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  1. ya i will give that a go thanks
  2. ok. well I tried a few other accounts and it does the same thing. my work account for example. there is a create a new login tab in FF mb I will try that.
  3. I can log into the forums using safari as I have for years, but when I use the same login and password in Firefox (which I like to use, go mozilla) it tells me the account doesn't exists. Anyone have any suggestions on resolving this? thanks....
  4. will moving to 64 bit help in anyway, the processing of and distribution of packets in a timely way?
  5. Thanks tr. Can't be easy....with that 100 million dollar development budget, 100 coders and checkers. harrrrrrrrrr the irony. Keep working hard on it. I am appreciative of all the volunteer efforts to keep the game moving forward.
  6. Images of XOOM in a speedo on all armour on over pop side. automatically disappears with side balancing could also be a cash transaction to remove.
  7. So....? What's the situation? 64 bit. June 2020? May 2020? April 2020? ?? Thanks for any info.
  8. foreward AF mobile...yes, yes...please.
  9. just venting some frustration, lol.
  10. What is really needed is a big message before spawning into a fms....that goes something like this. THIS FMS IS CURRENTLY ACTIVE AND VIABLE (you might get in and enjoy the game) THIS FMS IS CURRENTLY UNDER SOME FIRE (CAUTION UPON SPAWNING) (there's still some fun to be had...but watch out) THIS FMS IS CURRENTLY BEING SUPPRESSED (CAUTION, DEATH ALMOST CERTAIN, BUT YOU CAN TRY, over and over if you want to, please don't judge the game on this single experience) THIS FMS HAS BEEN ABANDONED BY THE MISSION LEADER, YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS ANYONE AS TO WHAT TO DO. (such is war.....or is it?) lol
  11. I don't know...must have been some copy/paste error or something... sorry about that.
  12. Good work in trying circumstances. "Stick handling" through circumstances not of one's making is often very difficult. Glad things are on track.
  13. goreblimey galoobs pfmosquito milo kardehk Blkhwk8 Stewarta Smoothie texasjay wstriker CycloneX major0noob choad Styopa DOC bugeater
  14. Coolio