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  1. Many people are having issues of earning enough rank points to gain a field promotion but when they respawn those points are gone and they still have not gained a new rank. Squadies of mine have earned enough points for a r5 but have yet to recieve their rank. Is this a known bug? Is it being looked at? Anything that i can report back to my squadie in support of getting his new rank and new equipment along with it? Thanks for any help you could give. S!
  2. Just thought i'd share some. Enjoy. -short clip of binky stealing my kill;9537690;/fileinfo.html -persistant clip of khshrk, ms3, nifty and myself over eupen. -music: Hell's Bells by ACDC-(forgot to give credit in film) doh;9538959;/fileinfo.html -unfinished 4wing video. -little footage of 75th lifting bomber raid at the landing sequence at the end.;9556821;/fileinfo.html
  3. Movie done a few years back by my squady. Crescent from 4wing. S!
  4. This video is a little dated as you'll be able to tell from the footage. but it's still one of my favorites.