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  1. We have no problem with french buddy, we mostly on the ground as Infantry but we always like tank cover and can have time in the air sometimes Get on discord if you haven't already, always good to find people and squads.
  2. It’s been 10 Years, that’s right from the 19th May 2017 the 13th Infantry Regiment has been around for 10 Years. To celebrate we are hoping to get some numbers on and have a blast that weekend starting the Friday night, going on through to Sunday, so check out the forums the next following weeks. So lads, let’s generate some momentum get in the forums say hello and celebrate this momentous occasion. Eddie05 CO 13th Infantry Regiment
  3. 19th May - 13th Infantry Regiment 10 Year Anniversary, party like its 2007!!!
  4. Then yes, load times and general functionality if absolutely fine for me.
  5. To bright for me too. Warning this is just me being Anal In regards to the layout, i would like to see the Forums Avatars all to be the same size, possibly a single icon of the same style showing the theme of the forum. The layout should have each forums of the same size i.e. COMMUNITY TECH & BILLING SUPPORT -- FOREIGN SPEAKING COMMUNITIES possibly remove the sub-forums list. Also some of them are offset, due to the size of the Avatars I guess - GAME IDEAS / SUGGESTIONS -- HEADQUARTERS NEWS FEED -- WAR STORIES These aren't of great importance but it could make the main page a little bit easier on the eye. Everything else I find great, but TOO Bright.
  6. Understood, thanks for looking into it.
  7. Thank you.
  8. I don't really know where to put this so I'll just post in here, please move if you feel it's appropriate. Are the forums coming back for Tapatalk, at the moment when I search it says offline.
  9. It would seem to have fixed itself. All is OK.
  10. I am having the same problem on my 2 accounts since this morning. Cannot log in "Timed out during Chat Connection". Thought it was just me.
  11. An all stations call has been sent out to all members of the 13th past and present. The 13th Infantry Regiment...for grown men who should know better!
  12. Win10 x64 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. **** Buck sorry to read this man, we had great times in game. If ya want as a wee gift from the 13th, we can have Shi50 tethered to a sacrificial post in game and you can kill him any which way you want. knife kills are great or you could use him as bomb practice, or drop a satchel at his feet. Just say the word buck....
  14. Yep quite right. After the rotation has finished, I start removing recruits over 7 days old. This takes a week as the recruits who joined on the last day of rotation go over the 7 day period. We get maybe 7 players that are promoted to member. These are guys/gals who are either responsive, get on Missions, join TS and our forum.
  15. Thank you Marcus.