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  1. Hey Folks, Thanks to CRS for the Welcome Back Soldier opportunity in June 2016. The International Airshow ( ) is coming again. I will be there Saturday, August 6th, 2016. Anyone wanna meet at 10am (Pacific Daylight Time) for a quick hour of food, fun and WWIIOnline talk? Bring a chair or grab a squat! Let me know and we will make it happen! thanks again CRS!
  2. SteelyDan, My Man! Good to see you.....welcome back...enjoy the game! What year did you start playing? 1999-2000 I actually read a vision statement for this game...couldn't believe they were really going to make this game...and flew down to Bedford, Texas and saw the RATS personally! incredible what they envisioned doing then and its incredible what they are still doing....Wow! its great to be back seeing the game. When was the last time you played? 2009 ish (?) What squad were you in? KGW and don't remember any others What side did you primarily play on? Axis