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  1. If you have a premium sub and then unsubscribe you need to put in a support ticket to activate free play
  2. Holy crap----how are ya bro?
  3. Capping a defended depot/cp is very difficult unless you have numbers and coordination. Im not saying i agree with this but this is the way it is. Capping could be made a bit easier but then you have that TZ3 effect
  4. If Tier 0 is opened up to free players then whats the incentive for STEAM users to purchase DLC's?
  5. I dont understand..You have am ethernet cable plugged into the 5G antennae/equipment? If so wireless always has some type of latency, even the 'new 5G' claims. Unless your on a small cell type millimeter wave within a few hundred feet from you, expect latency..
  6. all set bud
  7. When you unsub from a premium account it automatically makes free2play inactive. Put in a ticket
  8. http://www.campaigncharts.com/
  9. CRS is always looking for volunteers to speed up the process. If you know of anyone let them know...
  10. I dont have access to change forum profiles. PM @HEAVY265
  11. Glad you got it figured out Thanks for the update!!!
  12. I'd delete anything related to Playnet then reinstall
  13. Dusty, i started with 26PZD with Haul and Manfrd and Blitzer and Fatjoint and Jeep and Potent and Trubble and Dwalin etc.....
  14. Theres a thread here starting on page 15 talking about grenades.
  15. Did you try a fresh download and full install?
  16. Thats old information. PM me your 2nd account info
  17. Attrition battles.......
  18. The game doesnt support integrated graphics so their is no guarantee it will even run w/o crashing. The CPU speed is 2.5 ghz which is also low. I'm not trying to put you down but i sincerely doubt you'll be satisfied with performance. I play the game on a 6 year old PC with nice FPS. My CPU is at 4.3 ghz and my GPU is a nvidia 560 with 2gb.
  19. He's already on lowest performance which i found out through his support ticket......
  20. It might run it, but i don't think you'll be happy with the results honestly.
  21. Just responded @tex64
  22. What resolution are you running at? What are vis settings at in game? Send me a support ticket with your DXDIAG
  23. Take side bias glasses off when analyzing the overall effect this will have on the game. It was a well needed, long time adjustment to ALL Lmg's