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  1. Awesome thread, thanks for filling us in! It all reads like great news!
  2. This not the OT you are looking for... *makes hand gesture*
  3. It IS a great game. It was prompted the development of Oculus Rift. His last expansion, with German and Allied Mechas, it's the most awesome DLC ever!
  4. ¿agarrar el rifle? mis dies nomàs wey
  5. - Tried the game in 2002, started in 2003. - Last played... 2009, maybe? - The 1st Spanish Company - Always Allied
  6. I can't wait to spawn my Indian Scout!!
  7. OMG, Szyporyn! we in the 1SC still talk about the great days under your command!
  8. omg, ban this n00b
  9. Put me with an H87 if possible. If not, a Sherman of the Big Red One. If no shermans, then in the 101st. Thanks!
  10. Hola gongaxonga. Si tienes algun problema en el juego, siempre puedes tratar de contactar a los españoles que están jugando en los canales 39 (aliado) y 90 (eje). Un saludo y Feliz Año.
  11. the 31st WC is too ghey to even get blowjobs...