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  1. Since getting on the "wrong" path took a while...I think getting on the "right" path is also going to take a while. Having said that... and having played under the points you note #1 and #2 (mike), I wonder if the need to move supply to new places, not have it magically happen put something different into that game. i.e. that a group of people had to spend time bringing stuff that would make a difference to the battle, there was no "magic" arrival of a brigade to the rescue. Individual players in squads who did bring supply were engaged in an action that involved coordination, communication etc.. with other squads and players and with those in HC. People would "woot" just as much as a successful re supply or tank column, or bombing raid as an actual town capture. Anyway...just some thoughts on it.
  2. Well...I certainly know there hasn't been much of northern battles in any consistent way for a long time. They were some of the most fun engagements to be involved in. Not sure of how to remedy that.
  3. Good to see progress. I wonder if there should be some type of gofundme thing for wing 2 work?
  4. It's code and there is an account linked to whatever is being spawned. Perhaps there could be a limited number of spawn in's of higher level units for a trial player say 5 per week (just guessing). Perhaps counter productive given that CRS is pushing hard on other things....just a quick (and not that thought out thought).
  5. Keep up the good effort CRS and Volunteer rats. There is no "perfection" with this game or any game. That doesn't mean not expecting good quality in people's work and the products that find their way into the game. Some people have less patience than others and that is to be expected, as humans are a diverse bunch when you come down to it and we all have our "itches" to scratch. So for those feeling less patient, well find some. For those with too much patience, well, demand a bit more. CRS has moved this game along in face of what I would call "DAUNTING" odds and really the game shouldn't be alive at all, however, here it is. Having said that, sure get that firefly in, without a panther fine...Axis will survive ...always do. Maybe bump up the Tiger numbers when it happens The Panther will arrive at sometime. No doubt there needs to be strong improvements, additions and eventually a new engine etc....the ongoing challenge. But people are working on it. Offer criticism, suggestions, grouch and complain, but at the same time...put your $$ down, as much as you can. I know various people keep up their sub, though they play less than they might. That's a great thing to do. That will help get the game to the next level, both in version 1 and (prays to the Gods of Gaming) version 2. See you in game.
  6. Welcome home. Have great fun in game.
  7. As it should be Let them try
  8. Just keep at it XOOM along with the "crew." Maybe have a sunglasses warning next time snow comes into game. We need emotes back though And Poofy pants for mission leaders (which should be extra points for a kill btw). Harrrrrr........! Happy New Year.
  9. Rots Always enjoy being in game alongside you. Hope the work load lessons and we all see you in game, still a fair bit.
  10. Ya it's a bit tough, when a person finally has some time to "get into the real fight" and it's intermission. Know the pain. On the other hand...I just go do something else...and get back when "it matters"
  11. Shh...stop giving away DDZ secrets !!!!!!! thanks
  12. And if they attend boot camp new players get points for rank !!!! perhaps ftp players get one week all in no cost. mb
  13. Yes, being able to exit a vehicle would be a desirable feature. Also understand the need for crew switching...would be good if they could do it.
  14. Provide something like 8 bridge AO's for a side. If an AO goes up, automatically the other side gets a "repair bridge" AO on same bridge. Give HC 6 Bridge AO's. Give the player base 2 bridge AO's.... using some command, only players at a certain rank (not too high) (or perhaps with a mission in the area) can use it. There are a lot of times I wished I could just bomb a bridge knowing that it would have a positive impact on my sides efforts. However, there is the griefing problems and just being a plain old [censored] (POA) problem with any bridge being available for destruction. However, fortunately, there are few POA's in game, people seeking to ruin the fun of others, so that may be less of a concern. Just a thought.
  15. Basically I agree with this. However, I wonder just how many new players don' have the chat screen up and so are not getting messages such as "stop running at Ratzilla's flaming tank !!!" I really do wonder about this and if CRS has any idea on this from some data source involved with their game engine. In game voice, seems really needed, though some new players would turn that off as well I suppose. I can't imagine that a new player upon hearing that if they run this way or that way they will "die" immediately is not going to take the advice. Or that the FMS is totally camped and then decide to still spawn in at that fms. People can suggest downloading discord etc...but that is perhaps the "one more thing" "the one bridge too far" that new players just aren't willing to do, since they are new to the game, want to get in to action asap and see what the game is about....etc. And no matter, how much any of us veterans will reason and offer opinions about getting organized etc..... this won't stop new players from experiencing highly disappointing game play (like getting repeatedly camped) when they can't or won't communicate. Not sure exactly what the solution is, perhaps a zone of "no death" around the fms....a small one, can't shoot in (but can still sap the fms), can't shoot out...like the depots perhaps. Certainly better comm's. It is disappointing that numbers have dropped off again, though some have remained as Vasduten noted. Anyway...just some thoughts on it. My thanks to the volunteers in the community and CRS for keeping things going. I am amazed at their efforts, patience and willingness to persevere.