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  1. So shall it be written. So shall it be done.
  2. Harrr !!! lol. They may make the playoffs.... it will be close.
  3. Unfortunately, they are mostly all gone. Grasmaster and I are the only one's left I think. Loonie comes in every now and again. Not sure how long this group will last. Likely head to BK, if nothing changes with 1.36.
  4. I may be out to Vaudreuil soon... keep your head down as I go through. I will be tossing poutine everywhere. Might get on tonight.....been out of town and crazy busy.
  5. To be expected I was out of town and not available for the axis.
  6. I don't know where to start with how crazy this comment is. Lol.
  7. Basically I agree. Unfortunately, at times, some people go a bit beyond constructive criticism in the forums. When it goes beyond warranted questions and criticisms of game play, game management, game path etc.... and into the "zone of disrespect" and "whine-a-tion" well that's a bit different. Of course what is "disrespect" and "whining" is subjective to a degree, and that is is all happening in text, certainly doesn't make it easier for moderators to make decisions. On one side I think when people feel they are not being heard...well...they are prone to being a bit more "insistent" as they get more frustrated and may go post else where to vent. On the other hand CRS knows about a lot of the challenges, ideas etc...and listens, but they know what is possible and not possible better than most and perhaps get a bit tired of dealing with repeated posts about things they have either decided are better for the game or beyond their control to change. Anyway... as you say.... "no personal offences", that's the deal alright, if people can stay within those lines with out "losing it."
  8. Always fun ryman. you should poll for new adventure ideas people want to see you accomplish.
  9. lol. Now this rings true.
  10. I think you are on to something here. Even if it is every third map or so. Build interest, involvement. When the next map is different...some may stay to play that and find it also engaging. CRS could give sufficient warning of the type of starting map....but variety tactically and strategically is the "spice of keeping this game alive."
  11. Let us know what you need.
  12. I just hope they leave the Modello alone. It is a great weapon...lots of fun. Almost as deadly as the Thompson, which is a wicked instrument of close up "death" which in so many ways balances out the "differential"... the MP 40, while better than it was, still is, well... not as good as the old Thompson (in the right hands that is). I actually hardly use the LMG 34 anymore....been trying to improve my rifle skills and semi-auto rifle skills....which is a challenge, as the neurons are not what they used to be. ha ha.
  13. I am surprised people don't want the Modello SMG muted, killed, reduced, squashed, dumbed down and made to speak French. It certainly is the best SMG or LMG or Tank or plane or ship for that matter in the game. HAH! ps... Apologies to French speakers! Of which there are many in my family.
  14. Now don't get all "snarky" lol Still I hadn't noticed that too much, which might mean I am not setting enough FMS, lol.
  15. Hey! Great to see! Good statement with out the whine