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  1. @gavalink https://account.wwiionline.com/password/forgot
  2. @SCKING any ideas? Try a reinstall?
  3. @kilemall if you type it like this the intended person doesnt get the message @Kilemall you have to click the name
  4. Go into Programs and Practice Offline
  5. I believe it is manually updated.....
  6. If a plane drops too low it doesnt arm and its a dud. Introduced a few patches back to combat kamikazees FYI
  7. | "Yield not to misfortunes, but go ever more boldly against them!" | WEBSITE | http://3PzG.com TEAMSPEAK3 SERVER | IP, & PORT: ts24.gameservers.com:9142 - - PASSWORD: panzer The 3rd Panzergruppe A.K.A- "The Breakfast Club" is one of WWII Online's largest and most popular Axis squads. We are well organized, have 10+ OKW High Command Officers, use Teamspeak and have a very active squad forum. In Campaign 20 alone our squad was responsible for over 55,000 Allied deaths and had 180 members log into game. We are the squad the allies fear most. Our squad has active members covering all timezones, so you'll almost always find someone on. So if you are tired of logging in and fighting alone, join us ingame 2.Panzer Division KG1 If you dont feel like joining a squad, no problem. Just make sure to log into our Brigade channel and join the fun. Commanding Officer: Vozz Executive Officer: Kingjo Deputy Executive Officer(s): Tyranthr, Dinker, and Peepers Recruiter(s): Company0, Drill, Mcdeath, Alexlo, and oo6oo7
  8. I always built my own. I decided this time to buy from Microcenter For $799 i bought a PowerSpec G224 Desktop Gaming PC 1920 x 1080 full settings and i never dip below 80 FPS Would've cost around the same to upgrade my old rig
  9. Save your cfml uninstall the game go into your registry and delete playnet>>> regedit HKEY_CURRENT_USER -software -playnet (right click and delete) install from a fresh download and replace your cfml
  10. still in progress, join in now and ask your questions
  11. @sorella Why bring up past data when 1.36 was just released? Different game right now... So how far can one go back to extract data to back up a statement?
  12. That was almost two months ago..
  13. Attrition is a beautiful thing
  14. Little old but ive used this guide for many years>> http://www.tweakguides.com/NVFORCE_1.html
  15. Id recommend to turn on Anisotropic filtering
  16. Focus on the positive 1.36 FTW babeeeee
  17. All good now...
  18. You'll also have a rear town that you can resupply the frontline town with.
  19. Mo, answered your ticket. I believe there is a problem with billing currently. Trying to get the server restarted. Appreciate your patience. Thanks
  20. @parasit please PM heavy265 about builder forum access
  21. @Sparre can you try again now please
  22. you fool with dpi settings at all?
  23. @potthead check your PM
  24. If you have a premium sub and then unsubscribe you need to put in a support ticket to activate free play