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  1. I know you mentioned compatability mode, but make sure all of the .exe's that way. nodaker
  2. I'm not a real expert, but I did recently build a machine (only 3 so far). My biggest source of info and 'educated' opinions came from also has a large forum. They routinely come out with fairly objective articles based on different budgets. I've built my machines about 2 years apart and that site was very helpful updating me on whats needed for current games and aps. nodaker
  3. Good posts. I'm glad to know setting affinity for everything to isolate BGE to a lone core doesnt do a heck of a lot. But is there a simple way to permanently assign an application to use a certain core? I guess I'll google it nodaker
  4. Main site is out for me and has been quite a bit lately. Not the end of the world but there's nothing positive about that. nodaker
  5. I must be misunderstanding the question. Cant you just create a shortcut to the Playgate launcher? nodaker
  6. Good point on the power supply. Don't skimp too much on the PSU. You don't need a huge powerful one, but go with a quality brand. Check forums and reviews if you're not familiar with manufacturers. nodaker
  7. Personally I think anyone looking at a budget build with balls should take a look at the AMD chips. There are several good CPU's around $100. Plus I just bought a DDR3 capable AM3 motherboard for $70 off newegg. But check out this article. It's just what you need. The graphics card they list is more than you need so you could save a few bucks there.,2424.html nodaker
  8. Do you have a max budget? What else would you use this for? nodaker
  9. Very nice nodaker
  10. How many speakers are you guys using? I have left, right, and a woofer. It seems to be doing the job ok of giving me the direction of the in game sounds, but would a 4.1 or something similar be better in that aspect? I currently have a sound blaster card but might not bother with it when I hook up my new rig (new AMD Gigabyte 770 board). nodaker
  11. I'm just about to upgrade my system so I've been considering the same issues. No arguments from me on stdyhands comments, but I choose to go with an AM3 motherboard. I can then use DDR3 memory. There's little if any performance advantage in that currently, but it is more future proof if you're looking at long term use. You can use an AM3 chip in an AM2+ board (though I dont know if anything gets throttled down), but I like the idea of having more upgrade options down the road by using the newest chipset. For running Battleground Europe now, AM2+ would be fine, but if you want better future upgrade options, I'd consider AM3. That X4 Phenom ll chip you mentioned will be more than enough for this, but a guy can never have too much power nodaker
  12. Guys Keep in mind the rest of his system. Is his CPU going to bottleneck if he upgrades his vid card much? nodaker
  13. Why switch from AMD to Intel now? Nothing against Intel, but AMD has some really nice quads out that will cost less than the i5.
  14. I am patiently waiting for CRS to release recommended specs for 1.31, but from what is already known, will L3 cache in the CPU do any good? I'm debating between upgrading to Phenom ll and Athlon ll. Phenom ll's have L3 cache and are simpler to overclock but cost more. I'd rather save my money but will go the more expensive route if that L3 cache helps BGE. Anyone have an idea on ths? nodaker
  15. I just posted about the same problem without realizing this thread was already here. Having this pop up once in a while is to be expected, but the frequency is getting worse. If it gets much worse it wont be worth it for me. nodaker