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  1. As you did, I did a specific search for the game and found it immediately. However, it’s the casual gamer’s experience I was interested in. In the UK version of Steam, WWIIOnline doesn’t show up in any of the sections. So someone looking to try something new will never find our game. As Merlin’s suggested, perhaps the game tags need to be looked at. And as a player base, do we need to go onto Steam and add the game to our wish lists. Is there anything we can do?
  2. Just out of interest, I had a look on Steam this morning and tried to find WWIIOnline. I looked through 'Early Access', 'Action', 'Multi-player' and various other categories, but couldn't find WWIIOnline. Various combinations of filters still didn't get WWIIOnline appearing in the lists. However, I did a search and found WWIIOnline in 'Action', but it doesn't show up if just browsing through the game lists. If this is the case, the casual browser of games might never find WWIIOnline Is there something we can do to get WWIIOnline on the front pages or even show up in the game lists?
  3. I wonder how many people know that it's possible to make clones out of objects.
  4. Thanks for the recommendations, I'll look out for them.
  5. Been reading a cracking couple of books on Amazon called 'D Day Through German Eyes - The Hidden story of June 6th 1944'. They're the accounts of German troops that took part in D-Day. If you're into WWII history, these books are a must read.
  6. So does a Tiger, but it doesn’t have a bloody big red tag around it visible from town the moment it spawns in at an FB.
  7. There's a C47/JU52 pilot with a plane full of paras, gliding in silently to deliver his load over an unsuspecting enemy...but there's a bloody big red halo around his plane visible from miles away. Every enemy fighter around makes a beeline for an easy kill. Is there any possibility of having the halo removed from transport planes? I can understand tags around fighters and bombers as the air war's difficult enough, but it doesn't seem right to have tags on transport planes.
  8. My thoughts exactly. Just recently, I had Rubbish look at my settings for a couple of hours and he couldn't solve it either. We're not sure if it's something to do with Virgin Broadband, but as BE's the only game I have a problem with I'm not convinced. And I'm about to give up a 60meg fibre optic connection just to play a game. Until 1.34 came out I rarely had a connection problem.
  9. There's a few of us having similar connection problems. Because of this problem I've not played since the start of the year and will be unsubbing when the time comes. From my log - Mon May 14 09:18:18 2012 starting network selection [Mon May 14 09:18:19.046 2012] t:0 closing code:30100 Mon May 14 09:18:20 2012 t:1 0 [Mon May 14 09:18:20.477 2012] t:1 closing code:30006 Mon May 14 09:18:20 2012 ping rxed: 428ms
  10. It's a wired connection. Virgin's been my ISP since before I started to play BE, and I've been playing, or to be accurate was playing, BE for nine years. The connection problems have only started since 1.34 came out. I'm certainly not going to switch from a 60 mbps fibre optic 'to the house connection' to a BT copper wire connection just to play BE. There's three different computers in this house (two Macs, one PC) and out of all of them only one program's not working. You can guess what that one is. I'm not the first to have this problem though...
  11. It works fine offline so it's definitely a connection issue. On Friday evening, Rubbish spent a couple of hours logged on remotely to my PC trying various things. He even tried logging on to BE using his account details, but had a similar result to me in that the game crashed on the loading screen. So it's something about my PC that doesn't like BE. I am getting a bit OCD about this as its become a bit of a challenge to work out why BE doesn't work and everything else does.
  12. Nope, still not working. I gave it several goes after removing Avast and disabling the MS firewall, but it crashed in the same place each time. I tried a few of other games and they all worked first time without any problems. There's something particular about BE, my machine and perhaps my ISP, buggered if I know what to do now. Sadly, it's back to WoT for me. :-(
  13. Out of interest, I completely removed Avast from my PC and attempted to load BE. Sadly, the result was the same with the game CTDing at the 'finding best connection' text on the loading screen. I'm sure it's something on my machine, but there's only one game that has a problem. All the rest work fine. Sat Apr 14 10:54:46 2012 starting network selection [sat Apr 14 10:54:46.890 2012] t:0 closing code:30100 Sat Apr 14 10:54:47 2012 t:1 0 Sat Apr 14 10:54:48 2012 ping rxed: 406ms [sat Apr 14 10:54:48.310 2012] t:1 closing code:30100 Sat Apr 14 10:54:49 2012 t:2 1
  14. Out of interest, do you have the free or paid version? For several years, I've used the free version of Avast without any problems with BE. However, I decided to beef up my PC security and upgraded to the paid version of Avast. This seems to have coincided with the connection problems with BE. I'll try and give it another go later today.
  15. After some time, I think Rubbish managed to sort out the problem. Avast antivirus software doesn't like BE. :-(