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  1. Where do they get stored? I took several during a long TT mission and later when I searched my CRS folder I couldn't find anything.
  2. As soon as player pop began to drop the CTHL's went away and I didn't have another for the rest of the day.
  3. Funny thing is, this was an issue weeks ago, then went away and I was playing solidly for 6-8 hours straight without error, but now it is back and just as we start to push on Twerp. What luck! I can stay logged in at the map for hours but that don't help much. When I spawn in anything - tank, truck, plane, or infantry and start to move the CTHL occurs.
  4. After weeks of solid connections at 0330 this morning the mysterious error #10057 cthl returns. This time, I got my ISP tech rep on the phone and he checked everything - router, modem, firewall, system, and we ran ping tests. run: cmd C:\documents and settings\[my name]\ping www.yahoo.com ping www-real.wa1.b.yahoo.com [ip address] with 32 bits of data: reply from [ip address] byte 32 time 144ms TTL=51 reply from {ip address] byte 32 time 136ms TTL=50 reply from [ip address] byte 32 time 119ms TTL=51 reply from [ip address] byte 32 time 159ms TTL=50 Ping statistics for [ip address]: packets: sent = 4, received = 4, lost =o (0%) Approximate round trip time in mili-seconds: Minimum 119ms, Maximum 159ms, Average 139ms The tech rep said this was good, that he saw no issues with my connection, and yet when I login to game I manage to spawn in, run 3 steps, and then CTHL. I also tried the secondary connection option with no luck. Just out of curiosity I pinged CRS reply from bytes 32, time 185ms TTL=240 Request timed out reply from bytes 32 time 190ms TTL=240 reply from bytes 32 time 202ms TTL=240 Ping statistics for packets: sent =4, received =3, lost =1 (packet loss 25%) Minimum = 185ms maximum = 202ms, average = 192ms
  5. It did indeed. I was at my witts end on how to undo what I'd updated. Lesson learned - be careful using driver updater software even if it is Microsoft gold star certified. This is especially true with video drivers. Perhaps an even better lesson learned - If it ain't broke don't fix it. and always utilize some type of backup/restore feature before you do start tinkering with drivers.
  6. Rare praise for Microsoft - Dear windows XP PRO system restore feature, thank you thank you
  7. Had to rub it in didn't you dover LOL. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  8. I must have messed something up while trying to update drivers. Now I get an error when I try to run the game. http://discussions.playnet.com/showthread.php?t=265527&page=2 I went to the nvidia website and downloaded the latest driver. I uninstalled the old drivers and rebooted. Then I installed the new drivers and set them to 1680x1050 @60hz SLI enabled. I also uninstalled the viewsonic VX2235WM (VESA native resolution 1680x1050 @60hz) display drivers and then reinstalled them. I'm not sure what else to do. I hope windows restore will work.
  9. It's very strange. I have a Viewsonic widescreen monitor. In the Nvidia control panel under the "change resolution" tab it states: 1. Select the resolution you would like to change viewsonic VG2 2. Choose the display settings for the selected display: display resolution - 1680x1050 pixels color quality - highest 32 bit refresh rate - 60hz If I go into the CRS folder in program files there is an exe program called settings. I clicked this and verified that my settings for the game match this resolution. I think part of the problem was using a new software app that I purchased called Uniblue driver scanner. When I went into my hardware profiles and device manager it listed the driver for the Viewsonic monitor as being on the nvidia card. I uninstalled the driver and now it just list "default monitor". Lets hope that corrects the problem. update - I reinstalled the correct viewsonic display driver for the model I own and that didn't fix it. Still getting the same error when I initialize the game. I'm not sure what has changed since updating the drivers. I regret using that Uniblue software now. I went in and unistalled the nvidia card drivers and the monitor drivers then rebooted. Then I reinstalled everything and still get the error.
  10. getting an even better one now. After the "Please check your firewall! Network setup error. Network access failed" message I get "The game was unable to initialize the video display. Configured resolution not supported by video card. Please check your video card configuration and try again." Then the game dumps. I just updated my NVIDIA 7950GT (SLI) drivers.
  11. Also started getting this message during my initial load of the game. The game also seems to take longer to begin the process of loading and I often get a black screen for about 45 seconds. I used to only receive this network error message after a CTHL and I had attempted to immediately reload the game. Perhaps it is an undesired effect from an attempt to reduce the CTHL issues.
  12. September 1909 and Orville Wright is in Tempelhof field in Berlin to give a flight demonstration. In the crowd a 14 year old boy from Munich, Kingdom of Bavaria is watching. The young boys father is an artist, and although he planned to follow his father's footsteps and attend an art school his interest in aviation is undeniable. World events intervene and the young man is drawn into service in the German army from 1915-1918. During this time he gets the chance to fly in the risky business of aerial photography and mapping. His life could have ended here, many a young man's did, but fate intervened and he survived the war. There was no point in returning to art school after the war and the man went to work for the Dornier Aircraft Company where he began to become very interested in tailess aircraft. In 1921 he created a tailess glider and through the 30's he would produce about 50 designs. His reputation grew with each project and eventually he was appointed as director of the Rhon-Rossitten Gesellschaft (RRG) which researched gliders. His interest in tail-less designs continued and from 1927-1933 he produced a series called the Storch I~IX. Unfortunately, the designs drew little interest from the German government or private industry. However, other concepts were interesting and it was during this time he also began to build the Ente (duck) the first aircraft, and a canard at that, to fly under rocket power on 11 June 1928. Fritz Von Opel (the car manufacturer) participated in the project. His tail-less design grew into a fascination with delta wing aircraft and between 1931 and 1939 he built five such aircraft, the DeltaI~V. The RRG had also reorganized and became the Deutsche Forschungsantalt fur segelfug (DFS) a sailplane institute around the time Delta IV was being built. In 1939 the Reichsluffahrtsministerium (RLM) or Reich Aviation Ministry transferred the man and his team to work at the Messerschmitt factory. His job was to design a high speed aircraft around the rocket engine designed and under development by Hellmuth Walter. Wind tunnel tests in 1939 has shown that the man's delta wing design was a good choice for supersonic flight. The man and his team diligently went to work, adapting one of their recent designs and successfully test flew it in early 1940. Also in 1939 he began to design a supersonic ramjet fighter, the P13a, but the project did not advance beyond the glider stage by the end of the war. This brilliant man often got into arguments with Messerschmitt, as is often the case when two geniuses work together. In 1943 the man transferred to Vienna's Luftfahrtforschungsanstalt Wien (LFW) to fully focus on the difficulties of high speed flight. Also in 1943 he was awarded a Doctoral degree in engineering from the University of Heidelberg. At the end of the war, the man was taken to the United States as part of Operation Paperclip. He went to Wright field in Dayton Ohio, and his family came over in December 1946, and he ended up working at Convair. American and German scientific advances in jet engine design were applied to this man's designs to produce the XF-92A. This led to the development of the F-102, F-106, and B-58. In 1956 he became a U.S. citizen. He died in Cedar Rapids on 11 February, 1976. That first aircraft to fly under rocket power was the direct ancestor of the Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet. A large collection of Alexander Lippisch's papers are kept at Iowa State University including his work on ground effect vehicles.
  13. 5 crash to desk tops in a row 0430I~0515I 17Feb. Game ran without a glitch all weekend. Game will freeze then CTDT. Upon rebooting game I get a "check firewall settings cannot connect to network" error note. My firewall is disabled both on router and on PC. I know that a lot of people ctdt during same time period.
  14. 1) The 23 ton 105mm GW IV Fur 10.5cm LE FH 18/1 Heuschrecke IV B. For that matter probably all self-propelled guns such as the British Bishop, 25 pdr Sexton, and the U.S m7 Priest. 2) 3.7cm Ostwind flakpanzer IV and Wirblwind 2cm flakpanzer IV. Didn't appear till 44 and 43 i think. 3) Elephant's and Ferdinand's. 4) Zundapp KS750 Motorcycle with sidecar and mounted MG34 and the towed trailer, or the rival BMW R75. Motorcycles just provide too much mobility in game I think. The R75 could haul around 3 people. 5) Fi 156 Storch observation plane. 6) U-boats and submarines. 7) The six engine, cumbersome, ME323 D-1 Gigant. 8) DO24 Float plane, with 24 passenger capacity. 9) Rockets 10) Anything that shoots flames (tanks, inf). 11)
  15. The skirmish of Diest-Aarschot FB Date: August 03 Time: 0546~0730 Attackers (not all listed): French Army and Airforces Stuarts Panhards Bedford trucks ---------- Bell14a C47 --------- 57mmM1 --------- Snipers Sappers para infantry Just my perspective on the axis FB defense yesterday. This FB defense began as most standard FB defenses do. A few defenders tried to spread out and cover the FB against the expected sapper attack. The usual allied air superiority was present as aircraft repeatedly straffed and bombed the FB trying to suppress it. Sappers and snipers worked their way into the surrounding bushes shooting at the defending AT/AA guns. Panhards and Stuarts, shot at us from hull down positions or rushed the FB full speed while Befoford trucks repeatedly apporoached from different angles to set up an EMS and or drop off guns. As I said, in the beginning it was light probing, a few infantry with one truck or tank at a time. EA bombing seemed to be constant however. At some point in the defense, the flood gates of Hell opened up and we spotted three C47's at the FB. We suspected a para drop at Diest and let HC know. While I suspected we may get a few paras at the FB, I didn't expect to see C47's trying to land at the FB and unload. At least I think that's what they were doing. I recall seeing one C47 tumble across the landscape close to the FB. At this time I was West of the FB manning a Pak38 in the hedgerow on the road. I had a Panhard race past me before I could respond, cut his engine, and coast full speed down the road into the FB. Bedfords were coming from several directions, it seemed, and I turned to see two AT guns drop from a truck to setup. The force applied to take the FB was overwhelming and it was near impossible for me to maintain any SA at this point. One of the 57mmM1 guns killed me and I spawned back in at the FB to help defend. EI was already inside the FB perimeter setting off charges and shooting our defenders as they spawned in. At about 0730 the FB was blown and the attack shifted to Diest. I'm sure there are other recollections from other players that would paint a clearer picture, and I'd be interested to read them.