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  1. Just a thought maybe it could be related to the issue with the carigan florenville fb's not having any flags on them , so cant check there status or make missions from them, might be a trickle down effect, orval fb wasnt showing any flag either until yesterday 3/4/ 2019 not sure if crs fixed that 1 and left the others alone, but now only florenvile carigan fb's are effected.
  2. YES gunner we are still active-- buddy what you been up to? get back in game bud, there is a free 2 play if money is tight, so you can still play.
  3. WOW-- once again axis is screwed, make sure to increase the allied numbers, so when you decrease it is still remains the same as before, OLD WALMART TRICK
  4. You think the bofors is bad, try the 88 pushing or being towed and even set up.
  5. He means if you cant shoot the lmg unless standing still then it becomes the allied player is shooting a statue, since the lmg cant do anything but stand there and watch you dance around with a smg knife pistol, so basically the lmg will go on the wayside just like the 88, nobody will use it
  6. Take 1000 guys, they go out kill lets say 2 guys, thats 2000 guys they killed that day, over 10 days thats 20,000, over a month thats 60,000, over a year thats 720,000,,, ^^^^^^ so in this case thats only 3 years to get that many kills roughly.
  7. like i said this just proves the axis used it more, EVEN back when we HAD THOUSANDS of players back in the day, ALLIES mainly used the smg, SO yes AFTER 17 years yes the numbers reflect 1,7 million more kills--- back in the day when we had THOUSANDS PLAYING ALL SPREAD OUT over the map, so multi those thousands back then playing with the lmg and you will see why thats a big number , BUT really it isnt
  8. This thread is getting to many pages, we all know it going to be put into effect, so just go ahead and do, doesnt matter what we axis player say or do, so just DO IT. IT IS ALREADY SET IN STONE,and crs can say whatever,thats is not or it is--- WE WILL SEE
  9. ^^^^ sorry bud but this only proves to me that they dont use it as much and the K/D REFLECTS only a .74 difference, so it shows there not much of a difference, 24,000 more deaths over 17 yrs, i say isnt to bad, what you want zero axis deaths and zero allied? that would be IMPOSSIBLE, you will never achieve that
  10. CSR Home Player Squad Side Comparisons Performance Tools Consolidated Service Record (CSR) 2.4 Sortie Detail for sw1 General Kills Captures Sortie ID: 87747 Country: UK Branch: Army Sortie Start: 2018-12-08 18:41:52 Sortie End: 2018-12-08 18:55:51 Title: Point Attack Killer: xcas, DE LMG Weapon: UK SMG Origin: Schilde Facility: Schilde-Oostmalle FB Score: 168 Kills: 6 Hits: 12 Captures: 2 Result: KIA Time Player Name Weapon Dec 08 18:53 pondfish DE Rifleman Dec 08 18:53 bugeater DE Engineer Dec 08 18:54 xcas DE LMG Dec 08 18:54 bandi DE SMG Dec 08 18:54 pondfish DE SMG Dec 08 18:55 xcas DE LMG Time Town Facility 2018-12-08 18:51:04 Oostmalle Oostmalle-Hoogstraten Depot 2018-12-08 18:55:25 Oostmalle Oostmalle-Turnhout Depot SO tell once again HOW the lmg is so UBER when it takes 6 guys dead and me on the 3rd try with a lmg to kill 1 ei smg capping a cp in oostmalle---- AND dont say well he was a better shot because i have been playing since 1st yr of the game and have been in the top 10 LMG stats for so many campaigns cant remember, so in my eyes and MANY axis players, crs is just giving into allies bias whine once again. and see what happens.
  11. Well it seems to be reality--- you wanted OUR opinions and the few WHO disagreed with what you are going to do, GET CENSORED AND post's removed, WHY EVEN HAVE this discussion then? IF IT WAS ALL READY SET IN STONE BY THE ALLIED WHINERS AND CRS, like i said before, just to appease the axis by asking and not listening to them because it was already going to be done,-------------------- bet this post wont last long either, some allied will have got offended by it
  12. ^^^^ augetout^^^ case in point
  13. OH and btw, SO it seems this REALLY WASN'T ABOUT asking the input of the AXIS players as it is SO MUCH being legitimized that it is ALREADY going to be implemented by the response's of ALL the CRS crew and the allies backing them up, this has turned out to be --WELL ok we will appease the axis and state that we did give you the opportunity to respond , but it really doesnt matter because we are going to do it anyways.
  14. Sad just SAD btw I AGREE with ian on page 3