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  1. this is good news
  2. Never saw this coming Yay I'm still DarkVex
  3. Yeah I agree, I miss over stocking...
  4. Tehee
  5. lol whats up
  6. VODKA, SORAZ omg my heart hurts
  7. lol yeah if i could see offtopic i might be willing to pay 12.00 just for that a month
  8. Time to kill some noobs
  9. Put me Dow. For U.S.S. Nevada or a pt boat
  10. windows 7 has problems.... Thats not what the add says..
  11. buy better computer.... One picture you could be rendering 100 inf... Other one pointed to empty field... AND EVEN IF ITS THE BUILDINGS..... get a better computer because i dont have this problem.
  12. 23rd bring ****ing 50 are kidding me....30 buwahhaha.... No really good luck.. I swear russia is the country that best suits our attack style...
  13. 23rd singed up
  14. My new rig is as following nvidia 275GTX 868mb 790i Nvidia Mb 4Gb DDR3 2000mhz intel 8500 3.1ghz (OCed to 4.2ghz) 600Gb HD Never below 70's with everything turned all the way up including 127 player vis limit * you have to edit a file for vis limit*