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  1. If each kill had the distance of the shooter/bomber/mortar dude from the kill there'd be a whole new area to talk about in the forums. I think most people who've played for a while have had at least one long shot that they'd like to have stats on, and of course there would be the occasional wild tank round that hit someone in the next town by accident... It seems that the info would be readily available (for a programmer to elicit) already in game stats, so how much trouble would it be? I'd even like to know the distance on my own KIAs.
  2. What does the term "expert" imply here?
  3. Not mentioning names in this forum. Yet.
  4. Apparently you can't access your account through Steam, because it always says "Since this is your first time playing WW2OL you have to create a username." Then when you put in your username, it tells you that it's already taken. Brilliant.
  5. OK, I'm done farting around with Windows 10 not letting me edit the file, and tired of going through the mickey mouse permissions regime. Let me know when this is fixed.
  6. And it's down again? Can't get to authentication server to sign in for online play.
  7. Specifically, I was thinking about back when it was easy mode for planes to take down FBs (used to do it in one pass with a Stuka, if aim was good), and what fun it was to either attack with small aircraft (i.e. anything but the bombers) or defend against the small aircraft attacking with bombs. Then I wondered if it would be too gamey to allow only small a/c to damage FBs, but require enough bombs to take many passes. Years ago I used to spend nearly all my time in game flying against FBs or defending FBs, and it was all fun as long as you had help on either end (there would be no 1-plane takedowns this way). Any chance of testing that idea out, or even being able to work it?
  8. Why am I getting this message when trying to log in? (again)
  9. Well that was quick. The problem (I guess) was that I was using WWII Online Quick Starter. When I tried doing it manually it worked. So NM. :>)
  10. I don't use Teamspeak, I do use Windows 10, and I'm using the current version. I'll try again next month or so.
  11. Check the box that the graphic says to uncheck, and you get to keep your 125% setting and the game is scaled right for Win 10. Thanks for the tips.
  12. WTF is going on? I can't tell if this is a server problem or user problem. How about someone chiming in with status updates once in a while?
  13. The one where the CS&R website is still down for maintenance.
  14. Was it the bajillion-part update today, or earlier?
  15. I get the message in-game but the only time it affected things was yesterday when I noticed that vehicles appeared to be standing on end in one place, a hurricane flew by backwards (I shot at it of course), and I couldn't despawn. I could set an fru, but the despawn window never counted down and I couldn't select anything but "Cancel".
  16. P1 is the Hooterville Bridge. Let's get cracking.
  17. Somebody plug the server in.
  18. NM, now the password works. I'm now free to CTHL again.... How long before the worldwide server changeover (or whatever it is) is done?
  19. I've never done one of these special events. Is it so complicated to get in that I'm too late to sign up? I have no idea where to go for this. Thanks.