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  1. with which code to i insert the video itself?? my first steps with movie maker... 16.10.07.wmv
  2. Well i changed my ISP for this reason, when more and more ppl came online the evening my connection got lost. they just gave me too much bandwith, now i got slower dsl and it works, can you prove its not your isp?
  3. Ok i did not install the programming software cause someone told me this could do other problems. so i will think about it. thnx alot, this has helped me!!
  4. Oh my X45 = Joystick AND Throttle - no link of x45 anymore on saitek, but its almost the same like x52... Rudder - Throttle - The Throttlequadrant i use too is a new product of saitek. So i got 4 devices!! But there seems to be noone who can answer my question.
  5. I got: saitek x45 - 6 axis - 3 coolie - 7 or 8 buttons saitek rudder - 3 axis saitek throttle - 3 axis - 9 buttons i want to use gear on one of my empty 2 left axis on throttle quadrant..... i know how to do a config when you want flaps controlling in 15° steps with 2 buttons, so there should be the opposite using an axis for gear, air brake or bomb door....?!? thnx alot
  6. Sorry, this is not the answer for my question. I am searching for a how to use a joystick axis for gear, maybe airbrake,....
  7. Hi, i got some controller (x45, saitek rudder and saitek throttle quadrant) and got the question if it is possible to use one axe of the throttle quadrant for airplane gear, or motor settings eco-norm-max....? Anyone who knows how to do?
  8. well btw, what graphic card you got? its nice to run huge resolution if you dont have a good graphic card, nice if you like 5-6 fps.... got a samsung sncymaster which is only 22" and 2x 8800gts in sli and performance is nice, so the card for 30" must be good
  9. a lil bit more precisely would be great. what hardware? what kind of internet connection? what exactly did you try? where is your brothers computer (same network like yours - maybe sync loss of provider...) running any software like bittorrent....
  10. Salute, my system: AMD 4000+ 2.4 Ghz Asus A8N-Sli Deluxe, Bios 1016 12/2005 (latest non Beta) 2x PNY Nvidia 8800gts sli acitve, Driver 162.18 Saitek X45 Saitek Rudder Saitek Throttle Quadrant (new and not working ingame) Logitech G15 Logitech LG7 TrackIR4Pro ... Windows XP Pro Sp2 1st: all gamecontrollers work properly on windows XP to get my saitekx45 to work ingame i had to deactivate a HID, which were 2 buttons for instant dpi change on my lg7 mouse. after i found out the new throttle quadrant is not working ingame, i tried to deactivate several HID but i cant manage to get it working. Any idea? Any solution? Is there anything planned by devs? its not the first game with this problems, but i would be glad if there is any solution.