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  1. Still looking for 2 more pilots.
  2. This game is busted. Trying to say it's our PCs when it only started after you guys changed the game around? lol. We never got this crap before. This is getting stupid. Sorry to rant but I'm getting fed up with the lack of progress and the lack of any semblance of a playable game... Fix the CTDs and host / connection problems!!! What more can we do ? We pay, we buy new computers with i7 processors and lots of ram and expensive vid cards and still have issue after issue after issue... this is bull****.
  3. TONS of CTDs for me last night as a drop in FPS. I did use the patch and got errors with it. If I get the full installer I suppose I need to uninstall the game first then re install with the full that right? Will it help?
  4. VMF 214 website can be accessed here:
  5. S! sir and thank you for your interest in VMF-214. We ask you be willing to fly with discipline, patience, and be willing to learn to be a part of a team. However we also require our pilots to be willing to have a lot of fun! We ask that you have a mic. and be on teamspeak with us, as well as being setup with a joystick and/or appropriate flight controllers. We prefer you be 18 years old or older as well. If you are interested in flying with us you can PM me or just jump on teamspeak with us anytime. I am usually on each night after 10 PM EST.
  6. We have added some pilots to the group but are looking for 2-4 more pilots. Why not join us for a flight or 2. We are usually on around 10PM EST each night. S!
  7. We are still looking! •We have one full flight of 4 pilots but we would still like to find 2-4 more. Ideally 2 flights of 4 would be perfect. That way everyone gets kills without competing but still enough guys for mutual support. •There has never been a better time as it seems the Allies are outnumbered in the air more often than not these days. •We are up each night around 10PM EST until 1 AM or so. On weekend days we try and have a full squad mission.
  8. Greetings! VMF-214 "Blacksheep" are looking for a couple of dedicated pilots. We're a small group made up of long time players but we're also happy to help train newer pilots. We keep our number small for a reason and in fact have never actively recruited before until now. We'd ideally like 2 more pilots who would enjoy flying with a small but dedicated group. US or Euro as we have members in both timezones. We have a lot of fun but also take the flying seriously, utilizing formation flying as well as aerial tactical doctrine that will serve to keep you alive longer and get you more kills! This offer applies to experienced pilots or greentags alike. If you dislike the large horde type squads and want a different type of experience please PM me, visit us on our Teamspeak channel or just reply here to this thread.
  9. Cool movie Major! Loved the landing scene at the end. Got a good laugh out of that.
  10. TEAMSPEAK 3 DOWNLOAD & DETAILS: Client Download Axis Server IP: PW: 17x12 Allied Server IP: PW: huv36
  11. Ok I am in. 1st choice is as a 109e4. 2nd choice would be 110
  12. Also getting it on a macbook pro. OS 10.5 As an aside...the cursor is still there. You just can't see it. If you hover it over the right places you can actually get back to the mission screen.
  13. Some real nice movies in here!