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  1. I smiled when I thought I would be able to revisit OT during the welcome back event. I logged in to the forums and much sadness ensued.
  2. graphics card not compatible, cpu bare minimum. Do you have a dedicated GPU on the laptop?
  3. virus? HW failure? can you do a full uninstall now using an uninstall program like revo? If so, use advanced mode to wipe all leftover files and registry entries. The do a clean install. Also, when did you update your drivers? Could be related to the update.
  4. Are you talking about for comms (ie, allow folks not logged in to chat with folks in the game server)? Not gonna happen, explored this quite thoroughly when I HC for use during low-hc pop times.
  5. send an email to xoom@playnet.com or bloo@playnet.com
  6. was reported to be fixed as of yesterday. If there is still an issue, email xoom@playnet.com or bloo@playnet.com asap.
  7. I'm at a loss on this. Perhaps submit a support ticket?
  8. In all fairness the only reason they go caught off guard was because no one wanted to acknowledge the possibility of the lowlands along the channel and North Sea being the quickest route to France.
  9. no problem. hope they fix it soon.
  10. http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=408507
  11. Smooth? Absolutely. I very rarely experience stuttering or disjointed frames. Smooth just means the game runs at a constant reasonable FPS (usually 24FPS or Higher, based on the individual's ability to perceive frame changes). However, I haven't heard of anyone who can run at 60FPS 100% of the time on high settings. (or even 80% unless they are never in a crowd). Remember, with the exception of a few non-critical threads, the entire game only runs on 1 core, and therefore clock is king (and the fastest overclocks out there are what, 4.5ghz-ish?)
  12. Honest answer: Not gonna happen. You either will drop settings or drop FPS in high-activity areas. You aren't going to be able to keep both. This is due to the limited capacity of a single core to process info in a given time.
  13. you should still be able to set a manual dns on your computer via the network adapter's IPv4 settings.
  14. moved per request