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  1. Well I have been considering the same thing, and I have been extensively researching a 3 monitor setup, I finally decided that as a start I would by a 27in Monitor and a GTX 580 graphics card. I plan on another GTX580 and 2 more monitors in a few weeks time all being well, that will give me 3 monitor setup in SLI, which is similar to the AMD setup but Amd you can do it with 1 graphics card. What I would suggest if you are going to be buying new monitors is check out IPS panel technology monitors instead of the standard TN panel type, the monitor I bought is IPS panel type and it is absolutely fantastic I can't recommend IPS panel monitors enough.
  2. Me to last night it was okay, but previous time I played CTD everytime I tried to respawn I got to the Did you Know page, game then froze on that page and eventually CTD.
  3. Hi I am considering using Nvidia 2d vision for BGE, I will have a resolution on each monitor of 2560*1440 making a total for the 3 of 7680*1440, does anyone know if BGE will support this resolution, I will be using 2*GTX580 cards and 3*27in monitors. I have yet to buy the extra GTX580 card and 2 monitors , but if BGE will not support the resolution then I will not bother.
  4. Same problem on my second account, ctd after clicking enter world
  5. Thanks for all your replies, I am not expecting much if any FPS performance boost as when I upgraded from a GTX8800 to the GTX260 I felt let down as the FPS difference between the 2 cards was not worth the extra money I spent. What I am really after is the eyefinity set up, I already have 4 screens but using the GTX260 and a cheap nvidia card gives me 4 independent screens and I am not able to set it up in eyefinity mode. So its looking like the 6950 which will give me eyefinity at a reasonable price and should be able to run this game in eyefinity with an FPS performance at least as good as I am getting now (I hope)
  6. Well I have been thinking its time for a graphics card upgrade my current system is Win 7 32bit I5 2600K OCd to 4.5gb 4Gb Ram GTX 260 after looking around I am thinking that the ATI 6950 is looking good because I want eyefinity which the 6950 will deliver. However I have been a die hard nVidia fan for the last few years but to get eyefinity I would need 2 nVidia cards and the comparable card to the 6950 would be the GTX 560 but 2 of these is almost double the cost of a 6950 so nVidia is stretching my loyalty to breaking point. Is anyone running the 6950 in eyefinity or GTX560*2 in eyefinity your experiences would be most welcome. I have looked at the ATI 6970 but I reckon the 6950 will be fine for this game, the only other game I play is Cliffs of Dover atm Has anyone else any thoughts on a possible set up.
  7. Trackir is great
  8. I have the very same problem, it seems to occur more often than not when I change brigade. Watching the memory I note that when I login a fresh I use about 1.6gb of memory, which steadaly rises to 2.1gb then if I change brigade I ctd System is Core2 3gb Ram 3gb Os Xp Sp3 Graphics Nvidia GTX260 The only other software besides that game asn OS installed on this machine is is TS2 This is a very frustrating bug
  9. Hi I have 2 accounts and run 2 pcs when I play 1 account on each machine, the spec on the machines is as follows Machine 1 Dual core Intel 3Gb Graphics GTX260 Windows XPSp3 Machine 2 Dual core Intel 2.4Gb Graphics GTX9600 Windows XPSp3 I run both machine at 1620*1050 and max game setting. Well I thought like you that I would change the GTX9600 that was in machine 1 at the time for a GTX260 and put the GTX9600 in machine 2 getting rid of and old Nvida card that was struggling with the game. I was thinking that I would have a super frame rate with the GTX260 in machine 1, BIG BIG disapointment, frame rate on machine 1 is preety much the same as it was with the GTX9600 mabye a frame or 2 better but thats all, in fact machine 2 with the GTX9600 in has a comparable frame rate now with machine 1. So in summary if you are going for the GTX580 just for this game if it were me I would keep my money in my pocket, cos I think you will be disapponted with the result after you have spent a shed load of brass on the GTX580.
  10. Hi Well I have the same thing a consistant 0 to 50% packet loss. However over xmas I decided to sub a second account and use a pc I was given to run the second account, so running the accounts side by side at the same time, I get packet loss on 1 machine as stated above but the second account machine rarley has any packet loss Both machines are Cat5 cable connected to my local network and ADSL modem no wireless in sight. At the moment I do not understand why that should be packet loss on one and not the other
  11. Hi I decided that I would go for the GTX260 as it appears to be a reasonable step up from what I have, and I am setting up a second machine and I have all the bits except a graphics card so thats where my 8800 will end up. In the end I decided that the GTX275 did not warrant the extra cash, as I came to similar conclusion to badger77 that there was about 10% extra power for a significant extra wedge of cash over the cost of a GTX260 Thanks all for your input.
  12. Hi All I am currently using a Nvidia Asus GT 8800 I am trying to decide which card to upgade to I am torn between the GTX 260 and the GTX 275 chipset, I feel that going for anything better than the 275 chipset is not worth the extra cash for the performnce increase. So is it worth paying extra for the 275 card or is the 260 card good enoough for the next 12 to 18 months of gaming. Suggestions appreciated. PS I am only considering Nvidia Thanks
  13. I get the BSOD when I play infantry seems worst when I play as a submache gunner, about 3 burts and I BSOD and my machine reboots
  14. Is it possible to do this using Vmware ?