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  1. OK so the unistall and installed worked, but now it brought up a new problom. my wwii settings WILL NOT change from dual display, i only run 1 monitor , so now when i alt tab, it goes to a little box in the corner and i have to keep trying it to get it back full screen, my settings are stuck on \\. \DISPLAY1 and no other option to change it, anybody know how to fix this?
  2. Ok i i clicked to enter game, downloaded the patch, and it froze up on the installation process, all of a sudden i get thrown back to the desktop and all my icons on it have disappeared and a pop=up box come on and says--- program file (x86)/battleground Europe Xdelta3.exe create process failed code 267 the directory name is invalid --------- now i couldnt even ctrl alt delete or anything after that, i had to do a hard reboot my pc from the power supply---- now is guess i will try a full install instead of just the patch.
  3. hope it works for yea
  4. That happen to me once, and it has something to do with one of the IN-GAME settings , MAKE SURE in preferences --user interface tool tips is is enabled and also head up display -hud window game info is enabled
  5. And if thats the way it works on allied side? WELL thats just wrong if it does, IT gives the allies an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE on resupply, AND SHOULD BE RECTIFIED IMMEDIATELY
  6. OK JUST TESTED what you said birdman on the training server 27/2 florenville ab to 27/1 orval ab, spawned in next to ab wall, said rtb to ab, despawned and went back and unreserved the weapon, and NOTHING, it went back to florenville, no resupply message in the chat box
  7. DOESNT work on the axis side like that birdman, are you sure it says in your chat box, that piece of equipment has resupplied to that brigade, it should be in blue when you do that.
  8. You can only overstock from a hq, not from a brigade to another brigade, lets say 1/1 is in gedinne, and the HQ in beivre, YOU HAVE TO make the mission from 1/1 and click on the ab in bievre, to ab in gedinne, ONLY way it can be done, NOW IF THE ALLIES have a ao lets say haybes 1/1 and the HQ is in gedinne the only way to RESUPPLY TO that brigade IS make a mission in 1/1 from gedinne, to the CITY of haybes, drive there AND WAIT TILL town becomes CONTESTED, then you will be able to set a fms to resupply (INF) to that brigade, NOW once the city is liberated the fms will go down,<<<Now you can also run tanks and other equipment and save it there other then a opel for (inf) YOU CAN ALSO RUN FMS'S TO OUR OTHER TOWNS AND SET FMS'S, BUT THEY WILL NOT BE A RESUPPLY.
  9. just got the same thing, all of a sudden ,it went to update but just stay's there and turns and then says update failed trying again after the count down timer, restarted my pc,SAME reset to yestarday and the SAME, so whats up with discord, cant even get to the discord support page, says dns is down
  10. Maybe download teamviewer 12 and have someone remotely look and see if everything is kosher? i have done that for a few squadies with this program
  11. Thx chimm
  13. Here's the problom i see with using these tools though, even though YOU have muted and deafened him, when you press your key to talk ,ARE YOU talking over him and both are talking at same time and others CANT make out what you are saying because of his jibberish?
  14. surprised he found this.