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  1. Join the mighty Blitz Kader squad. We are a longtime dedicated AXIS war machine that loves teamwork and fun. We have 3 squad nights a week. We also understand real life first. So even if you don't have a ton of time to log in we still enjoy loyal,fun, players www.blitzkader.com
  2. Blitz Kader is a elite AXIS squad that thrives on denying the allies any ground.The squad is huge on teamwork and FUN!! and well recognized by both sides. This squad consist of players mostly from the US and Canada, We have current and retired military members,so If you are looking forward to rolling a panzer column, forward recon, some airborne drops, and being aggressive on the battlefield, grab a beer and join the fight with BLITZ KADER!!!
  3. Nice OHM, great to see the PB and Management working together!
  4. Hey Zapper I am the CO of Blitz Kader, and we have gotten 10 new members in our squad last night, and I am sure all the others squads are getting lots. Like any other game many come and stay, and others take a break...
  5. Get in the Action and fight!!
  6. We are and we migrated to the games squad host page near the bottom, and you are in sir Welcome!
  7. OK COOL
  10. Squad ops tonight 9:20 pm EST main kick-off!
  11. Welcome guys, will try to post ops here too, ok
  12. Awesome...
  13. Got a old squady coming back to game but needs a better rig for $500?? I am not a tech guy so any help be great...
  14. Thanks guys :)
  15. Awesome, looking forward to trying these out tonight Awesome, looking forward to trying these out tonight
  16. Join the great war machine!!!
  17. Join up and help fight the allied barbarians!!
  18. Awesome job Muggles
  19. This is a good idea...Got to lure numbers to the low pop side some how.
  20. S! EZ you crazy SoB!!! Get in there and fight with us
  21. Join the carnage!!!
  22. It happens on both sides, been a ton of times Blitz Kader sets up a fru and WHAM pantard comes right to fru. The greatest weapon to killing frus is coms. Like Sudden and Vasduten said, teamwork gets the frus. You can ask any BK member and most AXIS players, I suck at killing, but I am brutal with coms and guiding my killing machines to hunt and destroy allied frus. I will say 1-2% do cheat and they suck, never understood it and never will. jr