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  1. Yup. These are totally a "turn off" for the game. I do hope CRS can get this fixed and "soon". Keep working hard CRS.
  2. Ah yes... the sliding, jerking, through the wall jive movements. All weird. No dignity in "death", lol.
  3. what about rudder trim. or is there a max rudder movement for 109's that limits how far it can move? would like more rudder, contrary to current model....whether it flops or not...I'll deal with it.
  4. Ok found out how to find the hidden files. Open the Finder Go to your Macintosh HD folder (access this from Devices in the left column) Hold down Cmd + Shift + . (dot) All the hidden files will become visible Hold down Cmd + Shift + . (dot) a second time to hide the files again The easiest way to find your hidden ~/Library/ folder is to do the following: Open the Finder Go to your Macintosh HD folder (access this from Devices in the left column) Hold down Cmd + Shift + . (dot) All the hidden files will become visible found the cfml
  5. The instructions, i.e. for the Mac are old. They do not correspond to the current MacOS high sierra. Meaning that even a search for something like "air.cfml" does not show the system preference location and file. Are there commands to show hidden files? ps... I have done this in the past but that was y ears ago.
  6. Welcome back all you old timers (like me). Things are looking up....
  7. I wanted to adjust % on incremental flaps on my iMac. What's the process, if there still is a process for finding these in the iMac and then alterning the file to get some flap variation? Thanks for any help on this.
  8. I think if the radio is active and is being guarded by a friendly, it should provide information to the guard about enemy position Maybe people would guard more...as they relate the information to their player base ...hmmmm... but radio noise? nah....music...mb if there's a switch as mentioned.
  9. Can anyone provide a brief summary of the chat?
  10. Zeke. We expect a song about this !!!
  11. WHAT !!!!!!! You will lose player base with these bunkers. It will be embarrasing to die and fall into the toilet. What is CRS thinking? Same thing for the urinal. What is CRS thinking? It's too far of a run within the bunker to ge to a capturable point. That will disappoint new players. What is CRS thinking? What's to stop a toilet back up and then flooding of the whole bunker, which will make it impossible to cap? What is CRS thinking? Sorry just thought I would get the "downer" type comments going, so the volunteer CRS workers and regular staff can realize they know nothing about how the game should progress. /sarcasm Stuff looks great. Should be fun. Good work. ps...does the typewriter work. Can we send coded messages to XOOM telling him how much CRS doesn' t know? harrrrrrrrr
  12. Ok...that was great...totally great. lol he laughs like a seal
  13. Follow up....I figured out that hitting the shift and option key activates the hold....but there's nothing in the keymapper that indicates this function as far as I can see.
  14. Before this recent patch I could aim my rifle hit Control key or alt and my rifle would hold its zoomed in aim....allowing me to scan stuff zoomed in. I can't do this with the latest patch. Is this gone? Is there a way to map it? (cause I looked...but saw nothing that indicates that) If it's gone...it should be put back. If not...please let players know how to set the mapper. thanks
  15. Welcome back.