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  1. Yes I noticed how low my ping was i.e 34 Yet....I still encountered "suddenly" appearing ei...that killed me and lived though I shot them (and got the kill credit). Still frustrating. I know it's never going to be perfect....but I have to wonder I guess people need to PUT THEIR MONEY DOWN (yes...even more cash) to get Servers and all that stuff set up on the "la la land" west coast !!! lol.
  2. Awesome...but can't we have a bit longer "intermission" ???
  3. As a long time hero builder let me add my moral support alongside the cash. Just keep working on it. There have been some fun fights and for my part, despite the regular map being fought over, I still enjoyed playing alongside regular players I have fun with on their squad nights. Keep hacking away at it.
  4. AWESOME....will do as I can.
  5. Thanks been honing some skills on the trainer
  6. Keep on kicking it Doc. We have cancer survivors in our family, having fought the bastage C. Keep on the mend. So you have a different type of "six pack" now?
  7. good stuff !! the video had a fair amount of stuttering frames. was that actually how the video capture occurred ? just wondering. I have seen some video where action capture was smoother.
  8. Geez...if this could only be my experience. lol
  9. Thanks for sharing Pott. Great stuff.
  10. They need two buttons for entering the game environment. "TWITCHER ACTION" (calculated through some obscure process directly into whatever fighting action exists) "PLANNERS ACTION" (basically as it is now) There ya go.
  11. does it start?
  13. welcome aboard.
  14. Apple will be releasing macOS 10.15 Catalina this fall. Apple has made the decision to drop all 32-bit application support with this release, Well...given this, which has come to me through my tech people at my university...if CRS isn't ready...then I will try playing the game in Windows using my bootcamp setup. This will be cumbersome and interfere with me playing regularly, as it means switching between computing environments. Currently I can get on to the game quickly when work allows and/or I am bored with work etc.. I hope CRS can make the deadline for this. Otherwise I will be on much, much less. That with other increasing time and financial commitments...would likely see me downgrade from Hero builder to premium.
  15. "The Knife" "The Knife" eeeeeehaaahahahhhhaaaaa . eeeeeeehehhahahahaehaeheeahahhe