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  1. This is an anomaly and/or bug. Lets go on training server then, you in Matilda and me pak36 and visa versa, I'll nail you all over and lets see what damage is even done. You'll be suprised clearly. The only known kill for pak36 is to be within kissing distance and have a vantage from above, which is next to impossible. I am calling BS on you that a pak36 killed you from 400 from any angle. I've never done it to a Matilda, and I've never seen it done, or seen it CLAIMED to have been done by another axis player.
  3. I play allied on intermission, I pop tiger glass cannons more easily than I can kill ei. PLus any side impact from s76 or m10 and tiger is dead. What you're encountering is GOOD TANKERS. Who position their tanks well. Super easy. 4g pops like a bug frontally from everything the allies have, yes, even the [censored] 25mm from 500m + You really don't have it as bad as you think. If it was that bad, then whenever we get to tier2 or 3 we would automatically roll, and that doesn't happen. It only happens cos axis are already rolling. Just imagine playing as pak36 knowing that there is nothing you can do that can kill a matty. NOTHING.
  4. Name me a tier1 german tank that can't be killed by anything the french flags or brit flags have? Yea, didn't think so. How about tier0 where char and matty are unkillable. Meanwhile the 2pdr is still good at MSPs up until the campaign end..
  5. Well if it's not over til its over, save the congrats til its over then
  6. Then if that's the case it means CRS don't test Axis equipment then. Cos that's the only thing that explains the amount of bugs we get specifically axis side.
  7. So can we can some kind of light shed on why these kind of bugs are always putting axis at a disadvantage? I mean why are ammo packs not working for axis rifles but are for allied ones? What's the series of errors that lead to that? Because I can't understand how one set works and the other doesn't. They all use the same code don't they? From my angle, it feels like axis stuff isn't properly tested. All the bugs seem to fall on the axis side of the fence.
  8. and flak 30 And all axis atgs veer off to one side or another, infact the flak30 strafes right slightly when you're pushing straight ahead. If you follow a road edge and look down you'll see it
  9. I just told you my credentials, did you ever earn a living from video games? Then maybe you should button it and let the grown ups talk. Instead of making some unoriginal homosexual joke
  10. Spoken by someone who clearly has never fired the AXIS LMG even on training server. The LMG's are totally comparable, only we have more ammo per magazine and a better sight. Quit whining. Historically the MG34 was the best LMG out there anyway. So what do you want? Historical inaccuracy to suit your butthurt nature? But then you are are an allied player, so that's normally the whole ethos of getting AXIS equipment nerfed. It's killing the game. If you, on good conscience think the MG34 should be nerfed or that the other LMG's should be buffed to surpass it, you're a moron. Small wonder that 90% of the axis players that quit, quit cos the equipment and political aspect of the game was going down hill, with AXIS equipment being tampered with and without official patch notes and 90% of allied players that quit, quit cos they got sick of having their asses handed to them regardless of what changes were made. So the only solution to this problem, is for allied players to get better. Learn the game, stop having a sky high mouse sensitivity and a mouse pad full of water and wonder why your KD is less than 0.6. I played the original Call Of Duty at the highest level and have been in very high level CS;GO teams. And I'm telling you, there's nothing between any of the guns [aside from historical characteristics], as many issues as I have with the game, things that I would like to see different, the INF equipment is the most balanced part OF the game. If YOU want to see changes, then YOU are doing something wrong. Our MP40 and MP34 is just as crap as your greasegun. And the new Modello is just as good as your MAS and Thompson. I've done many tests on the training server to learn about the game to see for myself how different the guns are and on a very fine average, there is literally nothing noteable between them, the biggest difference is physical models and magazine capacity, THATS IT. I suggest you do the same instead of trying politically, desperately to get yet MORE axis equipment nerfed. I mean, what are you going to do next, threaten to leave the game? I mean we've seen it before and it worked...
  11. Oh cry me a river will you, you don't have to put up with a tier 0 tank that cannot be realistically killed by anything other than a sapper.
  12. When chatting, after a while the game seems to think that my keyboard is greek, and starts writing greek leters so. How can I fix this? Is there a hotkey in game that I am pressing un-awares?
  13. I am looking for an axis squad, mature guys who are open to jokes and fun, but are serious in their gameplay but I'm not interested in the kind of squads that advertise on startup of the game and have a revolving door of players that don't fit in. Preferably a squad who are from Europe, but it doesn't matter, my playing times vary.
  14. Thanks guys, emailing Bloo now.