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  1. LOL, they clear that up for you Dre?? suppose they coulda suggested you stop using the stug till it gets a MG
  2. yeah, i say give the allies the win , and lets start camp 168!!
  3. GJ Allies, and i agree with Flong, hope those that played allied last camp stay for more campaigns, !S
  4. From what i understood about Antwerp and Brux, it was to be a "test", well, think the test is over and 95% preferred it in its original layout?
  5. Well done Elvs, !S
  6. Well deserved!!
  7. Thanks and Salute to everyone. I share this with the Squad, they are the ones that keep me here, !S
  8. All the Black Sheep hang out in the Zee's, and they have no Helmets!!
  9. !S
  10. I'm not a fan of the patch, but I'm apparently part of the minority. Had a good run in this game, !S