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  1. Interesting email, I might try a flight or two
  2. Was thinking of taking a 109 up, remembered my Flaps controls were gone, didnt. Lulz
  3. I'll take a look, thanks.
  4. should I poast moar info? The CTDs happen while spawned, (yay climbing to 5km in a Hawk and crashing). They're clean breaks, right to desktop. I tried again and this time instead of CTDing I tried to alt tab back to desktop and the game keep running, but disabled all my controls and started glitching bad, to the point I had to do a hard restart.
  5. Posting my DX to see if it means anything to anyone,
  6. nice next up, rail gun battle ships pls
  7. Irrelevant. The war in the pacific was decided at the moment the first bomb was dropped on Pearl. Vast majority of US production was geared towards Europe even during the 'critical' six months after Pearl, i.e fighting with two legs and a hand tied behind it's back the USN/USMC/US Army still no specter of defeat. The Yaks , even the late 9s and 3, was always working it's way to equivalency with it's opponents. The Lavochkas were the first time the VVS had a clearly superior machine. I'm aware of how many Yaks there were. Really.
  8. Atomic weapons don't factor at all IMO, by mid 1945 the war had long been decided - making the two weapons used useful in accelerating the end but in no way responsible for it. My list of weapons (not logistical equipment) Yak 1,3,7,9 series for doing the not very glorious grunt work in destroying the Luftwaffe Mosin-Nagant rifle killed more ****s than any other weapon T-34 series armor Il-2 , aircraft most responsible for wrecking the German armies La 5/7 series aircraft broke the back of the Luftwaffe
  9. Any performance numbers?
  10. Interesting. Today no such thing will ever be feasible, or even needed I think. I think "prestige" would not allow it but I think the Federation would be better served by selling off or placing all it's large, dated systems into reserve and focus on simply creating a good coastal defence force of small ships/aircraft/SSKs and also it's Ballstic submarine deterence force.
  11. I'm usually too hung over for that on sunday morning....oh wait you mean the thread....
  12. boooo teamspeak yayyyyyyyyy Guards
  13. USSR would be allied from start to finish. CRS places no constraints on itself based on historical progressions. However, its largely moot as the likelihood of my precious USSR and (VVS) being added is nil.