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  1. Now don't get all "snarky" lol Still I hadn't noticed that too much, which might mean I am not setting enough FMS, lol.
  2. Hey! Great to see! Good statement with out the whine
  3. No. It's the "whiny" part of the critique (i.e. if you don't see it my way well you are just ignorant and wrong), which seems to come through after someone repeatedly offers the same points over and over, as if CRS or others haven't heard it and generally provides no or little admission that CRS has done something correct (I mean the game is still going, despite huge challenges?). I think this is a good place to insert the "balance" term. Perhaps I am projecting, won't be the first time, lol, but that's what is somewhat irritating to me at least. regards
  4. So if people are invested “emotionally “ perhaps they should invest financially? Otherwise what’s the point? Sure, making suggestions is great. I can make lots of suggestions but that’s all they will be unless there’s grist for the mill aka cash. I don’t doubt crs listens to all ideas. what they can do is another thing. I am basically reacting to what I perceive as a somewhat complaining tone in some of the comments by people Which would be more palatable if people were putting their money where there mouth is. As the old saying goes. Just my perception of it. Must be my old man’s influence. Sh-t or get off the pot, As he was won’t to say too many times. lol
  5. I like challenges. It's why I play a game, certainly this game. I like variety as well. So changing things up offers something new aside from the unique nature of every map played. Different tier changes, and different TOE's, sure, give it a go, see what happens. Constructive criticism is good. Whining is bad, though we are all prone to it. People can make their determinations on when one turns into the other, however, If people don't like the game, fine. They can go somewhere else. Why hang out here? Posting in the forums when a person has no/little skin in the game. ??? CRS doesn't have a million dollar backer. If they did.... it was long ago and is not reality now, so temper your expectations. I ask this honestly. What's the point? (of the 'I told you so mentality' or 'You really need to do this or I will unsubscribe' etc...) Unless you are putting some cash down to play... (and no, it doesn't matter that you gave cash before, or subbed for 10 years before, or I gave up my first born for this game, yada, yada etc...) well....you are really "not in the game" in terms of contributing. (Though yes.....F2P is helpful and players welcome) Anyway, If you aren't supporting the game. You aren't paying for the game. Well? .... What's the point of all the "threats". (i.e. I will sub when I get what I think is best for the game etc...) Put your cash down. It's simple. (yes, and again I can hear the voices, 'I played X years and subbed this and that and blah, blah, blah...etc...). Sorry, it gets tiring, seeing this in the forums. Support it or not; all good. But at least for me, a paying player (and funder with more than a few thousand in through various campaigns, 'call me a 'mark' if you like, lol), I am tired of the wanking and whining. You are part of the solution or part of the problem. PS> Boredom is a self inflicted situation. There is always something to do in this game. Just as in life. That's just how I see it at the moment.
  6. If you are employing the "soon" argument it's really an empty argument. The current CRS has not really offered the "soon" deflection at all. Your statement is inaccurate in that regard. They have made various attempts at stabilizing and growing the numbers. Should they try others? Sure.
  7. Kubelwagon https://sonniss.com/sound-effects/volkswagen-kubelwagen-1943/
  8. Maybe they need to do a Gofundme with the explicit goal of hiring more 64 bit hands on deck? Get some "hired" hands into action. I might even toss some cash in. Since my Mac is complaining.
  9. Finally some "truth" from you. ahahahaha
  10. I hear ya. There won't be 10,000 players subbing perhaps, but hey... even if some small portion of that pony up... could be good.
  11. GEEZ! That was so good...loved that time of the game. Hoping for full revival. The games situation sometimes reminds me of person who has had a serious heart attack.....i.e the game in serious trouble. While the analogy, is of course, not exact, there are parallels. The game had a major one...perhaps a few. It survived. It is building up it's strength, trying to "exercise", get "stronger", learn to "eat right" etc..... It took a while for the factors to build up that precipitated the "attack", it will take time for it to recover and gain health again. Some think there's been enough time for recovery, while others see that it still needs time. How fast, what really to expect from a "near death" experience and recovery is perhaps at the heart of the matter (no pun intended). Having seen people have to recover from serious health issues, sometimes it's faster than you would think possible, others you know it's gone be a while. Understanding and offering help and constructive advice is one thing, complaining to the person in recovery that they aren't going as fast as you would like, in ways that you would like is another (i.e hurry and get better dad, right now!!! I want you to ride me around on your bicycle). Yes I know it's only an analogy and we are paying customers, or most of us, but we are also a community of players, with some shared interests in gaming experiences like WWII offers. That bond is what holds me involved. Even for those who "complain" you can sense their hope and involvement with the community and the game. I guess we will see.... Game and community is still unique enough to keep me in it.
  12. Well pony up some cash and sub..then the likely hood increases for new development "make it so"
  13. If in fact the unit was bleeding out, which indicates a seriously wounded player, then having a medic staunch the unit so that it doesn't die is fine (perhaps despawning as rescue or rtb). Having that "healed" unit become fully functional and up and running and gunning because of a few "bandages" or "magic elixir" is not fine. Perhaps CRS could find a balance....between how seriously wounded and what the aid would reasonably allow a wounded unit to do. It might be too hard to code...I have no idea on that.
  14. Thanks markec! It would be great if the effort results in a more aesthetically pleasing game experience. I do think this would lower the threshold for players deciding to join the game. Continue please.