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  1. Hello friends. Real name: Dennis Reese and I'm from East Texas. 60 years old. Playing since March of 2003. Married for 40 years. Two kids and 6 grand kids. Retired Giggalo (sp). Wife thinks I was a CIA Operator. Shhh, don't tell her. Now in my spare time, I'm Xcas's Pimp.
  2. Sal. Friend, Great Squad mate, Great Advisery. I will miss him coming to our channel and cussing me for killing him. and I would get tickeled when he would get me. Is it not strange, how, although we may never meet in real life we still bond and have strong friendships in a damn game. So Long Sal. It Was Nice To Have Known You.
  3. I call dibs on the H
  4. I will use my two days to look into my inner self and try to figure out why I married this ol battleaxe nearly 40 years ago.
  5. Damn...Should I protect my squad mate Paul ( for the good of the Axis fight ) or do I turn my head and let him get killed ( for the good of the game ). Hmmmmm
  6. I also saw this on the night of 1/15/11. I saw at least 3 different pans that had this affect. You could only see it from a distance. Once they got close the affect was gone.