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  1. Agreed, much simpler if we just remove the points for the squads that no longer are part of it. Allows a clearer view of where each squad stands.
  2. He was running around like a madman... I couldn't get a bead on him with my stuart until the end! Just kept seeing *playername has been killed by trekman!* over and over LOL Nice work on the armour ambush, we had scouts but they didn't expect you out that far!
  3. Not sure if he is organizing them this round but khbigjoe was/is the CO of 13th I believe. It's a place to start, I'm sure Jammyman will chime in soon anyway
  4. 91st 1) acegacek 2) Kilo69 3) loz999 Hopefully it doesn't come to this, but just in case 4) Sid49 5) Smgman LOL We like to be prepared !S
  5. Yep things get moved around on the TS alot. Not sure if it's trainers moving things... or the game surrender rules??? Not sure if they are even active on the TS.
  6. What are we still bitter about? The putting EI in the AB bunker, or the using the JU52 instead of the C47 to make a Machinegun roadblock??? I'll agree the AB rule came in after the fact, but the JU52 was not an approved unit in the Orbat I saw when the event started? Either way come on you guys were a tough fight are you really going to keep this stick up your ***? Sign up and come kick some ***
  7. 91st looks forward to all challengers
  8. I only see: Blitzkrieg 7th Anniversary 1.31 patch
  9. Yeah if the map feels missing 30 players for a couple hours on a saturday things are definately not good. I think most just aren't interested in this kind of thing. It's a LOT harder than you think... having only one life makes things very intense! I've had the most fun ever playing these and the old realism events.
  10. BTT for 1.31!!! Woohoo!
  11. Are the JU's allowed to fire like gunships?? If not you should say so now before someone like me gets the idea to use them that way
  12. 91st would love a piece of the 13th
  13. Last time it was by points... but there was a tie between the top two so they played off head to head to decide the winner