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  1. same here, I got it to work once, had icon on desktop and clicked it and it WONT LOAD , so I just uninstalled once again, and probably not going to download it again till bugs are worked out
  2. Looks great propa but a little misleading------ Historically accurate?
  3. REALLY? you guys are working on getting and removing some NAMES off a squad list INSTEAD of working on getting something FIXED to retain and keep people in the game LIKE THE DAMAGE AND BALLISTICS MODELS, seems priorities are not where they should be and this way of thinking is going to be the downfall of the game (SO SAD )
  4. anybody else getting white flashes? cpl squaddies getting it as well as me, its not all the time just comes and goes, 3quick flashes
  5. Yea they should be turned of once the campaign is declared won, I know I was #1 LMG IN THIS CAMPIAGN when it was called and still #1 the day after, been watching it and only been playing lw and tanks in intermission to see if it changes before new campaign.
  6. if you did a clean install for 1.35 and uninstalled 1.34 to do it and need to reinstall 1.34 to play the game instead of 1.35, here is the link to reinstall 1.34 ftp://ftp.polymicrosystems.com/wwiiol_1.34.16.255.exe
  7. try this link to reinstall 1.34 ftp://ftp.polymicrosystems.com/wwiiol_1.34.16.255.exe
  8. Ok heres the deal, most everybody,does a clean install on the game so as not to get corrupted files, well at the sign in screen, you see xoom stating to install 1.35, so yes you go and unstall to get a clean update to 1.35, welll heres the problem, it doesnt state to keep 1.34 on the sign in screen andmost everybody doesnt go to the forums to read every post, so when you do get into 1.35 and cant log in and crs has restarted the 1.34 server to play on, you cant find a 1.34 download anywhere
  9. Hmm? didn't know the raf had the stuka.
  10. I'm sorry pulfer, do you work for crs?
  11. I'm sorry, but I didn't see anything about setting defense from a town, to counter this 1500 mm ews range, did I miss it? here is how I see it----ok ews gets set off in a town, now axis responds to that ews, they wait the time to make mission and then they can either spawn a truck , which will probably get taken out because the the atg's are ALREADY set and covering the exits from town --SO NO DEFENSE FRUS CAN GET OUT OF TOWN,--- now if they spawn a inf and try to run out and cut the direction of the allies coming in, THEY NOT only cannot set a defense fru because they aren't a truck, they cant walk out OR run out to even the farthest point of 1500 to try and stop them from setting up BEFORE there atgs or enemy fru's are placed,because the enemy has already set there efru's, and fat chance you going to make to either there efru because atg's will be covering them and the advancing enemy inf will keep you from getting to the atgs, NOW as I see it YOU HAVE TO BE a psychic to basically , to think which town the enemy MAY hit and then drive TRUCK out and sit and sit and sit and sit in the hopes that they come to the that town, so at least you have a defense fru out (sounding like FUN so far?) this just my opinion, distance for ews is way to short it need to be at 2500 NOT 1500, no time to set a defense for an attacking force.
  12. support kchip^^^^^^