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  1. I for one would be perfectly happy with AORs for the BEF and ArFr, including air force units. I always disliked the intense Brig mixing of pre 1.36.
  2. Also, @Augetout, great work on your first campaign as Allied CiC - job well done. Good luck moving forward
  3. Lafayette Federation, it has been awesome working with you guys, even if we are often spread out getting the work done - kicking axis tail. I'm going to be taking some time away from WW2OL; I've spent the last year giving a lot of my game time to it and I need a break. I'll check back in a few months likely - and I'll be there for sure when WW2OL 2.0 comes out, whenever that is. Keep up the good fight and the excellence gents Raptor34 (I'll still be on the forums and around for events here and there so you can find me for a game)
  4. I like this
  5. I'd multi-crew with someone Allied
  6. Teamwork based capture timers are great - Anything that really rewards teamwork (like our current capture timers) should be encouraged. I’d even argue for requiring 2 people to cap or stop capping.
  7. +1 for the Canadian DLC (just give us a unit and patches CRS)
  8. Towns with isolated CPs simulate this idea quite well actually - they always make for interesting engagements that bring the fight both out of and into the town
  9. +1 for the Maginot line! And Rural CPs as well
  10. Glad to hear that we still have that capability
  11. @OHM What is the status of special intermission events? I rejoined last year because of the Siege of Lille event (48 hours, no resupply) - While it could have been better it was still a lot of fun and it showcased a bit what this game can do when applied to special events. There is a ton of potential in WW2OL for mini-campaigns and historical battles, and I'm sure the community could help craft them. For example, I have a basic event idea set around the Battle of Nijmegen (US paratroopers try to capture the bridge and then hold it for a set amount of time until UK armour can cross it) - Ideally, this would include an event TOE so that we could recreate some of the units involved within our limitations. No resupply during the event, of course, units lost are lost and it runs for around 48 hours.
  12. Rats, could this be tested in a local area (a couple of towns) to see how this would work on the live server? We need frontlines and more CPs out of towns - I think there is a ton of potential here
  13. I much prefer early tiers myself - I’d say that if the next campaign is over quickly then they can move to a 1943 start. This being said, I’d be in favour of more late war starts if they came with different starting positions such as an 1943 early D-Day
  14. Agree - While I was eager to see 1.36 (HTBS) in action, I preferred TOE only and the war of movement that came with it. A very good argument could be made for small garrison forces in towns but honestly, TOE did a better job of recreating the war on a strategic level. The historical TOE campaigns prior to 1.36 were some of my favourites (not all felt that way I understand) This being said, post 1.36 there is still a lot of room to improve this if the desire is there.
  15. Overall, I’ve always thought that WW2OL needs to focus its effort on realism vs quick play - it is why I joined originally and the only thing that makes it stand out, or should. It will never compete with rapid play FPS games, not should it try in that regard. This being said, I always wanted to see Docs Bloody Battles and Rapid Assault to see what else is possible with the current engine (thinking mission based historical campaigns and other non-standard campaign type offerings)