear my hair out
  5. Put in support tickets please Bebop no one wants this fixed more than me.
  6. Just activated ian77 Looks like billing went through and didnt activate your sub again I admit this is getting ridiculous Whats the other account?
  7. and all taken care of
  8. Billing support is up https://playnet.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  9. Can you put in a ticket and ill have a look asap? Thanks
  10. Yup, accounts/billing are down ATM Put in a support ticket and i'll get to them as soon as it comes back online
  11. FYI Training is temporarily out of commission but will come back online once some data is transferred.
  12. There was a problem with recurring billing in the new system All set now Thanks for your patience
  13. Oh and just went in and refunded your billing error on thedog account. Pretty good customer support if you ask me.
  14. Just verified the support ticket system is function correctly Just responded to an open ticket that came in 18 minutes ago
  15. I answer support tickets on a voluntary basis and check at least 5 to 6 times a day. The support system is not broken. If it was, a simple post telling us something is askew would suffice.
  16. That isnt going to help solve the issue. A little patience goes a long way. Theres no reason to overreact while we work through some of the recurring billing issues that are still popping up. If you cant put in a ticket, PM me the details and i will try and get it resolved. Too many of you create unneccesary drama
  17. It was answered and fixed last night
  18. Great News!!!!
  19. All tickets answered and fixed...
  20. Just checked support ticket link and its up... CRS cant get it sorted if you dont put in a ticket unfortunately
  21. Its not troubleshooting when most of the tickets i get are because customers are not following the instructions. I had a guy today who had problems for a week inputting his payment info. He told me today he was forgetting to save payment info.
  22. It takes less than 30 seconds to submit a ticket but....
  23. No need to bump, support tickets are all answered as soon as i can answer them. If you knew the amount of time i've spent on these issues the last week or so, your head would spin...LOL
  24. @phoenix i fixed you up and replied to your ticket FYI To answer your question---> "don't ask"