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  1. just venting some frustration, lol.
  2. What is really needed is a big message before spawning into a fms....that goes something like this. THIS FMS IS CURRENTLY ACTIVE AND VIABLE (you might get in and enjoy the game) THIS FMS IS CURRENTLY UNDER SOME FIRE (CAUTION UPON SPAWNING) (there's still some fun to be had...but watch out) THIS FMS IS CURRENTLY BEING SUPPRESSED (CAUTION, DEATH ALMOST CERTAIN, BUT YOU CAN TRY, over and over if you want to, please don't judge the game on this single experience) THIS FMS HAS BEEN ABANDONED BY THE MISSION LEADER, YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS ANYONE AS TO WHAT TO DO. (such is war.....or is it?) lol
  3. I don't know...must have been some copy/paste error or something... sorry about that.
  4. Good work in trying circumstances. "Stick handling" through circumstances not of one's making is often very difficult. Glad things are on track.
  5. goreblimey galoobs pfmosquito milo kardehk Blkhwk8 Stewarta Smoothie texasjay wstriker CycloneX major0noob choad Styopa DOC bugeater
  6. Coolio
  7. If you can go toss some cash in the Fund Raiser !!! Parachuting dogs are in the "chute"...no kidding !!!! I am poor* and I even put some in. * (note I didn't say poor at what...though my stat's tell the story) And please don't turn this into a "whine" commentary ZEBBEEE
  8. Yup just had one or two of those immersive moments. Flying on a bombing mission. Never did that before. Got help from fellow flyers. Made the bomb drop on their factory. All in the box. My support fellow (Kard) got a kill on the "evil" p38 chasing me...across many squares. He battled with them and rtb'd. Was fun. It was tactical, with necessary comm's, as we were on different missions. Great stuff. Lots of fun, with a sense of purpose in the game. There's a lot of different experiences in the game to be had. Having said that....more players is crucial. Not sure how to accomplish that. Sure if it was free or low sub cost....more numbers, maybe. The challenge is to jump the gap between old tech/code/ etc... to current tech/code etc... That is a BIG challenge. Perhaps only WWII online version 2 can do that. Where the funding comes from I am not sure. How feasible it is I am not sure. I'll continue to pay and play...as there seem to be incremental advancements, enough. But I can empathize with those who no longer feel that way.
  9. Thanks SCKING...good to know... in time for xmas I hope.
  10. well...I have windows in bootcamp install...so I may just go that way for a while.
  11. Ya...saw that...didn't install because....... well you know.
  12. Hang in there DOC. Let us know what you need. "When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love..." Marcus Aurelius