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  1. "Free the Forums" I can surely sympathize with CRS's consideration of eliminating the forums, though I disagree with this. For every negative (not a considered criticism with suggestion or query) it takes an awful lot of positives to make up for it. CRS must get a lot of this I would imagine or at least too much of it. We all know the game is far from perfect, frustrating at times, joyous as others, for many different reasons. CRS has an amazingly thick skin in my estimation, so when XOOM is talking about eliminating the forums, one has to guess that, it has really damaged the morale of those pushing CRS along (i.e. producers and consumers of this game). If that snaps...well that's the end of it I would suggest; the game that is, ending in a sell off or closure. C'est fini. I am not the most "self aware" person by any stretch, but at times I just have to wonder at the lack of "self awareness" and awareness displayed with some postings. Sometimes I wonder if people don't realize, that in this forum, to post is to post to another human being, not some avatar, or AI, or troll on some website. There's someone at the other end, reading, thinking, and feeling in response. Refraining from negativity, from dismissive mannerisms, (i.e. not constructive commenting) is not a matter of being "soft" or "mushy" or "snowflakey", just as coming forth with "bravdo" and "in your face" comments are not signs of strength....etc...It takes a whole "[censored] load" more of fortitude and responsibility to be civil and constructive with others, agree with them or not, like them or not, than to wander down the path of lack of respectful argumentation, suitable conversation, etc.... I don't want the forums to go away. I enjoy, for the most part, all the discussion and interactions. Don't like facebook much, likely would not visit there. Anyway, just some thoughts these posts have prompted for me. Now...there' a few things I want to say about those damned spitfire models ........
  2. Appreciated the links . Very interesting.
  3. welcome home. Not sure on the work around....someone will have some comment. Hang in there. Graphics still crappy. Game play still good. Community still awesome. well some of us
  4. Ya that's it. took me 3 minutes to search when I ran across the malicious software message. then do the pref switch. all worked. Should be that simple. (?)
  5. As evident by this thread. This game can be entirely frustrating !!! For all players... except for the elite. (and no...not you matamor) Isn't that great. lol. I can totally sympathize with lovegod's frustration. 16 years later I am still on a learning curve. lol. I am really bad at not learning this game.
  6. Hmmm...I have conflicting thoughts about this. I ponied up cash for RA; a nice chunk of currency. If it takes resources away from the main game...maybe not so good. What continues to draw me into the main game is the community and human interaction with a "big" goal in mind...i.e. winning the map... a big map...for all it's challenges. the other games mentioned are fun in their own way...but competing head to head with them may not really be feasible (unless new funders, not the regular go funders pony up...big money). Integrating a more limited game with the larger WWiionline is an interesting idea, especially if cash is generated to improve the main game. Jus some thoughts.
  7. Thanks for trying to think this through. I will try again when the opportunity arises. It was weird though as two other players successfully set their defensive fms's.
  8. You funny boi. lol.
  9. Thanks for responding. My apologies. Sorry I reported this wrong. I was setting a defensive FMS for Steken. St. Nik was axis....and Steken was Axis. We owned all cp's and ab in Steken. Mission was selected properly, but I understand one can mistakenly create a mission with the wrong objective. Further thoughts?
  10. The other night I made a mission from St. Nik to Steken as part of the axis attack on Steken. This was from the North Ab with the target objective Steken. Once at Steken by the AB I began setting the FMS, with the green coloured spawn bunker apparent and the building bar moving to completion. HOwever, once the build completed, the FMS disappeared and did not remain. I tried building an ammo cache same thing. There were other players who set up missions from St. Niklas and their FMS worked. I am using an iMac if that is of any consideration. This is not the first time this has happened....but I thought I had done something in error. This instance demonstrated I was doing things correctly. Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this. Thanks
  11. I was thinking about this just the other night. Really need to have some action up north. One way or another.
  12. And I, for one, am happy you are here to comment. Though I have to wonder if your middle name is "Job"
  13. Good news !!!
  14. That's good to hear. Been wondering about the progress. 95 % now?
  15. Ok! Tried again after about 15 min or so....seems to have got me in .