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  1. This - I really think we limit ourselves to always sticking to the same victory conditions and always trying to balance things around that. I for one would love to see a historical campaign where TOE is more or less as it was during the Battle of France and maybe a few months longer - If Allies hold until the end of a set time or number of towns, they win. Spawn lists would be vary large but almost never resupply, making every loss count. Now that is a wargame I would play
  2. As far as I am aware the 50mm model Pz III E/F only came into service at the very tail end of the French campaign - So the way it is currently modelled is correct (37mm tier 0, 50mm versions available in tier 1). Regardless, the Pj 1 would have an interesting role to play.
  3. This is a very fair request - I'd put it high up there, more than aircraft at the moment. It is safe to assume that the Germans would have put more of these into operation if the Battle of France had not ended as quickly as it did.
  4. Great name gentlemen
  5. Sappers shouldn't even be in-game in their current form - I'd be all for removing all but a handful of them (just enough to simulate a degree of danger from going into town with a tank) ATGs should be the primary anti-tank weapon, not bush sappers.
  6. We could have used that years ago - There is a ton of potential for special events and missions in WW2OL that is more or less completely unused.
  7. I like the idea of follow on regional operations for other theatres rather than trying to fit it all into one. @Kilemall What exactly was Docs Bloody Battles? I’ve heard the name before but I wasn’t around for that event or wasn’t playing at the time.
  8. I used to think that but I'm not sure anymore - I'm envisioning a much more focused simulation that yes, will not have air starts or anything like that but at the same time, trades some scale for fidelity. More operational than theatre focused if wish to think of it that way - Some of the largest Arma 3 maps are a good example of where I would start. If that is successful, scale it up.
  9. If anything more F2P should be encouraged - Look at the population difference WBS vs not. This new lower price point sub (Starter) is a good way to go, but I'd stand by the idea of WW2OL going completely F2P for the numbers if a way to fund it could be found.
  10. That is a great idea. With sappers being the most unhistorical and gamey unit in WW2OL (in their current form) ATGs need improvements to make them the primary anti-tank unit, not the other way around. I've been considering a few different ideas, but I like the idea of deployed guns acting as a mini-MSP. I also like the idea of crewmen returning to the gun if not destroyed, maybe a max of one time, to simulate the larger gun crews that we do not model. Also, what are peoples thoughts on protecting ATG crews from INF fire past a certain distance?
  11. Note that I didn't say map size isn't important, I only mentioned that I personally would trade most of our map for better fidelity of modelling and mechanics. I think we are kidding ourselves if a very large but almost empty game map is more important than everything else. Even a 100km by 100km map could have air in it as a point of discussion (An example being the map that the IL-2 team is doing for Tank Crew that will combine a high level of detail on the ground with aircraft)
  12. Agree 100% - I would take 1/10th of our map size if it meant having the fidelity that PS has. My dream for WW2OL 2.0 has always been something like Arma or PS with a campaign/operations map that is 24/7. The size of the map isn’t all important if it isn’t matched in equal part by quality mechanics.
  13. Wouldn’t say it’s a shoe box shooter game myself - As well, if rumours are correct they might be making their next campaign France 1940 - One can hope at least
  14. If WT could make a single campaign map that is 24/7 they would have gold - I’m surprised they have not yet.
  15. So be it then - If we are down to requiring a system that allows and encourages single man attacks as the primary way of getting things done then I'm not sure what to say about the future of the project as it stands. Rather have a functional system at other times than be concerned about being able to maintain 1/2 man mole attacks in any timezone. Just making the argument for teamwork and group play.