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  1. 25 minutes ago, wockawocka said:

    If you are admin on YOUR computer, and really reallly know what you are doing, then following gets you in

    (but you need to tare this fix apart when DNS issue is fixed):

    In your hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) add following line: auth.playnet.com


    OK, I'm done farting around with Windows 10 not letting me edit the file, and tired of going through the mickey mouse permissions regime. Let me know when this is fixed.

  2. Fix CS&R so it is correct going forward most important.

    Fixing missions that happened while it was broken....wayyyyyy down on the priority list IMO.

    People that cared about their stats should not have been playing IMO. People that didn't care and played will still not care.

    People who care about stats and still played? Not the brightest bulbs methinks.

    Why do you assume that "caring about stats" means "living and dying for stats"?

    I care about stats, but still play the game because it's fun and I like to mess up the enemy's plans. Caring about stats doesn't mean that they're the only thing we care about. Now who's not the brightest bulb on the tree...

  3. no squishy kills are showing up

    That must be the problem. I just had an ei kill that didn't show, even though it showed in AAR, and next mission my EA kills all showed. So it's still a live bug, looks like.

    EDIT: I meant to mention also that our own KIAs don't seem to be counting, either (in the K/D calculation), so it's not all bad...

  4. I show all Rtb's but my units pg shows Ive been killed ' date=' its messed up. They are working on harder stuff Im sure right now. Hope its back working soon .[/quote']

    That's been doing that all campaign. Today it simply didn't show ANY kills for a couple of hours, but still counted the KIAs. I'm guessing everyone on both sides got hurt by it, because I see one Allied that killed me didn't get the kill, either (although I got the KIA). The only reason I know that is because he was a DAC I had been sneaking up on when he saw me and killed me, and when I went back and killed him, CS&R started working again and I got credit for the kill (showed up an hour later), but saw that he hadn't been credited with killing me. It was a period between 1400 and 1550 for me in which nothing showed but my crits.