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  1. JG51 has told me that I am allowed to invite people onto our Teamspeak channel when I am flying alone between midnight and 4 am local time, so I will do that. For people like me who are still learning to fly it is a good thing to have comms when the bad guys don't. It seems to me that the quality of our opposition has gone through the roof these past few days, if my kd is any indication. Wassail. Snjarulfr. wulff.
  2. This is being typed from my new system, with my old monitor. There were a few issues setting up (couldn't get into BIOS) and loose network cables, but the system is online. I am now considering this thread closed. Thank you, it is fun. Wassail. Snjarulfr. wulff.
  3. Bump. I figure I am allowed to bump the thread because the squad has allowed me to join. Two nights ago, I was awed by their professionalism on team-speak during a sortie and that's why I joined. My feeling is that for an AXIS air squad, there is none better. Wassail. Snjarulfr. wulff.
  4. Yay! My new system will be ready on Friday, 21 September 2012! The long months of scrimping and saving are almost done! Wassail. Snjarulfr. wulff.
  5. Shortly after I wrote, they did something with the server and the problem was solved. I guess this time it really was on the server's end. Wassail. Snjarulfr. wulff.
  6. Along with others, I have been getting this error lately. It started when I started to play as a pilot. I updated my video drivers and reinstalled BE - no joy, still got the error. I don't mind the error so much, except that every time I get this error I lose a plane from the spawn list. I tried using the settings.exe program to change from best network connection to primary network connection, it didn't seem to make much difference. Sometimes the error will resolve itself on the second or third try but I am unwilling to waste planes like that. I had rock solid infantry play, no idea what has changed by flying. Wassail. Snjarulfr. wulff.
  7. I've been getting the error :Connection re-established: or something like that while trying to fly. Just got booted to desktop after flying around for a half hour or so. Apparently the gremlins are active when I try to fly, because I almost never have problems playing as inf. Due to real life situation I am not going to worry about it, things should be 100% next BE install. Wassail. Snjarulfr. wulff.
  8. I've been waiting for about 10 days now and I am getting antsy. The RAM is the component that is delaying things. 3LAcP_v-j3I&feature=fvst Wassail. Snjarulfr. wulff.
  9. I tried to play for awhile tonight, but with Teamspeak and VLC media player on this old girl couldn't do much better than about 18 FPS, way too low for me to be able to play effectively. In a way, that was fortunate because I learned about the 60 hz thing with the monitors. In addition to being a good INF I also have some other goals in the game. I would like to be a good IIC tanker. I like being able to shoot INF when most of them can't hurt me back, way less tension than using a rifle or smg. I would also like to be a good Stuka pilot, also a good 110 pilot. So TrackIR came to mind. I don't know much about it, but I think I am going to read up on TrackIR and see if it might be worthwhile for me to get one in November or December. If anyone reading this is already using TrackIR, I would certainly appreciate hearing what ever you have to say about it. I did a search in the Hangar and watched some vids, TrackIR looks pretty cool and I am certain it is an advantage to have one. Wassail. Snjarulfr. wulff.
  10. I ordered my monitors today and found out something useful. The Asus 7970 I am buying advertises that it is capable of running 6 monitors. They neglect to mention that those 6 monitors have to run at 60hz or it is a no go. EDIT: Actually, they do mention it, but it is sort of tucked away in the finer print. There is a switch on the card that changes 1 port from a single link DVI to a double link DVI - which is needed to run the monitor at 120hz. The problem is that using that switch disables one of the display ports. So basically I can get two single link DVI ports and 4 Displayport ports but to do so I have to run the monitors at 60hz. So basically, if I want to run at 120hz I am limited to 3 or 4 monitors with just the one graphic card. That is what I am going to try first, and if I like it enough I might just stick with 3. On the other hand, that video posted earlier showed Skyrim running on 5 at 120 hz so there must be some way to do it. I screamed a little, not very loud on the way home from the beer store; there is a good chance that I won't be buying any more monitors than what I get when I take delivery. Fun fun fun, I am glad I found out about the 60 hz thing before I actually spent some coin of the realm. EDIT: So to keep things simple enough for me to comprehend, I will just buy 3 monitors and 3 Displayport cables, end of problem. Wassail. Snjarulfr. wulff.
  11. Some last thoughts: I am going to name my rig "Enduring Light" to remind me that it has to last for at least five years; hopefully maybe even longer than that. I'm going to consider this thread pretty much closed now, unless I think of something else. If all goes well I will have the rig at home, on-line, and populated with my usual programs before the end of September. The long months of scrimping and saving are almost over. Thank you, it has been fun, and I learned a few things I did not know. xvaEJzoaYZk Wassail. Snjarulf. wulff.
  12. I did the $12.99 payment plan because I didn't have quite enough in my Paypal account to do the monthly payment of $17.99 and I didn't want to have to wait two days to play again. So, I have easy pay for the next 12 months. I am considering this thread now closed. Wassail. Snjarulf. wulff.
  13. Thank you for replying! More information has come to light, I am going to consider this thread now closed. Wassail! Snjarulf. wulff.
  14. OK, I watched those videos enough to remove the pain of coughing up $380.00+ for some monitors. My plan now is to buy 3 + 2 Display Port cables when I take delivery of the system, and do the 3x1 Eyefinity Portrait thing at 120 hz for awhile. Sometime between now and April 2013, if all goes well, if I don't die, if the world doesn't end, etc. etc. I will buy the final two monitors and cables for a 5x1 Eyefinity Portrait 120 hz monitor array. Then some night in the dark of the moon I am going to go outside and scream as loud as I can to alleviate the pain of spending so much money on monitors. There, now you really have it: a modern system for decent frames for Battleground Europe. Wassail! Snjarulf. wulff.
  15. I've been searching for hours now, still with no luck. It is the portrait thing that is causing all the problems, it's easy to find good monitors that will do landscape mode. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and spend $400.00 for each monitor I think. I have gone top of the line for everything else, it would be a shame to cripple the system with bad monitors, besides being a waste of money. So, my plan is to wait until they go on sale. I've played for years at 1680x1050 a few more months is not going to make much difference. When they go on sale I guess I will get this monitor x 3: http://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX36992 It's a gaming monitor that can do portrait orientation and 120 hz. It has a display port. It's just too expensive for my tastes right now. zXEn8GAgvLE HK2No_-dZsc A review: http://fragboss.com/benq-xl2420t-review/ OK. I am sure if I watch some more videos that I will be able to deal with the pain of buying 3 and 3 display port cables on the same day. It just means two extra trips to the bank before I take delivery of the system and gritting my teeth when I hand over the cash. I am sure I will appreciate it when I watch my death animations. Wassail. Snjarulf. wulff.