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  1. Provide something like 8 bridge AO's for a side. If an AO goes up, automatically the other side gets a "repair bridge" AO on same bridge. Give HC 6 Bridge AO's. Give the player base 2 bridge AO's.... using some command, only players at a certain rank (not too high) (or perhaps with a mission in the area) can use it. There are a lot of times I wished I could just bomb a bridge knowing that it would have a positive impact on my sides efforts. However, there is the griefing problems and just being a plain old [censored] (POA) problem with any bridge being available for destruction. However, fortunately, there are few POA's in game, people seeking to ruin the fun of others, so that may be less of a concern. Just a thought.
  2. Basically I agree with this. However, I wonder just how many new players don' have the chat screen up and so are not getting messages such as "stop running at Ratzilla's flaming tank !!!" I really do wonder about this and if CRS has any idea on this from some data source involved with their game engine. In game voice, seems really needed, though some new players would turn that off as well I suppose. I can't imagine that a new player upon hearing that if they run this way or that way they will "die" immediately is not going to take the advice. Or that the FMS is totally camped and then decide to still spawn in at that fms. People can suggest downloading discord etc...but that is perhaps the "one more thing" "the one bridge too far" that new players just aren't willing to do, since they are new to the game, want to get in to action asap and see what the game is about....etc. And no matter, how much any of us veterans will reason and offer opinions about getting organized etc..... this won't stop new players from experiencing highly disappointing game play (like getting repeatedly camped) when they can't or won't communicate. Not sure exactly what the solution is, perhaps a zone of "no death" around the fms....a small one, can't shoot in (but can still sap the fms), can't shoot out...like the depots perhaps. Certainly better comm's. It is disappointing that numbers have dropped off again, though some have remained as Vasduten noted. Anyway...just some thoughts on it. My thanks to the volunteers in the community and CRS for keeping things going. I am amazed at their efforts, patience and willingness to persevere.
  3. Welcome back. You might want to post this in the support forum. Others here though can likely answer. See you in game.
  4. Sound is HUGE in this game as infantry. A good sound system, give you all sorts of advantage. Don't take my word for it, but ask LOONIE, one of the top killers year in and year out.
  5. ARTCOP !!!! Glad to you are back on board. I have the same set up. I would go trash your .cfml file maybe. I know I had some other weird stuff, still do that I think trashing that file helped with. Maybe give that a go. Also maybe the pref file for the game...hidden deep in the system or admin user file system (?) hope it works out.
  6. Variety is good. Across all aspects of the game.
  7. welcome aboard
  8. Ya this is a tough situation in many ways, as others have pointed out. To be upfront the game had a near death experience about 2 years ago....but is now recovering and making some progress in various ways. It is a niche game, but that niche can grow with support. For me...given work and life demands this is the only game I play typically. I have played a long time because, despite the graphics and bugs etc.., the player base is pretty awesome. There's always something to master and learn. My hope is that more basic subscriptions will help CRS, get to the next level...i.e. new game engine. To be honest, I don't find much attraction in what I will call "accumulation" games...i.e. get more tanks, get more gold, get more badges...but that's me. I like the strategy in this game, the "level" playing ground etc.... i.e. you get shot, you likely die , any unit can kill you etc... Anyway...welcome aboard, I. hope you can stay active and enjoy what the game has to offer and perhaps sub for while and give CRS some support to move the game forward.
  9. Definitely Axis for you. (the drinking part especially...lol). BK a perfect match. Disclosure: I am not in BK, but I have observed them regularly.
  10. One of the best
  11. I don't know if will help. But I get frustrated myself when things don't work and appreciate anyone offering suggestions to try...even when not too sure it things will work. I know I still have some .cfml file "bugs" for my keyboard that I can't seem to get worked out. Oh well. Good luck in any case
  12. Try this from OldZeke's thread, go to : Control panel Devices and printers Right click on joy stick icon Select game controller settings should see a popup with "use with older programs" or "set as preferred device" Select your stick in the box click ok or accept or whatever the option is. Game should now see your stick ___________ Or does it see the JS but not map right? If so, Could try reseting keymapper to defaults then detect controller again. assuming you are on a Windows Machine (?)
  13. Haven't seen you for a while Coastal. Wrong time zone? Or have you not been in game?
  14. What???????? MOSSIE going Axis? OMG I likely will shoot at you for the first while. But don't take it in a bad way!
  15. you really need to come play Axis with my squad DDZ