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  1. Keep going DOC!
  2. Following up on this. After this last patch (on an iMac) gaining access using the join Axis Discord tab on the CRS web page, left me in an endless loop of being requested to download discord, install etc.. requesting I make a discord account, though I had one etc.. I could get into discord on some general channels but the AXIS and any CRS channels did not appear. Finally I tried using the Allied tab. This worked and finally I could see all areas of the CRS discord server. Anyway...now it is working. If any one has problems like this...using CRS's page, give this work around a try. This was very frustrating btw. Something strange with the CRS hook up with Discord.
  3. After this last patch 1.36.1 ...or whatever...the discord app doesn't show the axis server in the actual discord app on my computer I can get on the discord via browser but not in the app.
  4. If it was in Canadian $$ I might swing it, but not in USD. lol. Renovating my house is eating most available funds for the foreseeable future and kids (don't have them they are money eaters!!). ha ha.
  5. Thanks for the update. I was hoping to see more... Too bad. Hope he has some time again soon.
  6. I am flying tonight... DON"T let him in !!!!!!
  7. Congrats. just keep moving the game along. Things are improving and changing. Just had a flight in game down to Paris and Versailles.....even got a photo of the Eiffel Tower...just like it was when I visited it, IRL. here's to another 9. Now where are the parachuting dogs?
  8. Parachuting dogs !! It will be so cool! ....... no ......wait ????
  9. If they do a WWiionline V.2, then this is likely possible. From what I understand they do not have the capacity with the game software, transactional software and person power (individual customization ability) to really go there with WWonline V.1 iterations. Would be something that really could make a difference though.
  10. So shall it be written. So shall it be done.
  11. Harrr !!! lol. They may make the playoffs.... it will be close.
  12. Unfortunately, they are mostly all gone. Grasmaster and I are the only one's left I think. Loonie comes in every now and again. Not sure how long this group will last. Likely head to BK, if nothing changes with 1.36.
  13. I may be out to Vaudreuil soon... keep your head down as I go through. I will be tossing poutine everywhere. Might get on tonight.....been out of town and crazy busy.
  14. To be expected I was out of town and not available for the axis.