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  1. use 2nd output and "clone" your main monitor the clone will be recorded by your MAC and for the audio ... get a Y cable
  2. just 1 word: Mumble works perfect... overlay in it too. and you can reduce ingame sound when you/someone else talks i dont use TS3 anymore
  3. Might be wrong forum... but how do I get big letters in my squad name? Whenever I type them big in the formula... they all become small. Any idea?
  4. like OPTIK said ... the RAF was outnumberd 3:1 that day when i posted it was like 28 allied planes vs. 20 LW planes and EAGLE DAY was a scenario where RAF wasnt organized at all. huge surprise strike on england. the big wings came into battle in later phases so why do i "whine" when i refer to historical data?? look at topic of Event: "Realism"
  5. 1st sortie ... spawned in ... CTD awesome !!! why does this crap always happen with every patch you get live ??? i remember that almost every patch you put out since 1.31 .... we getting constant CTD/CTHLs... and then you put up a hotfix of the patch
  6. it has to do with graphic settings in general i set my graphic settings of my nvidia card back to default ... and the problem was instantly gone. i doubt it has something to do with CPU overheating and so on just try it
  7. old stuff ... i posted about it some weeks ago already. happens on my WINDWOS system too ^^ its more like an ingame "bug"
  8. lulz.. so training server is offline for this event?
  9. put all NAVY and HEER (for both sides) flags into training only LW/RAF/FAF flags placed on map... all towns in england = allied all towns in france and co. are axis
  10. allied tanks fit perfect to the color of bushes... and if you increase gamma you might see them...