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  1. And I, for one, am happy you are here to comment. Though I have to wonder if your middle name is "Job"
  2. Good news !!!
  3. That's good to hear. Been wondering about the progress. 95 % now?
  4. Ok! Tried again after about 15 min or so....seems to have got me in .
  5. I can not get in at all with my Mac. Begins loading. Doesn't load. Sends me to wwiionline page. But that doesn't load either. Some help would be good. I just happened to get in here cause I click on a link in a discord chat and it took me to the forums.
  6. Oh come on. These are features breaking up the "sameness" of the playing experience and landscape. Those invisible efms and also the invisible ei in cp's can be a bit of a challenge I admit.
  7. someone alert the Animal Cruelty Association....these dog handlers should face stiff retribution. What's the statutory limit for charges on dog dropping anyway? cheers
  8. The dynamics are some what challenging at times. HC action, Squads, numbers, etc... A few nights ago Potthead organized a great attack on Ciney. Before the AO was dropped the ZOC was set up around Ciney to eventually slowly squeeze the town. Early on there wasn't even a call to cap anything, just support set up, encourage new players, get ready fo action. I think Pott convinced enough players to just not worry about other stuff and just set up for attack and support each other at Ciney. Some axis were suggesting this was a poor move, i.e. no enemy around...etc.. but the engagement developed. Many axis were at this place and so the battle which started as a trickle... became a full on engagement. Would this have happened with out an HC? not sure. Could squad level action alone done this? not likely, there were around 40 axis I think. The allied began to show up, battle was on, the town was taken, though later lost. It was fun. Not some hit and miss "sneak attack" nor a, scattered "whack a mole" attack or defence. I think basically it was "Hey let's show up for a fight at this place. Don't worry where the enemy is on the map. Let's show up and try to kick some butt." Again...leadership is part of this game. We need more leaders, we have some good ones, we need more. How we can encourage others to step up and be HC is a big question, even if it is temporary HC access. One of my concerns with this is of course.... as soon as an HC makes a mistake (or perceived mistake), some people are on them, complaining and whinging etc.... And a basic reality of humans is that it takes a 100 positives to balance out 1 negative. So a few negatives and well...people tap out on involvement. Anyway....sorry just some rambling. Now back to work lol.
  9. ya i will give that a go thanks
  10. ok. well I tried a few other accounts and it does the same thing. my work account for example. there is a create a new login tab in FF mb I will try that.
  11. I can log into the forums using safari as I have for years, but when I use the same login and password in Firefox (which I like to use, go mozilla) it tells me the account doesn't exists. Anyone have any suggestions on resolving this? thanks....
  12. will moving to 64 bit help in anyway, the processing of and distribution of packets in a timely way?
  13. Thanks tr. Can't be easy....with that 100 million dollar development budget, 100 coders and checkers. harrrrrrrrrr the irony. Keep working hard on it. I am appreciative of all the volunteer efforts to keep the game moving forward.
  14. Images of XOOM in a speedo on all armour on over pop side. automatically disappears with side balancing could also be a cash transaction to remove.
  15. So....? What's the situation? 64 bit. June 2020? May 2020? April 2020? ?? Thanks for any info.