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  1. The progress bar reports 50% for quite a while now. Time is ticking away and my computer keeps telling me the game is not optimized for my system (an annoying message it is). So, how are things going on this? thanks
  2. It ain't over till it's over. Stranger things have happened than an allied resurge. Fight, fight, fight and have fun fun fun.
  3. Crazy Apple. Keep at it.
  4. I understand the need for making sure network work is completed. And will agree with that. Still it is a bit disappointing, as Saturday Nights are a time I can get on for the "serious" business of "winning" Ah well. Get it all tip top.
  5. If the rumours about APPLE building it's own processors are accurate, I wonder what this may mean for coding down the road. I would expect it to be workable, given the unix oriented code of apple systems. Just wondering about that as well.
  6. thanks for the info.
  7. CRS, (or knowledgeable others), So exactly what is involved in the transition to 64 bit? i.e. Are there special programs used? How do they handle the work? Hardware changes? Firmware changes?
  8. Are there other wii games that allow more than 2 players to operate in a vehicle? If so, which?
  9. When something really really counts, people will plan, strategize and group up..... (i.e. factory bombing that does affect supply). This is where the fun is....chums on comms, working together, success or failure still engaging...etc... I don't factory bomb....because of the opposite of the above. I do CAS with the HE 111 (certain death usually) when targets are close. I will fly longer distances when it really really seems to count for CAS. What has this to do with the thread? However it works, I would enjoy bombing an AF, while having fighter support and even ground support to ensure the target (that really really counts) is not workable. Some, maybe most, pilots love the air to air jousting (i.e. the kill, the chase etc.. all good too) I do a bit, but what like more is having an effect on the ground game, directly and yes indirectly (i.e. denying allied bombers their target, hitting ab of et's and ei as they are defending or capping....call me unheroic ). So for me, having reasons other than factory bombing (unless they change it) or determining who is the better fighter pilot etc (me being a LTAP) is a welcome addition. There could be some fierce battles for AF protection/defence I would think.
  10. I think the forward air base however it would go would have to be at a minimum distance initially from AO's.... i.e. no closer than 1.5 squares or so.... not sure really. For me it's always a bit demotivating to have to fly 3 or 4 (more?) squares to get into action especially when few friendly fliers are up, but that depends on the potential payback in terms of both having fun (having a good challenge) and making a difference. I don't mind flying farther if I have others with me and action is worth the flight (combo of fun/comm's etc... and effect on battle) ..i.e. fighter action With bombers if there is a bridge that really needs demolishing I'll go for it from farther out....despite being alone with high certainty of death because destroying the bridge has a known outcome that involves a definite reward . I would't typically bomb an AB from far out because the effect ranges from high to zero, for all that time taken. Perhaps this is all to variable to really work out. Here's some stuff I found just searching around: Feldflugplatz: field airstrip, advanced airfield or satellite airfield (minor – limited services; used mainly by single-engine aircraft). The Allies called this an advanced landing ground (ALG). Fl.H.Kdtr. E with 150 – 224 personnel was smaller, more mobile and designed for operational airfields near the front that moved frequently. The latter generally came in four versions, A, B, C, D, each having a slightly different structure, size and purpose. (Luftwaffe Airfields 1935-45 By Henry L. deZeng IV ) http://www.ww2.dk http://www.forgottenairfields.com Allied stuff: Being a temporary airfield, its facilities were basic, but adequate. A fuel and ammunition dump was located near the airfield. A church near ALG B.2 is believed to have served as Ground Control for the entire Normandy 2TAF area of responsibility. The airfield was located only 2.5 kilometers from the Normandy beaches, and when it opened the frontline was not much further away. Over the first month of its existence the frontline only moved to 19 kilometers (11 miles) away. Anyway...lots to consider with forward airfields.
  11. Holy! How does the Allied side ever lose with those numbers Axis squads are typically small from what I have seen over the last few years......but they can be persistent and fierce at times. lol.
  12. Now if returning vets would only sign up for a subscription for some duration...now that would be very helpful.
  13. ya get on in a few hours...I'll likely give it a try..
  14. I think some of the posters to forums and in game would drop dead with no purpose in life if they didn't have the chance to "wank on" about what is not "perfect" with the game. So it is imperative that the game continues or else they would pass in to that great unknown and then from beyond the grave they would "wank on" about that further, no doubt. lol. Just keep working away at things CRS. The game had a near death experience of its own....and is recovering and getting stronger. Not as fast as some like no doubt, but development IS happening. Those that find the game (and community) interesting and fun will continue to support, though they may leave for a while and return, cycle and repeat. In the end though I am sure paid people at CRS could be making a whole lot of cash more doing something else with less headache. It is so easy to be overly critical, destructive and basically an [censored] about things. It is much harder to be creative, productive and patient, especially with significant challenges. To be honest I am pretty tired of some of the "wanking" and complaining that goes on, though the real reason people wank and complain is that they really do like and want the game (and community) to continue and have more success. For my part.....I"ll be patient with them...as I have been with CRS. Keep pushing the ball down the field.
  15. bad connection to the server I think. maybe try restarting your computer and modem, maybe there's some cached data that's not good Just a guess.