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  1. I have been flying in the Bose geschwader squad for 3 years now. Squad nights are a blast, great bunch of guys, and I have learned a ton about flying in WWIIOL. The advantage of being in this squad is, you live longer, get more kills and laugh a lot. Come check it out.
  2. Yeah. great job Ahwulf! Fast as hell. Thanks for your time.
  3. Damn Ahwulf! You one bad *** programer. Thanks.
  4. Patches have never worked for me in the 2 years ive been playing wwiiol. I always just trash the old version, download and re-install the new version. This has always worked, but today there is a patch for the patch so... gonna have to wait. Ahwulf to the rescue.
  5. Before the patch I was able to hear EA coming before I could spot them. (only in 109s. not 110s. Engines are loud in 110s) Avoided many a bounce this way. My squad mates think I have "super" hearing cause I've alerted them as well. It never seemed un-natural or a "bionic ear" bug. Just engine noise was less. and I have good ears. But now my engine noise is way louder and I can't hear outside the plane as well. It may be more realistic this way, but I'm a little bummed about it. Also, stereo field seems a bit extreme now. It's a cool effect, but it's a little un-natural sounding. To me. I use good headphones when I play. I've only been in game a few times since patch. Perhaps I just need to get use to it. All this being said, I'd like to say thanks ahwulf for all the hard work you put in. As I'm sure you're aware, you can't please everybody. S!
  6. E1 of doom for me. 11 am on the east coast right?
  7. Hey thanks scking, I'll give it a try.. Btw i think thats me your shooting at in the 111. Stop it. Also, thanks to Ahwulf for all the help in this forum. Much appreciated. S!
  8. Is it possible to play the game in window mode? (I don't think it is) I think this would resolve my issue. Snapspro X would record the window as a movie and not just a black screen. At least according to Ambrosia, the company that makes SnapsProX. Thanks
  9. I use Ambrosia's " Snaps Pro X" to take pictures of my screen and record movies of my screen. The software works great with all programs. But... I cannot get it to work with WWIIOL. Either my settings are wrong or it doesn't like WWIIOL. Just records a black screen. If anybody can help me/us I would be grateful. Thanks in advance. dd
  10. Thanks again Ahwulf. Sorry for whining. I'm looking forward to the update.
  11. Great news ahwulf! congrats! We all appreciate the work you do for us. I know I do. Seems like the CR finally do as well. Unfortunately, if they don't address this wild FPS fluctuation thing, I'm gonna cancel my account. I cant play at 6 fps. I have a 2.53ghz intel core 2 duo with 4G of ram at the lowest setting and the game is just about unplayable.
  12. i took your advise and installed WWIIOL on my windows xp partition of my macbook pro. I haven't been able to get it to work at all. When I start the game, asks for password every time, makes me accept user agreement every time, does not remember settings, and as soon as I spawn in, the game crashes. Should I just try, re-downloading and re-installing? I guess I could just check the windows support page, but it just feels weird. LOL. Sorry.
  13. Same as everyone here..Wild fps fluctuations and bad stutters. Ever since the 1.30 patch. I own 2 macs and it's the same situation on both. I have a Dual 2.5Ghz Desktop w 2.5 GB of ram. Running OS 10.4.11 And a 2.53Ghz intel core 2 duo macbook pro with 4GB ram running OS 10.5.6 I tried changing my settings to the lowest possible but no difference. I hope we can figure this out, because as of now the game is unplayable on a mac.
  14. This fixes the logitech problem: I have the logitech 3d pro, and every time I log in to the game, before I take off, I have to push the stick to every axis and twist the rudder as well. This seems to re-cal the stick and then it works fine. It must be some sort of bug, because I have to do this when ever I log into the game. Not the best stick to use, but it works.
  15. Thanks so much for the reply ahwulf. I think you are right. It probably is my ISP. I think it is my modem and I'm in the process of trying to get them to send me a new one. (might take awhile) I checked for netcode2 in settings like you said. It is disabled. Maybe I should try enableing it. See if that helps. (even though, I have no idea what it is.) Thanks so much for the quick response. doe.