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  1. I don't know if will help. But I get frustrated myself when things don't work and appreciate anyone offering suggestions to try...even when not too sure it things will work. I know I still have some .cfml file "bugs" for my keyboard that I can't seem to get worked out. Oh well. Good luck in any case
  2. Try this from OldZeke's thread, go to : Control panel Devices and printers Right click on joy stick icon Select game controller settings should see a popup with "use with older programs" or "set as preferred device" Select your stick in the box click ok or accept or whatever the option is. Game should now see your stick ___________ Or does it see the JS but not map right? If so, Could try reseting keymapper to defaults then detect controller again. assuming you are on a Windows Machine (?)
  3. Haven't seen you for a while Coastal. Wrong time zone? Or have you not been in game?
  4. What???????? MOSSIE going Axis? OMG I likely will shoot at you for the first while. But don't take it in a bad way!
  5. you really need to come play Axis with my squad DDZ
  6. It's was all fun and games until someone knocked the stack out of your hands !!! lol.
  7. Twiddles thumbs downloading stuff, while waiting.
  8. Please Note. In this video each unit is a unique player.
  9. LOL. I remember this type of stuff. LOL. Are we old here or what?
  10. HERO up boys and girls! It's the good thing to do! Nothings gained without some "sacrifice." (Well if you can.....that is)
  11. Thanks for answering my question.
  12. Ah well..... Still, some word on this would be welcome. Other than "soon"
  13. What is the actual status of this for the game. It is stated in the game development road map that a pre-requisite for STEAM was a 64 bit game. The progress bar on the news page has this development at 0% (zero). CRS can you clarify please? Thanks
  14. well you got me a few times the other night. Good job!