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  1. Are you playing from a wireless connection by any chance?
  2. Not too many sky fairy's left...Hopefully we get some of them back
  3. @gavalink https://account.wwiionline.com/password/forgot
  4. @SCKING any ideas? Try a reinstall?
  5. @kilemall if you type it like this the intended person doesnt get the message @Kilemall you have to click the name
  6. Go into Programs and Practice Offline
  7. I believe it is manually updated.....
  8. If a plane drops too low it doesnt arm and its a dud. Introduced a few patches back to combat kamikazees FYI
  9. I always built my own. I decided this time to buy from Microcenter For $799 i bought a PowerSpec G224 Desktop Gaming PC 1920 x 1080 full settings and i never dip below 80 FPS Would've cost around the same to upgrade my old rig
  10. Save your cfml uninstall the game go into your registry and delete playnet>>> regedit HKEY_CURRENT_USER -software -playnet (right click and delete) install from a fresh download and replace your cfml
  11. still in progress, join in now and ask your questions
  12. @sorella Why bring up past data when 1.36 was just released? Different game right now... So how far can one go back to extract data to back up a statement?
  13. That was almost two months ago..
  14. Attrition is a beautiful thing
  15. Little old but ive used this guide for many years>> http://www.tweakguides.com/NVFORCE_1.html
  16. Id recommend to turn on Anisotropic filtering
  17. Focus on the positive 1.36 FTW babeeeee
  18. All good now...
  19. You'll also have a rear town that you can resupply the frontline town with.
  20. Mo, answered your ticket. I believe there is a problem with billing currently. Trying to get the server restarted. Appreciate your patience. Thanks
  21. @parasit please PM heavy265 about builder forum access
  22. @Sparre can you try again now please
  23. you fool with dpi settings at all?
  24. @potthead check your PM