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  1. Congratulations on the nine years and a very big thank you for all that you’ve done for the game.
  2. Hope all goes well today (Friday).
  3. You old tart, get your arse back in the game! Good to see you’re still around.
  4. Our home is very afraid.... We welcome players of all experience. If you want to join the best, then join 40 Commando. 40 Commando - Born for War!
  5. You’re doing the right thing by waiting until 1.36 is finished, tested and ready for release. There’s nothing worse than releasing something half arsed just to make some arbitrary deadline.
  6. Those were the days. I saw my name in some of the chat too.
  7. Back in the olden days there used to be radio static when close to the radio table in the flag buildings or bunkers. Just to add interest, would it be possible to have music coming from the radio appropriate to the country the CP's owned by? If the French owned the CP it could be accordion music, British something from the 1940s and if Axis perhaps martial music such as Alte Kameraden Marsch. When the table's being humped and the CP's being captured, the music stops and is replaced by the sound of a radio being tuned to another station. Once capped, the radio's tuned to the appropriate side. If the cap's interrupted then the radio tuning sound continues until the CP's back to 100%. The radio would only be heard inside the CP or bunker. It would also give an audio clue to a defender inside the CP, but not in line of sight of the radio, that a depot's being captured. There's various websites where the music and sound effects can be obtained royalty free for a one off payment.
  8. Excellent post and spot on.
  9. That works for me! If you’re guarding a CP and don’t want to listen to Vera Lynn singing ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ incessantly, become a builder. :-D
  10. Perhaps the radio should have an off switch too. :-D
  11. I have this saved to my desktop for easy access. It's an invaluable piece of work.
  12. March 2003. Joined 1stRM shortly after.
  13. Excellent!
  14. Top man!
  15. I think this is the key, these changes would require a relatively (I assume) small amount of coding to change, yet have a big impact on the game.
  16. Here's a couple of Axis officers caught sniping...
  17. Bugger! It's the best reason to go there.
  18. More fighting in the Zeelands would be great and I look forward to it. Will the victory conditions be changed too? At the moment, both sides head for each others factories and routes to these factories will still be roughly the same. It'll be interesting to see what's changed to vary these conditions.
  19. 1 - Fire/engine bug 2 - ATGs spawning in at FRUs upside down 3 - Infantry weapon changing on it's own (not a game stopper, but an irritant)
  20. I can vouch for that, KMS sounds very clear on Discord. Makes me wonder why I shelled out for a set of Sennheiser PC360s years ago.
  21. Here's the link to the original thread
  22. As it happens, I still have the Google Earth KMZ file of my old Allied squad on my HD. There were about a thousand of us on the WWII file, but sadly I don't have that one.
  23. I’ve no idea what’s been going on, but if anyone’s making unfounded allegations then they should be ashamed of themselves. Without Xoom and CRS2.0 we’d have no game. They have my total support.
  24. Yep, the 91st is very active. There’s usually someone from the squad in game 24/7 , so give a shout on side channel and we’ll come and find you. You’d be most welcome!