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  1. Glad you are here tater. That's a lot of patience ! Venting we all do....totally understand. I guess I just worry about the gumption sucking aspect for people like the CRS volunteers. Best to you.
  2. Ok. That's a pretty accurate psychological description of the phenomenon. I had a good laugh. There are some "vets" that exhibit this and who know they are "caught" in this type of thinking. Those people I can sympathize with. It's those that don't realize they are acting somewhat "toxically" that I find truly frustrating. Anyway. My hats off to all the volunteers who are working to make this game work.
  3. Hey Nick. There are MANY players who truly appreciate the effort the volunteers put forward to keep this game going and growing. I am one. Having worked as a volunteer in many organizations I am very sympathetic to the experience of volunteering. There's not a lot that can undercut one's commitment, motivation and gumption as a volunteer more than "whining" and "complaining" even if it is accompanied by good criticism. It's totally "poisonous" ! Unfortunately, some individuals have not mastered the art of knowing how to criticize in a productive way....in a generous manner...in a good spirited manner. Unfortunately as well... they don't see the "damage" they do. Sort of like the "in denial" addict with all their excuses for "s h i t t i n g" all over the place, blaming others etc.... Anyway....just keep at it for as long as it is exciting, interesting, fulfilling, engaging. Let the negativity roll off your back....many players, most, appreciate and understand the needed effort of volunteers.
  4. This argument "too many Tigers...not realistic", if I understand correctly, would be fine if.....Tigers were not subject to the single sapper charge, which can often enough with some stealth by a sapper fairly easily take out a Tiger tank. Perhaps the "non historical/realisticl" number of Tiger tanks and any other armoured unit in game might be made more reasonable if sappers were less abundant or piats etc.... Having suggested that I honestly haven't looked up the numbers on tiger kills by these units. Just something that came to mind when talking numbers on units.
  5. Fight the fight.
  6. Yes. This reminds me of way back.....and people creating groups to attack towns. Can't remember if you could capture something behind the lines. Special operations stuff...IIRC... Dropping 15-20 guys on a town...trying to cap it all, or rolling a truck full of them for a cut off. I know this would likely be a challenge now given numbers...but it might start bringing more people in. Agency and Autonomy of players I think is a key aspect of what made things exciting, i.e. planning for a squad time, working together etc..
  7. They do see value in it. They would not be here if they didn't see value in it. Value=their time, energy. But they want it for free. Fine! Participate, that helps the game.....but they shouldn't be complaining about the game when they actually are not putting some hard cash down. Some good constructive criticism sure... but complaining, using excuses for why they don't want to pay etc.... That's a no go for me. Because they value the game those types of player should support it, with cash or at least with positive input and not "slagging" on the game especially since it's not the same dev's. It seems pretty straightforward to me at least.
  8. I thought AO's were going to be automatically set off if you have at least X amount of players at the attack point. Is that coming? i.e. I get 10 players organized and rolling to whatever front line town that is chosen.... bingo AO goes up. Was that ever in the plans? A bad rumour? That might actually provided some opportunity to push the line....just wondering.
  9. T3 er's
  10. Keep going DOC!
  11. Following up on this. After this last patch (on an iMac) gaining access using the join Axis Discord tab on the CRS web page, left me in an endless loop of being requested to download discord, install etc.. requesting I make a discord account, though I had one etc.. I could get into discord on some general channels but the AXIS and any CRS channels did not appear. Finally I tried using the Allied tab. This worked and finally I could see all areas of the CRS discord server. Anyway...now it is working. If any one has problems like this...using CRS's page, give this work around a try. This was very frustrating btw. Something strange with the CRS hook up with Discord.
  12. After this last patch 1.36.1 ...or whatever...the discord app doesn't show the axis server in the actual discord app on my computer I can get on the discord via browser but not in the app.
  13. If it was in Canadian $$ I might swing it, but not in USD. lol. Renovating my house is eating most available funds for the foreseeable future and kids (don't have them they are money eaters!!). ha ha.
  14. Thanks for the update. I was hoping to see more... Too bad. Hope he has some time again soon.