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  1. Sal. Friend, Great Squad mate, Great Advisery. I will miss him coming to our channel and cussing me for killing him. and I would get tickeled when he would get me. Is it not strange, how, although we may never meet in real life we still bond and have strong friendships in a damn game. So Long Sal. It Was Nice To Have Known You.
  2. I call dibs on the H
  3. I will use my two days to look into my inner self and try to figure out why I married this ol battleaxe nearly 40 years ago.
  4. Damn...Should I protect my squad mate Paul ( for the good of the Axis fight ) or do I turn my head and let him get killed ( for the good of the game ). Hmmmmm
  5. Join the 505th and tour all the fine vacation spots of Europe
  6. S! to the 505th. Been back in operation for four days and the old vets keep coming home. Up to about 20 vets are back in the 505th atm.
  7. S! to a really Fine Axis Squad. Good group of men here.
  8. Really Excellent Allied Squad. The Ghosts Of The Battlefield. When I find out they are in the area, I get a little lower and go a lot slower. S! Pathfinders
  9. If you think those girls in the posts above me are pretty, wait till you get a look at our sheep
  10. This is where you want to be.