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  1. Ah well..... Still, some word on this would be welcome. Other than "soon"
  2. What is the actual status of this for the game. It is stated in the game development road map that a pre-requisite for STEAM was a 64 bit game. The progress bar on the news page has this development at 0% (zero). CRS can you clarify please? Thanks
  3. well you got me a few times the other night. Good job!
  4. Welcome aboard. Get in a squad and you will have the most fun. But if not....have fun anyway. Enjoy...as many of us have for a long while now. Good stuff is coming.
  5. GAMEY DOG !!!! Ya...I have edited....but not lately. Sometimes it doesn't seem to take properly.
  6. lol. It's different. I have found running windows through bootcamp let's me play a host of other games (not on mac os or released later). And they often run better on the iMac. LOL. Some people say it's gamey to configure .cfml files, others do not. But if you want to have some degree of something like "flaps" control on a plane, setting smaller increments, then this type of editing is helpful. Cheers
  7. Post here if you ever fly then use armour immediately after and find that the WASD keys work weirdly. That' happens to me with or without the secondary key settings.
  8. Ya...that's strange. I have played on my iMac for years with few problems. Perhaps try trashing the game preferences and reinstalling (they will reset when you start the game)(you can also just save them on the desktop if you are not sure you want to do that.) You will have to find your hidden ~/Library/ folder in your user folder. Do the following: Open the Finder (just click on the desktop then go up to Finder menu) Hold down the Alt (Option) and choose Go You will see the ~/Library folder listed below the Home folder, select that There you will see the preference folder in side that library folder (scroll way down) Go down to the ww2ol folder. Right click the pref's folder or the pref file itself to trash it or move to the desktop. When you restart the game a new pref's folder will be made,with defaults. Try setting the key mapper again. Give that a go, see what happens. You can actually open the .cfml files with text edit and edit these. Just search google or the forums for more info on .cfml editing. It's not that hard typically. Maybe trashing these prefs will help. You can always put the old pref's back, if you haven't trashed them. ah, yes using the second parameter area, can work too. Forgot about that. cheers
  9. Did you go into the iMac preferences for the mouse and keyboard? You can do some mouse and key assigning there. You can actually add the game with it's own settings, if I remember correctly. Still this is strange. try reseting the Parameter ram. i.e. restart your computer while holding down the P, R, option and command keys, it will make a chiming noise, let it make that a second time. That may help....not sure, though. ......... Since I don't like the "magic mice" from apple I have an old microsoft usb optical mouse with multi buttons that I use for playing. It has roller wheel, side buttons, as well.... I found that useful for using armour particularly as I can have settings for range finding, ammo selection etc... all on the mouse, mouse and keyboard is the best for armour in my opinion. WASD with mouse. If you want a joystick, for flying, get the old logitech one..they work well. You might find you have to detect the controller each time you start the game however.
  10. Thanks all. I have wondered if my ancient 2010 iMac 27inch, 1Gb video, 16 Gb ram, i7 2.93 ghz is just a tad slow with processing. I have cable that connects at a pretty good upload/download with a direct connection. There are lag times....but a bit better with the netcode update. Still the moments of lag...seem to still persist.
  11. I am interested to know if you experienced any improvement in things like reduced lag, or improved visuals other than the screen being brighter. Please comment...as I am considering this machine to replace my ancient 2010 era machine. thanks
  12. This not exactly a "marathon" but I can appreciate the comment, sometimes it feels like it. For me when I get bored or frustrated with the game or progress of said game, I go smell the flowers (aka go fishing, or sunbathing, or working, or sporting or reading or eating or etc......), I take a break etc....ya I know people are paying, that's a bit of a pinch for sure. Still, CRS is working hard, has been open, has been really NOT making promises that were not doable. STEAM is coming, better to promise less and over deliver, than......well..... you know "SOON!"
  13. If you are back there's a new DDZ requirement. Talk to Loonie. I think it involves $$$ and lots of it. Better get your hero on ! harrrrrrrr ! just joking....but.......???
  14. to all that make the game fun, engaging and "frustrating"
  15. Will the new server mean better connection performance for players?