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  1. I smiled when I thought I would be able to revisit OT during the welcome back event. I logged in to the forums and much sadness ensued.
  2. I will Check and send you a pm.
  3. not a bug, but really annoying especially for those of us that already bought it.
  4. the beta server isn't intended to replace the training server, and therefore only the Rats can move flags on it (the trainers don't have the tools). Doubt you'll get one on the weekend.
  5. Just to throw this out there. At 800 m the schrek's projectile is coming down from about a 40 deg angle, so it is possible that they are penetrating the deck and not the sides, then hitting a critical below deck component (like the engine of ammo)
  6. was reported to be fixed as of yesterday. If there is still an issue, email xoom@playnet.com or bloo@playnet.com asap.
  7. Your sig is 600x700, yikes! Load it into a photo application like gimp or photoshop and resize the image to something smaller. (The forum ToS specifies 640 pixels wide and 380 pixels high and no larger than 240kB). Then either upload it via the user cp or like to a hosting site like imageshack or photobucket. As for the member group. Under certain circumstance you can change the group info (like when joining HC or becoming a mod) but custom text can only be put in by CRS.
  8. I think because we still don't know what "can not run" actually means. Does it mean CTD or just unacceptable framerates.
  9. I'm guessing warping to a depot from a nearby FRU. It's in the reference sticky at teh top of the forum now.
  10. Good post. Added to the index sticky.
  11. the latest Intel HD Integrated Adapters (HD 3000/4000) are quite capable of handling graphics-intensive applications
  12. What exact graphics adapter do you have? Also, when you say "can't run" do you mean it won't load or you don't like the performance you are getting. Need a bit more info to help.
  13. Go for it
  14. Welcome to the exciting world of WWII Online: Battleground Europe. You will quickly realise that there is no other game like it anywhere. In order to maximise your battlefield effectiveness, please feel free to reference the following information. g-LG6TFOvkA Neat trailer for the game produced by/for the 101st Airborne Squad ***Game Tools*** In-game "Dot" commandsTeamspeak 3 InformationCommon Terminology***How to Play/ About the Game*** Battleground Europe Video TutorialsHow to Get in the ActionCapture MechanicsDotsie's and Parasit's Anti-Tank guides *Must Have*What is "Warping"?Quick guide on Using AT/AA GunsDamage Model Explained***Technical Support*** Bug & Error ReportingWindows UsersMac UsersBilling Support***The Wisdom of WillyTee*** (Because he deserves his own section) If there is something you would like to see included in this index, post a reply with the info/thread and we'll get it added. You can also send me a private message via this link: Private Message Hick
  15. You can also adjust the overlay settings in the plugin settings menu. Make sure that all DX profiles are unchecked except for DX11 and OpenGL.