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  1. Last night was very bad for the (126) crashes. I had 8 before I quit counting. Took a couple of screenshots of it, in case there was something important to show, but I know I wasn't the only one who was getting chopped. Chat always had a couple of other guys screaming in rage about it, whenever I got 126'd. Made it extremely difficult to fly my Spitfire, to put it mildly. I already have my detail settings on the lowest possible, and my machine is plenty capable of running the game. I think the problem is on the other end of the pipe, at CRS. One other thing I noticed is that the game seemed to hang/crash when you change brigades or try to change units for a respawn. I had to relog every single time I changed brigades last night, and every time I wanted to pick a new unit. Very frustrating.
  2. Been following this thread with some amusement, and finally had to say something. AFV (Armored Fighting Vehicle) = m1a1, t90, leopard2, etc IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) = bradley, bmp, etc Some IFV carry main battle tank armament (Merkava, etc) Tanks are no more obsolete on the modern battlefield than camouflage uniforms - for the same reasons. There are plenty of things that can detect and defeat them, but they still fill a basic role that will likely never go away. I think that the quality of the crew (training + experience) will make the most difference in any fight between AFVs. After that, terrain (home field advantage, etc) would be the next most important factor. Least important will be the actual AFV - all modern AFVs (post 1980) are capable of firing on the move, in the dark, and achieving first round kills at long range. It's a close call, but I'd give a veteran Israeli crew (say 7th Armored Bde) top rank, followed closely by a veteran US crew (say 1st Armored Bde). One has an edge in experience, especially in fighting without total air/artillery superiority. The other has an edge in training technology, and the budget to indulge in training as much as they want. Both field excellent vehicles and support crews.
  3. Good Lord....
  4. All of the Enigma machines I have seen pictures of (or descriptions of) also had plug settings (Stecker) where you swapped pairs of letters by connecting them with wires. Without that, you can't crack the code, I think. The only enigma machine I know of that had 8 rotors was the 3 wheel Navy one. That isn't to say others had as many, its just the only one that I know of that had 8 for sure. Have you seen the Virtual Enigma Machines on the web? EDIT:It occurs to me that it might not be an Enigma machine code at all. There were at least a half dozen other code machines in use by various powers/branches, that all used a similar rotor/ring kind of set up.
  5. Hmm where did you get this?
  6. That did the trick, have to map the mouselook X and Y axis to the unit, and then it works when you toggle mouselook. Awesome, thanks! Now I just have to smooth it out a bit, and figure a little better way to look behind me.
  7. Got it all set up following the manual/etc, and its tracking my head movement and everything like its supposed to when I'm out of the game. In game, however, it doesn't do a thing. There must be something simple I am missing, but I can't figure it out. Any of you TrackIR users able to help me out? For reference, I am using TrackIR5/with the TrackClip Pro (on the headset), under Vistas 32 bit.
  8. Took command of the freighter USS Argonne with Delta96 as my crew. Moved to our assigned berth south of Ford Island. Other ships nearby promptly repositioned themselves at a safe distance - being an ammunition ship, we didn't take it personal. Spent the early part of the afternoon composing our wills, writing goodbye letters to our families (and our creditors). Delta96 had the grill going on the aft deck, we had the beer on ice, and loud music playing over the MC1. Despite all this, the other ships still wouldn't come near us. We were just polishing off the steaks and a few more beers when the air raid began. "I drank too much, I see three stukas in my sights," moaned Delta96. "Shoot the one in the middle," I told him, squinting into the sun and trying to decide which one was in the middle. Apparently the smoke from our BBQ grill attracted the Stukas, because we were attacked by an entire swarm of them. We were hit by bombs five times, and barely had enough time to grab the ice chest before the ship sank under us. As we bobbed in the water, watching the fight around us, Delta96 handed me a bottle and said "Good call on the Light Beer." Later the Shore Patrol came along, 'confiscated' the beer, and sent us to the motor pool to drive trucks for the Bofors gunners.
  9. Ship name:USS Argonne (ammunition ship) Type: Freighter Crew 1: Acroyer Crew 2: Delta96 Status at end: Sunk in 1st wave Kill : 0 kills Hit: 4 hits any notes: Took 5 bomb hits before sinking, not sure why the last 3 Stukas bothered to drop on us, but we took bombs that could have sunk others so it's all good. Delta respawned immediately as a Morris and provided tows/ammo for bofors for rest of the event because nobody was in Crom to tow. (Salutes Delta)
  10. Note the Campaign Date in the bottom right of the screen.
  11. I got the mission results pending bug after a particularly nasty firefight at Cambrai AF. Quit game, restarted it, got to the persona screen and all I see is this now, have restarted computer and game 4 times:
  12. 1st Question - When you are a multicrewed ship, will allied players see BOTH tags, or only the one for the Skipper? This will make a difference when we are trying to get sorted out and positioned. 2nd Question - Are we to anchor along E/W axis (like the labels are in the map) or along a N/S axis? I will be adjacent to Wildhund and XoomXoom. Sent PM to Wildhund, but XoomXoom's mailbox was full.
  13. Browning carry gun for many years, until I went to the modern version of it (in .40 S&W). I've owned many guns, nothing ever fit my hand as well as that old Hi-Power. It holds a place in my heart like no other. The venerable 1911A1 pistol is still in service in several countries. The "duece and a half" 2-1/2 ton truck will probably be around as long as we have fuel for it. The "Ma Deuce" .50 Caliber Heavy Machinegun (M2HB) is still in service. The old 75mm "pack howitzers" are still around, but only as saluting cannons. The "Four deuce" 4.2 inch mortar (M2) is still in service in many countries, as is it's smaller cousin the 81mm mortar.
  14. Hmmm...I could have sworn I gave you the same info in the first reply. I didn't realize you were looking for TO&E. Cav scouts and tankers train at the same base in the US Army, and use very similar tactics. A significant difference is that armor units attempt to force breakthroughs in the main line of battle, using heavy firepower and momentum to destroy enemy concentrations. Cavalry units attempt to bypass enemy concentrations, attacking from the flanks or rear, while avoiding decisive engagements that would surrender their advantage in mobility.