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  1. Give if you are able!
  2. Thanks for all your hard work.
  3. This is a sad occurrence indeed.
  4. lol. yup. you got me a few times. but it was all pretty fun in any case. people zooming around, diving, turning, swearing, laughing. there was a lot of action. makes me think more intense limited action scenarios should be on the menu for the game....some how woven into the main map perhaps.
  5. Well I have to admit, when work has been particularly challenging then "losing myself" in the actual regular game with the map at stake is typically attractive and being in intermission is disappointing. However, I was in a bit of breather this last week, one of my kids had Volley Ball tryouts so I took time to teach her a proper jump serve and that took up enough time. Then there was sorting out the seasonal finery for the holiday celebrations etc....and other stuff...so I was busy. But Area 51 was very fun I have to repeat. Looking forward to the up coming map.
  6. Ok! You have confirmed you are just plain evil. Tigers have enough trouble as it is
  7. I am not a big fan of intermissions of several days and particularly when they are over a weekend and I also like playing when there is something "at stake", if you know what i mean. HOWEVER! I actually took some time away for a few days and when I did log in on Saturday, I was treated to a hilarious and fun few hours battling it out in AREA 51. That was a lot of fun even though some of those in AREA 51 should understand that you just shouldn't strafe the enemy air as it is lifting but allow an actual air battle to happen. Still, aside from that..... I was on comm's with HyoSlvr and Ianstein and we had a blast flying, then I rolled out some AAA to shoot down those "no good" allied "cheaters" with Hyo and Ianstein as "bait". I think I improved slightly with the AAA...though I remain a newb with it, really. While I am a favourite allied target while in the air, I decided I would get on and try improve my flying (which ranges from very pitiful to pitiful) and people on channel, particularly Hyo, helped me out and it was a good and fun use of my time. For this intermission I am fine with how it has played out. Battle will be on soon enough !
  8. Good comments. Likely not possible, but imagine if when you select a mission, a brief pop up comes up (audio/video as well as text), even before you spawn that automatically contextualizes what the mission is about (the current wait screen information?). i.e. "you are in Brussels, you need to capture the north cp's and ab to allow us to move in a brigade, this allows further deployment for the capture of sea ports, your are fighting Axis..brigade etc.."... etc... I know there is a mission leader input box when making missions, and a green messaging comes up when you spawn on a mission with information if the leader puts it in, but it is not that obvious. Can you say more about "clunky" game play? I am interested in how you see that. Interestingly enough the most productive, "sharpest" years of human thinking/creativity/cognition is from ages 12-25/26. So no!...teenagers on average are not dumb by any stretch. Inexperienced perhaps but certainly not dumb. I have often thought there is such a waste of this cognitive ability, "energy", initiative as we OVER regulate/dictate/control the learning experiences of this age range. In ways it's this age group that holds any promise of actually effecting change in the world in any area of endeavour. Welcome to the game. ps.. I have gone through 4 teenagers Just wrapping up the last one at the moment, lol.
  9. The snow "glare" was hard on my eyes, but some suggested using sunglasses and that seemed to help. As long as it wasn't for too long, or perhaps make the snow a bit more grey (?).
  10. We need a special Highland piper skin with kilt.....with sporran, maybe shooting nades out of his bagpipe. Could be one of the most profitable DLC's.
  11. Pretty Funny. The game hasn't changed at all !
  12. In the Battle of Five Armies in the Hobbit movie series large tunnelling worms created on the spot "spawns" for the advancing Orc's (no truck sounds, not easily destroyed, secure supply route). This along with the charging Dwarves with large axes mounted on large Hogs and on Dall sheep with large ramming horns could be crucial to taking out enemy tanks and infantry and safe guarding the "spawn." Include some attack Eagles and advanced nesting areas. If implemented properly these features alone could revive the whole game.
  13. Geez I feel for you guys....since I run Mac OS and haven't had too many problems...and I applaud your persistence if not also patience. Hopefully...when 64 bit shows up...there will be few if any problems...for any system. Good job SCKING!
  14. Welcome back, glad you're on track.
  15. I think the reality is that the game exists in a "purgatory" or perhaps with a certain "inertia" that is difficult to alter; though people are trying. Not enough change for some, ok for others, some willing to put up with significant problems with the hope of movement, others with no patience for this. For me there are enough positives so I remain, though I understand and can appreciate those the expect much more should exist and I don't criticize them for they also hold valid points. This reminds me of the tension between "fate" and "free will".... and whether some things are just fated for this game given what has got on before or if there is a degree of actual free will to make good development choices. If it is the former...well...the developers really are locked in and blame is useless, if it's more the latter then criticism is very warranted. I think it's a bit of both....as suggested in my purgatory point. anyway......just some thoughts