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  1. ??????? @augetout
  2. Perhaps the terrain angle caused an issue..
  3. map zoom in preferences i believe
  4. Infantry placed FRU without the Anti Tank capable infantry is a win win. Would liven the game up a bit
  5. There is a PINNED TOPIC at the top of the forum about Auto Despawns>> If you need help troubleshooting a connection please submit a ticket
  6. I voted yes, attacking is very,very,very difficult unless you are overpop
  7. 30 minute squad mission isnt too much to ask for
  8. Hondo speaks sense
  9. What stopped others from doing what you effectively did?
  10. You know what was fun? 20 guys on the same TS channel heading to a town with armor and infantry each with a specific assignment.
  11. I replied to your ticket
  12. Agreed, but giving F2P an incentive to play the underpop side is something which should be discussed
  13. @merc88 put in a support ticket and i can help you out with a sub
  14. | "Yield not to misfortunes, but go ever more boldly against them!" | WEBSITE | http://3PzG.com TEAMSPEAK3 SERVER | IP, & PORT: ts24.gameservers.com:9142 - - PASSWORD: panzer The 3rd Panzergruppe A.K.A- "The Breakfast Club" is one of WWII Online's largest and most popular Axis squads. We are well organized, have 10+ OKW High Command Officers, use Teamspeak and have a very active squad forum. In Campaign 20 alone our squad was responsible for over 55,000 Allied deaths and had 180 members log into game. We are the squad the allies fear most. Our squad has active members covering all timezones, so you'll almost always find someone on. So if you are tired of logging in and fighting alone, join us ingame 2.Panzer Division KG1 If you dont feel like joining a squad, no problem. Just make sure to log into our Brigade channel and join the fun. Commanding Officer: Vozz Executive Officer: Kingjo Deputy Executive Officer(s): Tyranthr, Dinker, and Peepers Recruiter(s): Company0, Drill, Mcdeath, Alexlo, and oo6oo7
  15. @cdz support.wwiionline.com
  16. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2019-01-23-best-freesync-monitors-for-nvidia-graphics-cards-7044
  17. Yes, this.... Resupply runs going on trying to cap and attrit the town. No magic Brigade warping. Taking a town even if i don't get a kill. A coordinated FB takedown or defense.
  18. Keep in mind that most of the CRS team is made up of volunteers who play the game also. These volunteers put in hours of their own time, working feverishly to make the game better for the players. It can become disheartening, constantly being criticised when in fact everyone wants the game to move forward and be a success. Almost everyone i say.
  19. I've suggested this many times over the last few years.
  20. So the artists and guys doing the modelling should switch over to 64 bit development?