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  1. I fell like the last one to come to the supper table on this one, so please be patient if I ask a question that has already been answered. When you say that AO's will be player-driven, what and how exactly does this mean and work? When you have 30+ players in-game and everyone has a different objective/idea and cannot agree on anything, but an AO has to be placed, who does this work?
  2. I am making a list of current "active" Squads so that they can be included in planning and execution of in-game strategy when they are on. For the past three weeks, everyday that I have been on, at different times of the day, I have asked if there are any Squads on, and to date I have not received a single reply. This is strange in the fact that when I log on there are always Squad recruiters on, but I still get no reply. So I am asking here, now, today, to have all "Active" Squads post to this thread with the following information. 1. Name of Squad 2. Names of Leaders (CO and Exec) 3. Number of members that are active in the Squad 4. If you have a Squad night, and if so, what day and what time is the Squad night 5. What your Squad's choice of mode is... i.e. Infantry, Armor, Air Force or Navy 6. What does your Squad members enjoy doing the most. ( Some like to blow FB's, others like to run Armor, etc.) 7. Will your Squad want to be more involved in Operational Planning and Execution of those Plans. 8. Any Awards that you would like AHC to issue to your Squad members for their performance and Teamwork or Leadership abilities. When I get this information, I will share it with CRS and the rest of AHC so that we can involve you more in daily operations. I will await your replies...
  3. Joined in 2008 First Squad was the Great 23rd! what ever happened to them anyway?
  4. This game is not like any other game out there, that is why people tend to stick with it for long periods of time and even return to it after months away from it. It does become addictive. It is very complicated and does take lots and lots of game hours just to come to grips with how things come together, and even then one does not have a full picture, as someone else shows you something new that makes you say, how did I miss that. The bottom line is that one of the most important mechanics of this game, and a constant source of arguments, is that of supply. The concept is that both sides starts the campaign out with equal amounts of supply, although different types. Each day each side produces new supply to rearm used supply. This trickles in based upon the condition of that sides Factories. The more the factories are bombed and destroyed the less supply comes in. Also, if a person does not RTB or RES from a mission then whatever unit they had does not go back on the shelf, it is lost until replaced by the factories. New players have a greater tendency not to understand the rules and how to play smart, so they waste a lot of supply, that is why we have more rifles in inventory than LMG's. Now couple that up with the ability to make missions anywhere on the map. If say all level 2's were able to make missions, then of course they would, and also they would spawn in with their units and most likely because they do not understand the rules of supply will more than likely lose that unit by not RTB or RES. If every level 2 did that our supply system would not be there when we needed it. Think of it like this. You open up a bank account and all your family members have access. You are the only one though that makes deposits and are saving up for a new car. The kids want toys and the adults want gadgets, and all withdraw from the family bank account without you knowing. You show up at the car dealer to get that nice shiney new car and when it comes time to pay, you do not have enough in the account because your family drained you. So after you bounce off the walls you educate your family so they know to be more responsible. This is the same concept by restricting levels to make missions. This game is just not another shoot-em-up, we rely on strategy and tactics more than any other game around. I hope you understand why this is done, but I also remember my frustration when I started also. Happy Holidays to Everyone!