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  1. Well i'm just getting back to the game, but i've been playing since beta days... I want to join an Axis luftwaffe squadron (w/e u guys call them haha) that uses some kind of voice program to fly and also does alot of multiple aircraft flying (at least 2+... pref 4) and uses well established tactics. Its just not fun flying all by yourself looking for stuff to blow up only to get jumped by 5 of them... little about me... I'm a real life commercial pilot and I fly King airs and citations for private company down in FL... so I do have some real life experience with planes (even though they aren't figther planes lol) anyways, let me know if there is anything! I COULD consider allied maybe, but I have better experience with axis planes. altough I do have to say I have more kills in allied planes lol.
  2. alright... figured it out, had to map it it'd be awesome if we coudl have z axis
  3. i got the blue light on the track IR, so its enabled, but i'm in the hurri now and my head movements are not doing anything.... anything I need to do?
  4. I used to be a beta tester back in the day (around when STUG III and matilda came out) so i'm willing to help out with intel betaing currently I have a 2ghz macbook with 2 gigs of ram... I was gunna install the game, but i'll hold back now because it'll be slow as **** I suppose
  5. before the 1.9 my rank was lt. colonel now i looked and my rank is sgt. major! mind you i've been playing since Jul 03 2001.... i havent been playing much, so i just noticed this now!!! who do i contact for something like this? my ingame name is seal i'm sure some of u know the name...