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  1. Yep, I get the hiccup too. No crashes though. If they could give us an option in which your chat-windows fades away too if no new chat has been on for like 5 secs, that would be cool.
  2. Thats what all the poor people say :D
  3. Get a Pro Mac and bootcamp it to Windows. 2-in-1 solution.
  4. Well I might consider it if you can get Doc to do a poledance for me... Or maybe a lapdance even... Hmmmmmm, them firm buttocks, hmmmmmm..... :D
  5. I was running a Vista 64 ultimate. Nvidia GeForce 8800. Mac Pro 3.2 2x Quad. Started with 6 GB RAM and upgraded to 8 GB when trying to fix smartheap. No effect. Monitored memory usage when hit smartheap, did not notice any major increase in memory use after loadup during game, just minor. Graphx card driver changes did nothing, tried different official versions and also some 3rd party tuned versions. Cleaned up startup by shutting down just about everything from system manager, this might have had a minor effect on the rate of smartheap but just really small. Changed default browser from IE to Firefox to Google to Opera, no effect. Went through all grphx card setting, running from all minimum to all max, no effect. Fiddled with virtual memory settings, setting from large to small to automatic to none. No effect. Change of resolution does have something to do with it: 2560/1600 -> smartheap on spawn. Downgrade to 1600/1200 and you get to play around 1 hour and then smartheap. Upgrade to Windows 7 and puff, no smartheaps. Maybe 10-15 h gametime now and long periods too with 2560/1600. Couple CTHL:s but it's routine for me, has always been. Audio card settings also from min to max, no effect.
  6. Not significant, unless you like to include end of constant smartheaps a performance improvement
  7. Damn. I used to get it every time on spawn with some settings but did some heavy upgrading and it's gone. Anything spesific you need to know about it?
  8. Bootcamped mac pro dual-quad 3.2, plenty of memory > 6Gb, first system using Vista 64 bit ultimate, new updated to Windows 7, GeForce 8800, PCI-E sound card from Creative (1) What version did you start seeing the "Smartheap error" in? 1.29 (2) How often does it happen? With high resolution (2560/1600) on every spawn, then when you lower the resolution, you get longer and longer gametime, with 1600/1200 about an hour. (3) What percentage of CTD's is it? Always smartheap, never just CTD (4) Any other details about when it seems to happen most? The better the resolutoin the faster. UPGRADING TO WINDOWS 7 HAS CURED THIS PROBLEM FOR ME!!!
  9. Did a complete rebuild of the system, from Vista 64 to Windows 7 64 bit. Can run the game with everything maxed, max reso and no smartheaps so far (played maybe 1-2 h now). With Vista 64 I could not even spawn in. Goody!!!
  10. You tested it or just suggesting?
  11. Been having them since 1.29. Tried all sorts of things including total re-installation of Windows and BE. The only consistent setting affecting the rate of smartheap error is changing my resolution: max it out and I crash when I try to spawn in, the lower I set it, the longer I can play without crashing. Feels like a memory leak somewhere although when I trace my memory usage while playing, there are several gigs of free RAM available.
  12. Lol and I thought I had checked all the settings already... Thanks!
  13. Had the same problem sometimes too. I recall it was a wireless mouse too then. No issues with the mouse I'm using now though.
  14. I'm not getting any mouseover anymore, ie I move cursor over a city and used to get all the units that are stationed there. I even have to click on friendlies to see who it is. Pretty annoying when you are flying and someone on your mission is calling for help and you go clicking around friendlies trying to locate him... And I have no way to see what units are in an enemy town. Anybody else had this?
  15. I tested three different setups trying to find a way for getting better ping and less packet loss (running vista ultimate in a bootcamped mac): WLAN over Apple timecapsule: Ping average 180 and huge lagspikes, up to 1200 ms with lots of lost packets, almost full time 40-60 %. After some testing found out that the 1200 ms lags were between my comp and my wlan. Signal strenght excellent. WLAN over Apple Airport Extreme card: 1200 ms lags gone, sometimes 300-400 ms lagspikes, ping not any better. 15-40% packet loss maybe 30-50 % of online time. Again spikes resulted from a bad connection between my comp and wlan. Signal strenght excellent. Straight ethernet connection: no packet loss, ping 180. So it seems that wlan at least in my setup is not a good idea.