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  1. I have had several instances of ei not dying. As in I am behind them shoot a bazillion shots into the over 5 or more seconds and nothing happens....or finally after a long time they die...or they see me and I die after a single shot. There's a few other players mentioning this happening to them as well. I did .report....the situation. No idea if others did.
  2. Without parachuting dogs the STEAM release is doomed. Sorry to break that news to everyone. harrrrrrrrrr........ now if the dog had that new dual machine gun thingie...well...maybe...just maybe there's hope.
  3. I would agree. How the game is presented on STEAM is CRUCIAL !!!! I still remember my first log in 2003...walking out of a spawn and dying in 10 seconds. LOL. No idea on what was happening. lol. How the game is "framed" and the expectations that come from that are pretty well "everything". I am sure CRS is keenly aware of that. (hope so any way)
  4. You mean wwiionline? I thought it was only like 16yr old or so.
  5. Like improved game play after installing updated hardware? That bonus?
  6. Good comments. Agree, that any steam advertising needs to BE VERY CLEAR on what this game IS and IS NOT !!!!! So as to not "mislead" those who try it. Not for the faint hearted, insta enjoy group. Very challenging, aiming to be "realistic", etc... As much information as possible on learning curve and challenges, while stressing the huge "rewards" of team play and combined arms play....among a few things to note.
  7. No overlay for mac systems = not good for me.
  8. This is very interesting. something to be discussed further.
  9. Get a bomber, bomb bridges. You can rank up faster and help your side. Also what others are mentioning. Team Speak. Fly with others. Realize there are many VETERAN pilots, who are going to blow you out of the sky, not usually because they are necessarily better flyers, but certainly very good and seasoned "shots". Anyway...welcome aboard.
  10. This brings up an existential question. Spend money on Uber monitor or spend money on new fundraiser.
  11. No concrete data on this just my impression. I would think afternoon eastern. My prediction anyway.....guess we will see.
  12. lol Up is down and down is up in the new reality of the most powerful nation on earth. I am reminded of Carl Sagan's list of items on his "Baloney" meter.
  13. It reports an allied victory!! Front Page!! Whooooooo ! Pretty funny.