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  1. I've never used onedrive.
  2. I've been trying to play the game but I keep getting the same 2 updates to download and run over and over. WTF.
  3. Even after downloading and running the complete version and then getting into the game, the game still goes into the update loop every time the next day.
  4. Thanks. I've been all over the site looking for that. Going to play some online pool, I know that will work.
  5. What does the term "expert" imply here?
  6. Not mentioning names in this forum. Yet.
  7. Apparently you can't access your account through Steam, because it always says "Since this is your first time playing WW2OL you have to create a username." Then when you put in your username, it tells you that it's already taken. Brilliant.
  8. OK, I'm done farting around with Windows 10 not letting me edit the file, and tired of going through the mickey mouse permissions regime. Let me know when this is fixed.
  9. And it's down again? Can't get to authentication server to sign in for online play.
  10. This to the top of the list.
  11. It appears to have something to do with William Shatner.
  12. Why do you assume that "caring about stats" means "living and dying for stats"? I care about stats, but still play the game because it's fun and I like to mess up the enemy's plans. Caring about stats doesn't mean that they're the only thing we care about. Now who's not the brightest bulb on the tree...
  13. For scoring my KIAs and ignoring my kills. Jesus H. Christ...
  14. On the bright side, I'm getting in a lot more AAA and Anti-tank work than usual. Plane and tank kills are still good to go.
  15. Doesn't matter how many, no infantry kills are showing up. Everything else is (so far).
  16. I assumed he was being sarcastic and implying that "stat hos" were a bunch of crybabies and that the game would be better off without them. People who use that term are usually not very good at staying alive in game...
  17. At least it'll be safer for you guys if they do...
  18. That must be the problem. I just had an ei kill that didn't show, even though it showed in AAR, and next mission my EA kills all showed. So it's still a live bug, looks like. EDIT: I meant to mention also that our own KIAs don't seem to be counting, either (in the K/D calculation), so it's not all bad...
  19. I'm guessing your K/D is below 1.0... You guys are always the ones saying it doesn't matter...
  20. But this is a new kind of screw-up... The only thing the sorties show right is the time on mission.
  21. And that's another thing...