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  1. Man do you ever have something positive to say? Always with the negative waves Personally, I’m waiting out for the next campaign to step in - Ideally the WBS will help boost numbers. As far as 1.36 goes, it generally sounds like a big improvement - Though TOE could also have delivered similar effects with longer movement/return timers for brigades and reduced supply, if you are willing to accept a war of movement. Like I said, it sounds like 1.36 is working well and is an improvement, I’m eager to see it in a full campaign.
  2. Ammo, like vehicle entry, could be historically based and separate from the unit cost.
  3. All for it - I've got an Operation Market Garden idea for a mini-campaign as well. Hell, the reason I resubbed last year was the Siege of Lille event.
  4. That’s awesome. I wonder if the 37 Mercedes Benz is still usable as an asset. Aside from that, there is Top Opel class and Pan class races to be held
  5. We have a racing track?
  6. 1.36 is almost here - A lot of us aren't even playing much this campaign so the population is low. Maybe just call the campaign and set an intermission until 1.36 is fully launched.
  7. I say good day to you sir! The RAF is quite pleased with Bomber Command finally getting a heavy bomber.
  8. I’m all for this. WW2OL has a lot of potential for simulating historical battles with custom map setups and spawn lists. I have an Operation Market Garden setup in mind that I would like to work with the Rats to set up sometime post 1.36
  9. 1.36, in my opinion, is mainly about changing the way we deal with supply. Supply should be valuable and difficult to replace in order to encourage smart play and realism on the field. While some will complain about not having X available at Y all the time, that is part of a wargame and should be part of WW2OL. You fight with that you have and what you plan for, not with what you want all the time. When supply cannot be warped in to fix everything players will have to pay attention to losses - although like in the naval post above - this system also needs to have reasonable numbers to begin with. Air supply for one I hope is limited to a few squadrons per AF to avoid the exact same problem of nearly limitless air supply.
  10. I agree - The ability of air or sea forces to meanfully attrition an enemy naval force is almost nonexistent. Of all forces, there should be very limited numbers of naval units to reflect the high cost and low numbers of warships in comparison to other areas of the wargame. Through careful use of naval and air units it should be possible to win a naval battle and not have to worry about an almost infinite number of DD/FMB spawns at a harbour. I used to enjoy flying coastal anti-shipping almost exclusively until I found out how difficult it was to effect meaningful losses on enemy supply.
  11. Noted... *starts writing orders for a f*** ton of barbed wire to AHC*
  12. Maybe not. I know XOOM has spoken against this multiple times but I stand by it, it would be a powerful change in relation to building up the population. Just need a way to make it work financially.
  13. Completely F2P would have a powerful effect on population - I really like the idea, just need a way to fund it
  14. +1 - These could be relatively quick changes that would really add an extra bit of needed realism into the naval game.