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  1. I managed to solve it by redownloading and reinstalling BGE. Thing is, it's really wierd, I think I was accessing the live game with the beta version, the loading screen was changed...
  2. Hello, I've just come back to the game after a years long hiatus, and I decided to hook up my old x52, which I previously used on an older Mac Pro back in 2010 with mostly no issues. But now, when I try to remap the keybindings the x52 is getting read as the keyboard. IE: the main trigger is "Esc", the pinky button is "Backspace", and the other buttons are read as the Function buttons (f1, f2, f3, ecc). Rendering my beloved stick basically useless. Anyone got any solution? I'm running a Macbook Pro with Yosemite. I've previously used the same stick for Warthunder (don't judge me), and it gave me no problems. Thanks. S!
  3. powerpc here, when i try to launch it says that this kind of application it's not supported by the architecture (installation went fine)? no more ppc support?
  4. sign me in as stuka pilot! hope i'll be there (gonna try my best i had helluva fun last year)
  5. hi there download the game on my ****ty "new" pc, tried to set it up but it gave me this error, i'm running xp SP1, maybe that's the problem? i'm gonna upgrade it to sp2 and sp3 in a few days anyway s!
  6. i play mostly on a g5 mac 2.30 ghz 2 gb and a atix800somethingGT and it works helluva fine, 30/40 fps while flying, 10 in crowded fights and 70 up at 7k! but this is an old rig, with something like 4gb ram and a better video card you'll get 70 fps anywhere. mac it's good for BE, but if you're gonna use it for gaming, don't even bother, only wow and be work natively on it. pc--->gaming>working mac->working (graphic/video editing/music composing the mac gives the BEST of him) > gaming (if you get an intel cpu (most of the latest g5 have it natively) you can try to boot camp but at this point i'd go for a pc
  7. dual 1.8ghz powerpc g5 4gb ddr sdram ati radeon x800 xt sometimes barely 20 fps while flying at 3k, unplayable over large town aos usually it holds on 25/46 max fps had to turn off minimap flying escort 7k behind frontline (so no action) because i was getting 3 fps i'd think that i would get better result with this spec? edit: *
  8. i've a x52 although you can't use the tumb slider and 1/2 other buttons (because the installation cd only run on pc =/) it's still a very good js
  9. event will begin 18pm +gmt?
  10. game says all wwiiol servers are offline, please try later or kind of that, but only when trying to enter training, live server works fine
  11. sign me as stuka-o-doom